There's a lot to read about diabetes online. Being a diabetic isn't always that easy. That's why I listed my top 10 best books for diabetics. These books gave me great advice, tips and tricks on how to improve my diabetes management.

In this review you will learn about:

  • What is the best book for diabetics?
  • How do I choose the best book for diabetics?
  • What types of books are there about diabetes?
  • Can a book about diabetes help me manage my diabetes better?

The #1 Best Book for Diabetics

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A Diabetic'S Journey: A Memoir
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A Diabetic's Journey: A Memoir

  • Focused on the day-to-day issues
  • Personal memoir by Lucy Krasno
  • Detailed first -hand information
  • Up-to date
  • Improves diabetes management

What Is the Best Book for Diabetics?

For me it's the number #1 pick: A Diabetic's Journey: A Memoir by Lucy Kranso. But the best diabetes books can only be picked by you. It's not because someone recommends a book you should read it. But if more than one person are suggesting you to read a book, go for it. It's definitely worth checking it out. In the end you will be the one and only person that can say if that book was the perfect pick for you.

If you are not sure if the book you want to read is the best book for you than try the following.

  • Try borrowing that book and see if you really liked it enough to buy and keep a physical copy for yourself.
  • Buy books that you know you'll read multiple times. Personally, I don't think I'll read some of my books again. But those that teached me new and helpful things, I surely read over and over again.
  • I take time to read the blurb and the first page of the book, only when it piques my interest I would go towards buying or borrowing the book.

How Do I Choose the Best Book for Diabetics?

Don't just pick a book because it looks nice. Your time is valuable and the book should teach you things you can put to practice. Below you can find 7 tips on how to choose the perfect book.

1. Listen to Suggestions and Recommendations

If more than one person are suggesting you to read a book, go for it. It ought to be good. If your mom is telling you to read something, read it. If anyone else suggest something, spend time on it.

2. Know What You Like to Read

Diabetes management? Food? Exercise? Self-help? Sexual health? Select the one you like the most or will benefit the most from.

3. Take a Look at Top Books From Authors

Some books are famous and you have to unanimously agree with that and read them.

4. Read Online Reviews

Read a review of books like this one right here. There are plenty of websites that can suggest good books.

5. Read the Back Cover of the Book

Never forget, and it does not take that much of your time, to read the back cover of the book.

6. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Take time to step out of your comfort zone. Read them anyway. You got to push the boundaries.

7. Read at the Right Time

When you have silent time at home, read "heavy" books which are knowledgeable in terms of learning. Take notes. Make sure you put your notes into practice.

What Types of Books Are There About Diabetes?

Most books that are written about diabetes are ranked under the following categories:

  • Diabetes management books; they will teach you how to improve your diabetes management and how to control your blood sugar.
  • Diabetes and cooking books; they will help you cook better and prepare delicious food that is great for diabetics.
  • Diabetes and exercise books
  • Diabetes, mental health and self-help books
  • Diabetes and sexual health books

More categories exist but almost all of the books that are interesting or that can help/educate you are listed in the categories above.

If you don't find any of the below books interesting you can always take a look at the diabetes for dummies books.

Can a Book About Diabetes Help Me Manage My Diabetes Better?

Yes, sure it can. The best books for diabetics are written for a purpose. And surely one of the purposes is to help diabetics understand their disease better. You might need help with your diabetes management or any food related questions. Maybe you have problems with keeping your blood sugar regulated or living with diabetes is just not easy for you. Reading can help!

Read with a purpose and put the ideas you learned from the book, to a serious test by taking action on them.

You should primarily read books that teach you specific strategies or tactics related to a problem you’re experiencing in your life with diabetes.

The Best Books for Diabetics Reviewed

Below you can find top rated books for diabetics. Keep in mind that there are more books on diabetes available on Amazon, your local shop or library. Use these as a start if they happen to interest you.

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1. A Diabetic'S Journey: A Memoir
$29.95 −$13.11 $16.84 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

1. A Diabetic's Journey: A Memoir

If you're new to diabetes, this book will show you what people with Diabetes experience. It's an emotional and detailed first-hand account of Lucy's diabetic journey with all the ups and downs that comes along with it. From managing her condition, to dealing with school, infections, stress at work (including peer pressure), relationships, marriage and career - as well as caring for elderly relatives -

Lucy knows exactly how it felt when your blood sugar gets out of control or feels like there's just not enough hours in the day for everything. You may have a lot of questions about living with Diabetes? This title can help answer them!

2. Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin

Have you not yet fully mastered the basics? When it comes to diabetes management, it is best to pick up 'think like a pancreas' from Gary Scheiner. The book is about how to manage type 1 diabetes yourself and how to see patterns in your blood sugars. You will learn how you can better use a pump or pens, how to deal with sports and your blood sugars and more.

Gary Scheiner also addresses developments such as the best CGMs. Gary Scheiner himself has type 1 diabetes, is a certified diabetes expert and with the book provides strong advice for your first years with type 1 diabetes. This book surely improves your diabetes management.

3. Sugar Surfing: How to manage type 1 diabetes in a modern world

Dr. Stephen Ponder's wrote a great book on how to manage type 1 diabetes in a modern world. He's a pediatric endocrinologist and has had T1 himself since 1966. Dr. Ponder shares his process with which he manages his blood sugar levels very effectively, achieving almost a normalized A1C of almost five. His method focuses on being mindful of all your actions that affect your blood sugar, and looping through the four-steps: monitoring, being "in the moment," analyzing, and execution. 

Sale (-$15.70)
4. Dr. Bernstein'S Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide To Achieving Normal Blood Sugars
$32.50 −$15.70 $16.80 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

4. Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars

Dr. Richard K. Bernstein never set out to be a doctor. Whether you are recently diagnosed or already have type 1 or type 2 Diabetes for a big portion of your life, Dr. Bernstein, a renowned figure in diabetes treatment and diabetic himself, diagnosed since 1964 at the age of 12, will show you how you could stop the roller-coaster swings in your blood sugars, steady your glucose levels, reduce your insulin intake and enjoy the same level of good health that people without diabetes have. A must read to manage your diabetes better.

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5. The Ultimate Guide To Accurate Carb Counting: Featuring The Tools And Techniques Used By The Experts
$12.99 −$5.00 $7.99 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

5. The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting: Featuring the Tools and Techniques Used by the Experts

Carb counting is a major necessity being diabetic. Wether you have type 1 or type 2. It's even helpful for non-diabetics. The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting is the all-in-one resource for practically and effectively managing your carb intake. It includes the basics and the theory behind carb counting, as well as explanations of simple to advanced techniques. Not good at carb counting or just want to improve your current techniques. This is the book you should read.

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6. Eat Out, Eat Well: The Guide To Eating Healthy In Any Restaurant
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6. Eat Out, Eat Well: The Guide to Eating Healthy in Any Restaurant

Eating out at restaurants frequently is common nowadays. Most of the people do not care about eating healthy. In this book, Hope S. focused on how we disturb our health by eating unhealthy and how to overcome it. Mainly when a diabetic eats in a restaurant, he behaves carelessly. If you are a diabetic who loves to eat out, this book can be the best guide for you. Being a dietician, Hope S. categorized almost every restaurant and cuisine, based on its foods. Fast foods are strictly discouraged here, no matter if you have diabetes type 1 or type 2. In other words, we can say that Hope S. is providing you the ultimate guide to eat out.

7. The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide: How to Look, Feel and Perform Better as a Diabetic

This book is not less than a bible for diabetics. In this book, Phil Graham explains a new way for people who are living with diabetes on how to look, feel and perform better as a diabetic. If you have a healthy lifestyle and you want to unlock all your strengths, then there is nothing you can't do as a diabetic. Phil says that to train your mind and body is the base of a healthy living. Lack of motivation is the only hurdle. All the nutritions, precautions and medications are explained in-depth to keep you motivated.

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8. Yoga For Diabetes: How To Manage Your Health With Yoga And Ayurveda
$27.95 −$5.17 $22.78 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

8. Yoga for Diabetes: How to Manage Your Health With Yoga and Ayurveda

A clear mind and body is the cure to all problems. Rachel, a yoga expert, diagnosed with diabetes LADA at the age of 42, shares her personal experiences of her life with diabetes. This book is all about how to get dominant on diabetes with yoga and Ayurvedic medicines. For a long time, spiritual and holistic meditations are saving humanity from different diseases. Rachel beautifully explained the connection of the mind, the body and diabetes. Different postures of yoga and Ayurvedic meditations benefit you without any fear of side effects. If you’re facing a stressful life due to diabetes, then your remedy is in your hands.

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9. The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide To A Less Stressful And More Manageable Diabetes Life
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9. The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life

Lack of organization in a diabetic's life can be hazardous. Susan is a well-known nutritionist, and Leslie is an organizing consultant. In this book, both of them focused on the eating schedule and managing routine activities. If you want to enjoy your life to its fullest, you will have to follow some rigid guidelines. Three primary sections of this book allow you to focus on each part of your life individually. Firstly; diabetes & kitchen, secondly; refrigeration & pantry and thirdly; exercise & routine. This book surely can be a third helping hand to manage your life more precisely.

10. The Pocket Carbohydrate Counter Guide for Diabetes: Simple Nutritional Strategies to Lower Your Blood Sugar

The human body converts carbs into glucose. A significant portion of our meals contain carbohydrates, resulting in higher sugar levels. Kinnaird tells an effortless way to calculate and maintain carbohydrates precisely. Calculating carbs is a complicated thing to do. If you’re diagnosed with diabetes recently, this guide will help you to assess how much insulin you need to take to counter the carbs you eat.

Designing your recipes is half a cure for diabetes, and this book will surely help in doing this without any complicated ways.

11. Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes: Your Month-to-Month Guide to Blood Sugar Management

Pregnancy is a continual hormone changing process. It is more challenging for a woman with type 1 diabetes. Jennifer, a medical health consultant, and Ginger, a diabetic author, tried to cover all aspects of pregnancy with type 1 diabetes in this book. Prepare your self before pregnancy, and post-pregnancy issues like low blood sugar levels, high blood pressures, or pre-term birth, all discussed in detail. Congenital disabilities and their precautions are also put into focus by Jennifer. The authors describes all expected events, tests, nutrition, and insulin therapies to tackle every situation.  If you’re pregnant or thinking about it, this book will assist you in every stage of pregnancy.

My top pick: A Diabetic's Journey: A Memoir

Hope you are ready to read this book after reading this long review. I believe that a book is a great source of education and can always inspire you to see other ways on how to manage your diabetes. 

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