My name is Ely Fornoville


I have lived with type 1 diabetes since March of 1996. Living with diabetes didn’t make my life easier but it did open a new world and created new friendships. I always tried to do something back for the diabetes community. Creating this website is one step towards that goal.

I focus on interviewing people with diabetes and sharing their stories online, because I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t the only one who has certain problems or feelings that go hand in hand with being a diabetic. Sharing these stories helps others feel better about themselves and encourages them to keep moving forward too!

Focussing on others showed me how people around the world live with diabetes.

I bring an honest and open account of my own life with diabetes but also the lives of others. I work hard to stay involved and give as much as I can back to the community that empowers and inspires me.

I’d love to hear from you, whether near or far. Send me a message anytime, or reach out via Twitter or LinkedIn. If you have any questions you can always check the FAQ.

Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your story.

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