When it comes to diabetic backpacks, there are a lot of options. It can be hard to know which diabetic backpack is best for you. Diabetic backpacks have been designed with diabetics in mind and will help make carrying your diabetes supplies much easier than before!

In this Diabetic Me article, you will learn more about:

  • What is a diabetic backpack?
  • What diabetes supplies can be stored in these backpacks?
  • Are backpacks different from diabetic supply bags?

What Is a Diabetic Backpack?

One of the most asked questions I often hear from other diabetics is "What’s a good diabetes supply bag for a diabetic to carry their diabetes essentials and medical supplies in?".

Being diabetic means you have to be careful of what you eat, monitor your blood sugar levels, and keep yourself healthy. It also means that you need to carry diabetic supplies, like insulin pens, a blood glucose meter, test strips, alcohol swabs, and snacks, with you wherever you go.

A diabetic backpack is a perfect way for diabetics to stay organized while on the go! These backpacks are equipped with special features like separate compartments, mesh pockets just for diabetes items, an insulated pocket that can hold insulin pens or other medications at the proper temperature, and more!

A backpack for diabetics is slightly different from a diabetic supply bag. They both can carry diabetes supplies but a backpack is more practical and allows you to carry other items as well, like a laptop or tablet.

What Is Special About Diabetic Backpacks?

Diabetic backpacks are designed with diabetics in mind. They have been made in the shape of a book bag so that it sits comfortably on your shoulders when walking around or sitting in class!

Some diabetic backpacks even offer ergonomic designs which help reduce strain on the body during use, especially for those who use their diabetes supplies all day long! The weight will be evenly distributed throughout the entire pack making carrying things much easier than before.

The compartments inside these bags are often padded so insulin pens, needles, lancets, vials of medication (like glucagon), and other essential diabetes supplies are not damaged or smashed.

The best diabetic backpacks have extra pockets on the outside to hold things like your cell phone, wallet, keys, water bottle, snacks for low blood sugar levels, etc! This way you won’t have to carry around an additional bag with you everywhere.

The Best Backpacks For Diabetics

Below you can find a selection of great backpacks for diabetics that can keep all the supplies and diabetes stuff you want to carry with you safe. Some of them can keep insulin cool and others are great as a diabetic organizer.

1. Sugar Medical Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpack

The insulated diabetes sling backpack from Sugar Medical is a great carry bag and is designed for today's busy life. The compact, fully insulated main compartment with a pouch that holds an ice pack has space to store essential supplies for your diabetes day. It also includes mesh pockets of different sizes to fit your test strips, insulin pump, insulin vials, and more, plus room for your keys or other essential supplies, or snacks flat against the back panel.

At 9" wide x 15" high x 3" deep it's lightweight but full-sized enough to carry the things you need every day without compromising on safety or security!

The adjustable strap is reversible so you can easily choose if you carry the backpack over your right or left shoulder. Sugar Medical provides a great diabetes bag and diabetes organizer in the form of a sling bag.

  • Insulated compartments
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lightweight
  • Elastic loops to hold diabetic supplies
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2. Myabetic Jay Diabetes Sling Backpack for Glucose Meter, Insulin Pens, Insulin Vials, and Including Insulation Section

Make diabetes a little more colorful with the Myabetic Jay Diabetes Sling Backpack! Keep your diabetes supplies organized in multiple pockets and accessible with the Myabetic backpack. No cramping hands, thanks to compression shoulder straps and an adjustable chest strap.

They've included features such as leather webbing handles at both ends for easy carrying and extra elastic loops for storing test strips, glucose tablets or attaching other supplies for easy access.

Plus, it is made of durable fabric so that even your most delicate devices stay safe inside, no matter how many adventures you go on! Whether your preference is blue, green, black, or pink - make sure to meet the needs of every type of diabetic lifestyle by making this diabetes sling yours today!

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3. Myabetic Edelman Diabetes Backpack with Insulated Section

Whether you're looking to organize your daily diabetes essentials as a newly diagnosed person or an experienced one who needs glucose supplies for diabetic emergencies, this backpack has it all. Myabetic bags have enough room and use elastic bands to store your lancing device, glucagon kit, and other lifestyle items.

This backpack is easily transformed into a diabetes bag or fanny pack thanks to the detachable front pack, which can detach and be brought with you on occasions when you don't need a backpack.

The backpack features thoughtful and convenient storage areas to keep everything safe and organized. With all that available space, this diabetes bag is perfect for every day. It's considered one of the best diabetic supply bags.

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4. Myabetic Brandy Diabetes Backpack for Glucose Meters Includes Insulation Section

Life is an adventure, and you need to be prepared. Myabetic created this backpack to easily hold your glucose meters, insulin pens, test strips, and lancing devices. It offers medical-grade protection, healthy storage of diabetes testing essentials with a cold pack pocket, and efficient waste disposal, all in one stylish package at a reasonable price.

This bag is made from premium vegan leather, including a medical ID pocket, and the coolest thing about it is that it has a removable waste pouch to gather & dispose of used test strips.

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5. CURMIO Insulin Cooler Travel Case for Diabetic Medications

If you're on the go, your insulin cooler is your best friend. This rugged case features a rugged exterior and thick padding to protect everything from bumps and jolts during travel. Consider this a second line of defense so that what's happening behind the scenes won't matter as much!

The main compartment has 3 elastic loops with bottom slots, 1 elastic pouch, and 1 zipper pocket to store your essentials neatly. In addition, there is an aluminum foil lining, which will help keep supplies colder for longer periods and pockets to carry those little necessities you might need for quick access if needed.

In other words- this great bag helps optimize potential because it cares about how your day goes!

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6. Trunab First Responder Diabetes Backpacks and Travel Bag

The Trunab backpacks and travel bags are heavy-duty, tear-resistant nylon fabric with an extra padded PE foam liner for protection. It has multiple pouches in the main compartment, enough room to store your diabetes supplies.

On the front are elastic loops that won't come loose when holding your items because they have bottom slots, too! Reflective strips surround this jump bag so you can spot it easily during walks or travel in the evening.

An adjustable shoulder strap provides great comfort while carrying it wherever you go. With an easily manageable handle, strong two-way zippers, and anti-slip feet, this is one of the best diabetic supply cases and bags.

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Benefits Of Diabetic Backpacks

Diabetics who use their backpacks every day will love these benefits! 

No more carrying around multiple bags for all your diabetes needs

You won't have to carry a bag or purse everywhere anymore since everything important is in one place now. This means less anxiety and stress when switching between items throughout the day because it's much easier than before. It also saves time during checkups at the doctor’s office too because you won't need to get up from your seat just to grab something you forgot.

Easy to carry

Most backpacks for diabetics are designed with ergonomic features so they won't put too much strain on your body while wearing them! This can be especially important if you use insulin or other diabetes medications multiple times each day. You don’t want the weight of all that stuff pulling down on both shoulders, right? 

Organization is key

If you're like me and need everything in its place, then diabetic backpacks will work perfectly for you! These bags have several compartments where items can be neatly organized. For example, there might be a pocket just for your blood glucose meter and test strips; another compartment solely dedicated to holding lancets, alcohol swabs, and insulin pen needles; another for your snacks in case you get low blood sugar levels.

Comfort is a priority

Most backpacks for diabetics are made with comfort in mind! The padding on the shoulder straps, back panel, and other features will keep weight distributed evenly so there's no pain or discomfort while wearing it. This is especially important for those who use their packs all day long because they won't have to worry about hurting themselves when out and about.


Diabetic backpacks are a great way to store all your diabetes supplies without having to carry around multiple bags or purses. They're easy to carry, provide comfort for those who use them often and have several compartments that will keep everything organized. If you need help deciding which one is the best diabetic backpack for you, I'll be more than happy to answer any questions about these packs so that by the end of this article you know exactly what features each pack has and how it may benefit you. 

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