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My name is Ely Fornoville, and I have lived with type 1 diabetes since Marc 1996. Living with diabetes didn’t make my life easier, but it did open a new world and create new friendships. I always tried to do something back for the diabetes community. Creating this website is one step towards that goal.

I focused on interviewing people with diabetes and sharing their stories online because I concluded that I wasn’t the only one with questions or feelings that go hand in hand with being a diabetic. Sharing these stories helps others to feel better and encourages them to keep moving forward!

I bring an honest and open account of my own life with diabetes but also the lives of others. I work hard to stay involved and give as much as I can back to the community that empowers and inspires me.

Focussing on others showed me how people around the world live with diabetes. I also came to the conclusion that there are many unanswered questions about diabetes. With Diabetic & Me, I try to answer as many questions diabetics have and share the knowledge I have gathered since 1996.

I’d love to hear from you, whether near or far. Send me a message anytime, or reach out via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by, commenting, or sharing your story.


Ely Fornoville

I am the founder of Diabetic & Me. Being a type 1 diabetic since 1996 I developed a passion to help people learn more about diabetes. I write about diabetes and share stories from other diabetics around the world. I am currently using a Medtronic Guardian 4 and a Minimed 780G insulin pump with Humalog.

Email: [email protected]

Job Title: Founder

Inez Briand

The partner of a type 1 diabetic. She has always been interested in traveling, and now that she has a partner with diabetes, her interest in cooking even more healthily has skyrocketed. She loves finding new recipes to cook for her partner and family, and loves sharing any food and nutrition-related articles on Diabetic & Me.

Medical Team

Dr. Amrita Roy, MD, MRCPI

Amrita Roy has a background in General Internal Medicine, with her postgraduate clinical training based in the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland. Her main field of interest includes care of older persons and community medicine. Her area of experience includes acute internal medicine, emergency medicine, palliative care, stroke and rehabilitation services for older persons. Undergraduate qualification: MD, Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University, Poland. Postgraduate clinical training: MRCPI in General Internal Medicine, Royal College of Physicians, Ireland.

Job Title: Medical Reviewer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Diabetic & Me?

Diabetic & Me is a community that publishes the real stories behind the lives of diabetics. We interview diabetics and write their stories. All info about the lifestyle, equipment, treatment, food, and more can be found on Diabetic & Me.

Diabetic & Me has much more features than only sharing stories. We also offer relevant blog posts to educate.

Diabetic & Me’s mission is to educate diabetics and non-diabetics with stories behind the lives of diabetics.

How many people are using Diabetic & Me?

The website was launched on November 11th, 2019; since then, 816,009 people have visited the site. Currently, we have 51 diabetics sharing their stories, you can learn more about diabetes in the learning center, and if you are looking for diabetes products, you can always check out the product reviews.

Are you a diabetic? You can share your story here.

How can I share my story?

It’s very easy. Visit the share your own story page and subscribe with your first name and email address. After subscribing, you will receive an email with a link to an online interview. After submitting the interview, you will be contacted to allow us to use your personal information and to send us some photos.

I am underaged. Can I share my story?

Sure you can. But it’s always good to ask your parents for final approval. We might be sharing some info on our website that they won’t approve.

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