Diabetes for dummies clearly explains how living with diabetes can be easy, new ways to diagnose diabetes, and makes it easy to understand long and short-term complications when living with diabetes.

In this Diabetic & Me product review you will learn about:

  • What are the straight facts on treating diabetes?
  • What are the short term complications and longs term complications of diabetes?
  • How treating diabetes successfully?
  • How to explain diabetes to someone?

#1 best diabetes book for dummies

Diabetes For Dummies

4.5/5 stars and 602 ratings

  • Reduce risks and complications
  • Discover latest and new options
  • Get up to speed quick
  • Improve diabetes control

Is there a book called Diabetes for Dummies?

Yes, there is one available. The book for dummies helps people learn about diabetes. Some of them explain findings of treating diabetes in detail, others focus on medications and monitoring equipment, become successful with diabetes, the effects of diabetes, the types of diabetes, and diabetes complications. Some books for dummies are focus on diet plans, meal plans, and include an exercise plan.

Most books for dummies are written by 2 authors with a record in the field of diabetes.

  • Alan L. Rubin MD
  • Endocrine Society and American Diabetes Association

Other medical-related books for dummies are;

  • Blood pressure for dummies
  • Vitamin D for dummies
  • Thyroid for dummies
  • Cookbook for dummies type 1 and 2

Why is it important to understand diabetes?

It's important to know the straight facts on treating diabetes and prevent short-term complications and long-term complications. Living with diabetes can be challenging. Managing diabetes can be even more challenging. Diabetes for dummies books is significantly revised and updated and include the latest information to manage diabetes successfully.

If you are a diabetic or one of your family members or friends has diabetes, these books for dummies can only help and take control of your disease.

What is diabetes in simple terms?

Diabetes in simple terms. What do you need to know? It's a condition where our body is not making insulin anymore. Insulin is letting glucose be transformed into energy via the cells. When the pancreas is not generating insulin anymore, your blood sugar will be too high and you have diabetes.

You can learn more about diabetes in diabetes for dummies.

How do you explain diabetes to someone?

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes I had no clue at all what diabetes was. There was no way easy to understand my diagnosis. The only fact that was clear to me; I can't eat any sugar anymore.

A friendly nurse gave me a book about diabetes for dummies where diabetes was explained with the terms factory, keys, and doors.

  • The factory is your pancreas
  • Keys are the insulin, produced by the factory
  • Doors are your cells, opened by the keys, produced by the factory

So, in easy terms; The factory that produces keys to open the doors of your cells doesn't work anymore. These keys are necessary to take the glucose out of your blood and let it in your cells. When glucose piles up, the blood sugar levels get too high. When more and more sugar is in the blood it makes you sick. The American diabetes association diagnoses you with diabetes.

How Does Insulin Work

What is the best diabetic book?

The best diabetic dummies book for you is for you to find out. Browse through the list below to find the book for you.

The book Diabetes For Dummies written by Alan L. Rubin MD is the author of many books and this one is considered the number 1 diabetes book. Diabetes is considered a pandemic throughout the world, so being diagnosed with diabetes is not an issue.

Reading this book brings you up to speed on diabetes medications and monitoring equipment, new ways to diagnose and treat long- and short-term complications, updated food guidelines, new tools for measuring blood sugar and delivering insulin, and much more. This book covers diabetes in the young and elderly new.

Receive authoritative information and take control!

Diabetes For Dummies

4.5/5 stars and 602 ratings

Managing Type 2 diabetes for dummies written by the American Diabetes Association is the perfect guide to manage your type 2 diabetes. Learn more about the effect of diabetes, diabetes medications, diabetes control, and new findings and advances in the field of diabetes care. Manage this disease like the other million people living with type 2 diabetes.

Managing Type 2 Diabetes For Dummies

4.5/5 stars and 623 ratings

Tired to read boring books about diabetes? This edition of diabetes meal planning and nutrition for dummies is a great addition to your library. It covers every aspect of managing diabetes, meal planning, cooking, and diets for diabetics. With proper planning, you can prevent high blood sugar levels.

This book includes several weeks of diabetes-friendly meals and incredible recipes that prove that delicious food and diabetes management can go hand in hand.

Diabetes Meal Planning And Nutrition For Dummies

4.5/5 stars and 516 ratings

Carb counting for dummies, written by Sherri Shafer is a great addition to your For Dummies books. The book details are so clear that carb counting becomes an easy task. Having diabetes doesn't mean that you have to cut down on all favorite and delicious foods.

It just means that you need to make sure you read the product information and take your medication accordingly to that. This book provides essential information on how to balance your life when you need to pay more attention to carbs, exercise, and diabetes medications. This is a must-read for every diabetic.

Diabetes &Amp; Carb Counting For Dummies

4.5/5 stars and 429 ratings

Another great book by Alan Rubin. The author Alan writes his books for anyone that wants to learn more about diabetes. There are millions of diabetics that could have been diagnosed earlier if prediabetes was diagnosed. Prediabetes For Dummies offers clear information about prediabetes.

The cuse, potential diabetes complications, and treatment. It contains information on diabetes medications to treat prediabetes. It also provides diet, meal plans, and several exercise tips. This makes it a great resource to help pre-diabetics.

Prediabetes For Dummies

4.5/5 stars and 270 ratings

To stay healthy, it's important to eat healthily. The American Diabetes Association wrote a book that you will love to read and use. Quick Diabetic Recipes For Dummies offers more than 100 healthy and diabetes-friendly recipes without missing out on taste.

You can read about expert tips on types of food, receive great advice on healthy cooking techniques, ways to lower fat and cholesterol, and what to eat and not to eat with diabetes.

Quick Diabetic Recipes For Dummies

4.5/5 stars and 218 ratings

Another great edition by Alan Rubin. This book is medically backed up by Dr. Sarah Brewer. The diabetes cookbook for dummies shows you how easy it can be to manage diabetes with diet. It includes the latest information on diabetes and product information.

Get ready for some delicious recipes and nutritional information. This edition also includes a section with vegetarian meals and a new chapter on encouraging a diabetic child to eat properly. Make sure to read this book if you want to cook more often and healthier.

Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies

4.5/5 stars and 211 ratings

Author Alan Rubin MD is well known for his diabetes books. This book is perfect for the newly diagnosed that want to more focus on their diabetes care, but also for those that are living with diabetes for some time and are interested in new findings of treating diabetes. This book makes sure you are successful with diabetes. There is no reason why you can't live a long, healthy, and productive life even though diabetes affects your body.

Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies

4.5/5 stars and 119 ratings

It's not a secret that physical activities are essentials for diabetics. The effects of diabetes and poor management can lead to several complications. Therefore, the American Diabetes Association recommends two types of physical activity: aerobic activity and strength exercise.

This book is a trusted guide for any diabetic that wants to keep fit fast easy. Keeping fit is beneficial for your weight management and high blood pressure.

Diabetes &Amp; Keeping Fit For Dummies

4/5 stars and 56 ratings

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

The biggest difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes is that type 1 is treated with insulin and type 2 is treated with pills or a better diet. People with type 1 diabetes don't produce any insulin anymore. People with type 2 diabetes still produce insulin but the cells in their body don't respond anymore to the insulin. More of these questions are answered in diabetes for dummies books.

What are three warning signs of diabetes?

Three warning signs of diabetes include increased thirst, increased urination, and increased hunger. These warning signs are the most common ones but also the most undiagnosed ones.

1. Increased Thirst

Diabetes causes your body to lose fluids and you will need more of them. The reason for your thirst is because diabetes is causing your cells not to respond properly and the pancreas produces less insulin.

2. Increased Hunger

Your body takes longer for nutrients to get into it so you'll need food much sooner after eating small amounts of food. Diabetes slows down the stomach's production of sugar (glucose) which means it takes longer for food to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This leaves a person feeling hungry sooner than usual or craving sweet foods like sweets, bread, or pasta.

3. Increased Urination

Diabetes can lead to high blood glucose levels which will cause you to urinate more than normal. This is another warning sign that can arise from diabetes. It is a sign that diabetes is causing the kidneys to work harder and therefore produce more urine than usual. This way they can clean out excess waste that builds up because insulin is not working properly. Tips to prevent this are to drink water and avoid caffeinated beverages.

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