Have difficulties traveling with your diabetes supplies or always lose them? That's when supply bags for diabetics come in handy. They are very comfortable and let you travel and store your diabetic supplies with ease. Diabetic supply cases provide effortless traveling while protecting your insulin pens and vials with great care.

In this Diabetic & Me product review you will learn about:

  • What supplies can a supply bag protect?
  • Why should I get a bag for my diabetic supplies?
  • Where can I buy diabetes supplies?

#1 best supply bag for diabetics

Sugar Medical Insulated Carry Travel Bag
  • Compartments for ice packs
  • Perfect for diabetics
  • Durable fabric
  • Multiple zipper pockets
  • Large and removable pouch

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What Supplies Do Diabetics Need?

Diabetes supplies mostly include blood glucose meters, test strips, lancing devices, insulin pumps, syringes, continuous glucose monitors, alcohol swabs, insulin vials, and insulin pen, infusion sets, and more.

Depending on the type of diabetes and the place you might travel to there are various supplies you will carry in your diabetes organizer. A type 1 diabetic has a glucose meter and test strips to check blood sugar levels multiple times a day. Type 1 diabetics use insulin to regulate their blood sugar levels. Most of the time insulin is used in insulin pens or an insulin pump. Besides the first 2 necessary supplies, a diabetic also might carry a sugary drink, tablets, or snack to prevent low blood sugar levels.

People with type 2 diabetes might store the same supplies, but instead of insulin, they store other medication to regulate their blood sugar levels.

Where Can I Buy Diabetes Supplies?

Diabetes is an expensive disease and even more expensive for some people in certain countries. Insulin and other materials cost a lot of money. Having good insurance can reduce many of these costs.

Depending on which insurance company you are affiliated with you will receive some diabetes materials for free. Others you have to pay and others you get good discounts.

Until recently I wrote an extensive review about Diabetic Warehouse where you can find the best materials and prices. Many of them have good discounts. Read the review about Diabetic Warehouse or buy your diabetes material directly via my affiliate link .

Why Choose Diabetic Supply Cases or Diabetic Bags?

Diabetic supply cases come with allocated pockets and are created from durable material to serve longevity and ease of use. You can organize your belongings separately and have easy access to everything when you need it most urgently.

There are separate compartments for your medication and diabetic supplies. But you can also store other supplies like your phones, keys, earphones, and wallet. It's essential that you look for a great bag or case if you want to keep your medication and supplies safe and organized. Some of them even keep your insulin cool for a small period.

What Is The Best Diabetic Case or Bag for Supplies?

You will find a variety of products when buying the best diabetic supply case. I have enlisted some durable and affordable options for you.

Hate packing your diabetic supplies for trips? Hold onto them with the Sugar Medical Insulated Carry Travel Bag! The perfect companion on long commutes or when you’ve overpacked in preparation for a week-long vacation, this bag securely holds all of your medical needs in one convenient carrying case. Keep it visible and accessible with multiple compartments that are designed to neatly store blood glucose meters, lancing devices, insulin vials, insulin pens, medicines, food options—whatever you need during transit.

Don’t worry about using up valuable ice packs when there are exterior pockets available to put them in cool comfort and keep your medication cool!

Main features

  • Removable pouch
  • Big in size to fit all your diabetic supplies
  • Multiple zip and mesh pockets
  • Back compartment
  • Adjustable strap
Sugar Medical Insulated Carry Travel Bag

4.5/5 stars and 27 ratings

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  • Compartments for ice packs to keep medication cool
  • Removable pouch
  • Adjustable strap
  • Multiple pockets to keep diabetic supplies organized
  • Very qualitative fabric

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DIABETICME for 10% off


  • None for me

If you plan your holidays and need a large bag, then ChillMED Premier is the best option to buy. The product has a reusable cold bag for 24 hours. It is specially crafted for people that have diabetes and it's made with 600 Denier Cordura material to offer durability and a robust structure. It is available in three vibrant colors. 

It's spacious and has two additional outer pockets for extra storage. You can organize your traveling accessories and medicines in one place.

Main features

  • Made with Denier polyester nylon material
  • Enough space for test strips and other medical equipment
  • Comes with adjustable straps
  • Comfortable and cross-body
  • Quality zipper pockets
Chillmed Premier Diabetic Supply Case

4.5/5 stars and 235 ratings


  • Keeps medicines cool for 24 hours
  • Suitable storage bag for diabetics
  • Large zipped pouch
  • Has two zipper pockets
  • Durable


  • None for me

The PracMedic diabetic supplies bag is an impressive option with multi-purpose usages. You can arrange your medicines in different pockets and compartments effortlessly. It's equipped with a double zipper, and you can attach a TSA lock for additional safety. It is made with PE foam that offers an insulated and protected outer case to have your medication cool at all times.

Because of its dual functionality and comfortable use, this might be the perfect fit for you. Traveling is so much more comfortable, and you can have quick access to your medicines. The product comes with an emergency card, and you can write your personal information and your doctor's contact number on it. In case of any emergency, the card can be easily accessed by others.

Main features:

  • Stylish and spacious organizer
  • You can keep all your diabetic medication safe
  • One of the best diabetic cases
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Suitable size for traveling
Pracmedic First Aid Diabetic Supplies Bag

4.5/5 stars and 334 ratings


  • Great insulation and protection
  • Multi-purpose
  • Suitable for travelers
  • Compact and durable
  • Comfortable organizer


  • You can only add small-sized ice packs

Cramer is well-known for putting diabetic supply and sports kits on the market at a reasonable price. The product is built with durable 1680 nylon. You can store your necessary items in an organized manner. The product has much space for storing your medication and personal belongings.

The trainers kit version comes in various varieties. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor, sports, traveling, and walking. You can wear this fanny pack around your waist with the help of a belt and sewn-in belt clips. The front and side pockets provide easy and quick access to your items. It comes with mesh pockets.

Main features:

  • Made with 1680 ballistic nylon
  • Ideal for sports accessories and diabetic supplies
  • Great for insulin pumps
  • Has multiple pockets
Cramer Supply Belt

4.5/5 stars and 192 ratings


  • A smart and comfortable choice for people with diabetes
  • Can store many items
  • You have quick access to your belongings
  • Fits perfect around the waist


  • Might be a bit oversized around the waits for some people

If you are looking for a spacious diabetes travel organizer, then ChillMED has solved your problems. It has one chilled and one non-chilled side with specially designed compartments. The product comes with Tech Re-Freez-R Brix foam to deliver 14-hours of chill time. It is robust and created with durable material and has a detachable strap. It's spacious to store your syringes, insulin vials, and more. This might be the right fit for you.

Main features

  • Has Polar Tech Re-Freez-R Brix technology
  • Has additional outside zipper pockets
  • The strap is adjustable and made with nylon
  • Comfortable to wear
Chillmed Elite Diabetes Travel Organizer

4.5/5 stars and 294 ratings


  • Easy to carry medication
  • One of the better cases
  • Has much space for other accessories
  • Provides 14 hours of chill time


  • Some people may find it small

USA gear medicine organizer is made with a durable outer shell and soft inner pockets. Hence, the zip opening is another extraordinary feature of this product. You can organize your medicines, phone, passport, and keys with ease. The quick assessment of your needy things will make you a fan of this product. There are hook and loop attachments to deliver ease and comfort in your life.  

Main features

  • Made with a hard outer shell
  • Soft interior with pockets
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Best insulin pump supply case
  • Separate pockets to allocate your essentials
Usa Gear Travel Medicine Case

4.5/5 stars and 596 ratings


  • User-friendly and durable
  • Has 3-year warranty
  • Stylish and protective


  • A bit on the expensive side for some

Dario's protective organizer is a big yes to arrange all your medication with comfort. It has a hard outer shell and the inside pockets are made with mesh fabric. There are elastic bands inside to hold your glucose meter and insulin vials or pens. Dario's protective case is specially designed for Dario's supplies but also holds other items.

The product is durable and provides complete safety for all your essentials and medicines.  You can keep extra cartridges and insulin pens along with some snacks and you can travel comfortably without worrying about any damage.

Main features

  • Made with a hard shell to protect
  • Has 8 elastic bands to hold equipment
  • Enough space to keep all essentials
Dario Hard Shell Protective Case

4.5/5 stars and 876 ratings


  • Easy to carry
  • Ideal for insulin
  • Hard outer shell
  • Inner soft elastic pockets
  • Durable and compact


  • Some people may find it pricy
  • It's made especially for Dario's equipment

Are you looking for a reliable and durable diabetic supply bag? Then Glucology has something unique for you. It is available in a standard and expandable version to provide you with enough space for your equipment. It's one of the best options for traveling and keeping everything safe.

The diabetic organizer is made with a hard shell and has a zipper lock. You can keep your insulin pump and other medicines in separate compartments. There is an allocated space for your mobile phone and other traveling essentials. It is considered to be a diabetic carry case that is suitable for any needs.

Main features

  • Ideal for travel and daily use
  • It has a hard outer shell
  • Available in colors
  • The product is stylish and trendy
  • Organize your diabetic supplies with ease
Glucology Diabetic Travel Case

4.5/5 stars and 577 ratings


  • Affordable
  • Multi-color options
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Hardshell protection


  • There are no gel packs that come with the product

If you want to store your medication in one place, SPIbelt is the right option. The product is made with a soft elastic belt and can keep your medication, medical equipment, keys, credit cards, and passports safe. The belt is equipped with a sturdy buckle and has maximum space for your traveling essentials, an insulin pump or pen, or other medical equipment.

The belt is low profile and has expanded pockets to provide a comfortable traveling experience. Nothing is more convenient and beneficial than diabetic carry cases or belts. You can fit the belt according to your waist size.

Main features

  • A great option for insulin pumps
  • Wear it under or over your clothes
  • It has expanded pockets
  • Durable built
  • The waist size is 18 to 24 inches
Spibelt Diabetic Carrying Belt

4.5/5 stars and 703 ratings


  • Ideal for sports, outdoor, and traveling purpose
  • Comfortable elastic fit
  • There is no bounce
  • It's affordable


  • The pockets are too small to hold a phone or larger equipment

Sport2people running belt is the ideal choice for athletes and travelers. The product is designed uniquely and is very comfortable and easy to use. You can keep your mobile phone and other medicines to have easy access. It comes with two pockets that are separated from each other. The product is famous because of its durable spandex material and offers an easy-to-wear option.

The product is made from water-resistant and compact material and can withstand severe weather conditions. The bag's structure is durable, and it's washable by hand for long-lasting results.

Main features

  • Made with high-quality material
  • Has a specialized zipper
  • Comes with two separated pockets
  • Has 3 reflective darts
  • Can bear severe weather conditions
Sport2People Running Belt

4.5/5 stars and 3,308 ratings


  • Has a lot of storage
  • Water-proof and durable
  • Material is sweat-resistant
  • You can keep your medicines and phone separately


  • The product is hand wash only

Stashbandz created a multi-purpose belt to keep your essentials with ease. The belt is beneficial to provide space for your phone, money, and your passport but also all your medical equipment. You can travel without any worry when you are using this belt. The belt is made to protect your insulin pump, medicines and provides spacious options.

The allocated pockets for all essential items have a suitable size and fit any necessary item. The fabric is soft and has full protection against sweat and bacteria. You can wear the belt with ease because of its effortless and stretchable fabric.

Main features

  • Pickpocket proof and can be worn under or on the clothes
  • Great for diabetics that are exercising
  • You can secure your passports and money while traveling
  • Made with soft and sweat absorbing fabric
Stashbandz Insulin Pump Belt

4.5/5 stars and 4,617 ratings


  • Has built-in tuck compression
  • High-quality belt
  • Sweat protective
  • Well-organized pockets
  • Affordable and multi-purpose


  • Pay attention to the waist size

Buyer's Guide for The Best Supply Bag for Diabetics

Buying the best diabetic supply bag could be challenging. It is handy to keep and manage your essentials with ease. There is a lot of space in these bags to keep all your medicines with you at all times. However, you have to watch for a few things when you want to buy any diabetic carry case.

Let’s have a look.

1. Material and Space

The material should be durable and optionally made with a hard outer shell to protect your belongings. Having enough space and separate pockets is a plus.

2. Zipper Quality

It's important to look for cases or bags that have high-quality zippers. Bad quality zippers can break quickly and make your supply case unusable. Make sure to search for high-quality zippers.

2. Cooling Options

Cooling options are always a great feature that comes with your bags or cases. They not only protect but also keep your medicines cools for some time. The best option to keep your insulin cool for longer periods is to buy an insulin cooler that keeps your medication cool at all times.


I have listed the best diabetic supply bags to make you comfortable while traveling. Now, you can manage your belongings with ease. The products have a lot of space and offer compatibility to protect your medicines and other belongings. Make sure you read through the buyer's guide to paying attention to material, space, zipper quality, and possible cooling options.

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