If you are a diabetic, you know the importance of portion control. One way to make sure you are eating the right amount of food is to use a food scale. A food scale can help you measure your food portions and make sure you are staying within your recommended calorie and carbohydrate intake. In this blog post, we will discuss the best food scales for diabetics and why using a food scale for diabetics is so important.

What Is a Food Scale and Why Do Diabetics Need One?

A food scale is a tool that you can use to measure the weight or mass of your food. Food scales are important for diabetics because they help you control your portion sizes. When you know how much food you should be eating, it is easier to control your blood sugar levels.

Some more advanced food scales can also measure the nutritional content of your food. This information can be helpful for diabetics who need to count carbohydrates or calories. Some other great benefit is that a proper kitchen scale has a tare function which can be used to measure the weight of your food packaging and only display the net weight of the food you will eat.

The Importance of Portion Control for Diabetics?

As a diabetic, you are on strict orders to control your portions and have a healthy diet. You have to make sure you are eating the right amount of food and carbohydrates so that your blood sugar levels stay steady. When you eat too much food, your blood sugar levels can rise and fall sharply. This can be dangerous for diabetics and can lead to serious health complications.

One way to control your portion sizes is by using a food scale. A food scale will help you measure how much food you are eating so that you do not overeat. It is also important to control your portions because it can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

How to Use a Food Scale to Measure Your Food Portions?

Most scales come with a user manual that will show you how to use the scale. If you are having trouble understanding how to use your food scale, you can always consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer.

In general, you will need to place your food on the scale and then press the tare button. This will reset the scale to zero so that it only measures the weight of your food. Once you have measured your food, you can then write down the measurement in a food journal or on a piece of paper.

There are more advanced scales that require a little bit more setup. These scales will often have a database of foods that you can choose from. Once you have selected the food you are going to eat, the scale will automatically calculate the nutritional information for that food.

Some food scales also come with apps that you can download onto your smartphone. These apps can help you track your food intake and see how much progress you are making.

The Best Food Scales for Diabetics

Now that we have discussed what a food scale is and why diabetics need one, let’s talk about the best food scale for diabetics on the market today.

Sale (-$16.01)
Mackie Food And Nutrition Scale With Usda Nutritional Calculator
$55.98 −$16.01 $39.97 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

Mackie Food and Nutrition Scale with USDA Nutritional Calculator

  • Weight limit: 11 Pounds (5 kg)
  • Type: Digital nutrition scale
  • Features: USDA Nutritional Calculator, Food Portions Made Easy

Looking for a food scale with a nutritional calculator? Look no further than the Mackie food scale. The scale is Amazon's Choice for this category and comes packed with helpful features to help you track your macros and overall health. It comes with precise readings and is a very good food scale for diabetics overall.

With the USDA database at its disposal, it's able to provide you with all the nutritional information you need about the foods you're eating. Plus, the scale is easy to use – just place your food on it and see all of your nutritional values in real-time!

Whether you're looking to watch your weight or manage a specific diet, the Mackie food scale is perfect for you.

Sale (-$5.00)
Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale
$54.99 −$5.00 $49.99 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale

  • Weight limit: 11 Pounds (5 kg)
  • Type: Digital nutrition scale
  • Features: Calculating Food Facts, Portioning Snacks

The Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale is the perfect tool for the health-conscious cook. This scale provides accurate and precise measurements down to the gram, so you can be sure you're using the right amount of ingredients in your recipes.

The easy-to-clean, smooth surface and hygienic, touch-sensitive buttons make this scale a breeze to use. And with the ability to provide nutritional information on over 2000 foods, including custom entries, you'll always have the information you need to make healthy choices.

Between the design and quality, this kitchen scale is sure to last and function at the highest level. Your kitchen will never be the same!

Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Kitchen Scale with Calorie Counter

  • Weight limit: 11 Pounds (5 kg)
  • Type: Digital scale
  • Features: Calorie Calculator, Bluetooth

Looking to stay on top of your nutritional game? Look no further than the Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Kitchen Scale. This handy scale syncs with fit bit and Apple health to give you instant access to over 1 million food databases, letting you track macros and monitor your progress towards better living.

It also features accurate measurements from 5 g to 5000 g, making it perfect for everything from baking to portion control.

And with smart Bluetooth technology, it's easy to operate the scale via the VeSync app on iOS or Android devices. So why wait? Start sculpting the body of your dreams today with the help of this amazing food scale for diabetics!

Nicewell Food Scale with Precise Weight Measuring

  • Weight limit: 22 Pounds (10 kg)
  • Type: Digital scale
  • Features: Precise Graduation, Tare feature

The Nicewell Food Scale is the perfect appliance for anyone who loves to cook. With its sleek stainless steel top surface and tempered glass construction, this food scale is both stylish and durable. It also features four high-precision load sensors that quickly and accurately respond to your weight measurements, so you can achieve accurate readings every time.

The digital weight scale also has a convenient tare button that allows you to subtract the weight of a plate or container, making it easy to measure ingredients accurately. Whether you're tracking your intake, baking a cake, or mailing a package, the Nicewell Food Scale is the perfect tool for the job.

KOIOS Food Scale for Kitchen with USB Rechargeable

  • Weight limit: 11 Pounds (5 kg)
  • Type: Digital scale
  • Features: USB Rechargeable, Waterproof

Weigh your ingredients with ease using the KOIOS Food Scale for Kitchen! This scale is highly accurate, sensitive to increments as small as 0.04oz/1g, and can weigh ingredients up to 11lbs (5kg). The unit button allows you to select between 6 different units of measurement and displays results on an easy-to-read LCD screen.

The premium tempered glass panel offers superior durability whilst being waterproof, thus, any spills can be dealt with easily without threat to the scale. The surface features extra-sensitive touch buttons.

This scale is also convenient to use with its USB charging cable which eliminates the need to replace batteries. Get the perfect measurements for all your cooking needs with the KOIOS kitchen scale.

Etekcity Food Scale with Bowl, Timer, and Digital Display

  • Weight limit: 11 Pounds (5 kg)
  • Type: Digital scale
  • Features: Bowl, Timer, and Digital display

Etekcity's Food Scale with Bowl is the perfect way to ensure precise measurements every time you cook. The high-precision strain gauge sensors provide trustworthy results, while the multifunctional design includes a room-temperature sensor and alarm timer.

The sleek, stainless steel construction is durable and modern, and the vivid blue backlit display ensures clear readability in any light setting.

Plus, with low battery and overload indication, you'll always be aware of your scale's status. Best of all, the detachable bowl makes mixing and pouring a breeze.

OXO Good Grips 11-Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

  • Weight limit: 11 Pounds (5 kg)
  • Type: Digital scale
  • Features: Pull-out display, Conversion button

This sleek and sophisticated digital scale has a stainless steel surface that is smudge and fingerprint-resistant. The zero function ensures accuracy before you start adding ingredients, while the large digital screen with easy-to-read numbers makes it simple to follow recipes.

Plus, the removable platform is convenient for cleaning the scale. The pull-out display also prevents shadowing from large plates or bowls when you measure food.

Finally, the unit conversion button lets you measure in ounces, pounds, grams, or kilograms depending on your needs. There is no doubt that this food scale for diabetics belongs on the list.

Taylor Precision Mechanical Manual Kitchen Scale

  • Weight limit: 11 Pounds (5 kg)
  • Type: Mechanical manual scale
  • Features: Measures in Grams and Ounces, Recalibratable

Looking for a top-quality kitchen scale that is both accurate and stylish? Look no further than the Taylor Precision Mechanical Kitchen Scale. This scale is perfect for weighing ingredients for baking, cooking, and more, with a capacity of up to 11 lbs (5 kg).

The large 5-inch dial is easy to read, with red and black graphics that make it a snap to get an accurate measurement. The polished stainless steel finish looks great in any kitchen, and the traditional design means it will blend in perfectly with your existing décor.

Plus, this scale can be recalibrated by using the adjustment knob at the base of the unit, so you can always be sure you're getting an accurate measurement.

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What Are the Different Food Scales?

There are many different types of food scales on the market. Some food scales are digital and some are analog. There are also kitchen scales and diet scales. The type of food scale that you choose will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

Here is a list of the different kinds of scales;

Digital Kitchen Scale

This is a digital scale that can be used in the kitchen to weigh food. It usually has a large display so that you can easily see the weight of your food. A digital food scale is most of the time the most accurate food scale.

Digital Diet Scale

A diet scale is a small, portable scale that you can use to measure your food portions. Diet scales are often used by people who are trying to lose weight or control their portion sizes. Some of these advanced scales come with extra functions like the ability to measure nutritional content.

Analog Kitchen Scale

If you are looking for a food scale that is easy to use and read, you may want to choose a digital food scale. A digital food scale will give you an accurate reading of your food portions.

Analog kitchen scale

An analog kitchen scale is a traditional scale that uses weights and measures food in ounces or grams.

No matter what type of food scale you choose, make sure it is durable and easy to use. You should also make sure the food scale has a tare function so that you can accurately measure your food portions.

Benefits of Using a Food Scale as a Diabetic?

There are many benefits of using a food scale, especially if you are a diabetic. Using a food scale can help you:

  • Control your portion sizes
  • Monitor your food intake
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Lose weight
  • Keep your blood sugar levels steady

As you can see, there are many benefits of using a food scale for a diabetic. If you are looking for a way to control your portion sizes and monitor your food intake, a food scale is a great option.

What to Look for When Buying a Food Scale for Diabetics?

Before buying a food scale, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are a few factors to consider before purchasing a food scale:


The size of the food scale is important because you need to make sure it will fit in your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, you may want to choose a smaller food scale.

Display and Readability

You will also want to focus on the display of the food scale. Some food scales have large displays that are easy to read, while others have small displays that can be difficult to see. Choose a food scale with a display that is easy for you to read.

Tare function

As we mentioned earlier, the tare function is an important feature of any food scale. The tare function allows you to reset the scale so that you can accurately measure your food portions.


You will also want to make sure the food scale is easy to clean. Some food scales have removable trays that make cleaning a breeze.


Some food scales come with extra features like the ability to measure nutritional content. If you are looking for a food scale with extra features, make sure to choose one that has the functions you need. Bluetooth food scales are also becoming popular because they allow you to connect your food scale to your smartphone or tablet.


Last but not least, you will want to consider the price of the food scale. Food scales can range in price from $20 to $100 or even more depending on the functionalities. Choose a food scale that fits your budget and needs.

The best food scales for diabetics are those that are easy to use, accurate, and durable. When choosing a food scale, make sure to keep in mind the size of your kitchen, the display, the tare function, and any other extra features you may want.


If you are a diabetic, it is important to control your portion sizes and monitor your food intake. A food scale is a great way to do this. When choosing a food scale, keep in mind the size, display, tare function, and price. With so many different options on the market, you are sure to find the perfect food scale for your needs.

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