Glucose packets like glucose gels, glucose powder, glucose paste, or glucose tabs are a great way and alternative option for diabetics who need proper fast-acting emergency glucose when they have low blood sugar levels. This article will teach you how, when, and why these types of glucose products should be used as well as what the benefits are from using them!

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What Are Glucose Packets?

Glucose is a simple sugar that's used by your body to provide energy for the cells in your entire body - it's one of our main sources of fuel! When blood glucose levels are too low during hypoglycemia episodes (low blood sugar), diabetics need fast-acting emergency glucose so they can have enough energy again to get through their day without feeling sick.

Glucose gels, glucose powder packets, or glucose paste packs all work by delivering fast-acting glucose into your bloodstream which raises blood sugar levels back up quickly so that diabetics have enough energy again to get through their day without feeling sick.

This is an emergency treatment product because it's best used during times when a diabetic has low blood sugar symptoms like weakness, dizziness, confusion, shaking/tremors in muscles or hands/feet, or slurred speech.

The only way to treat low blood sugar symptoms is with products containing fast-acting glucose which can be delivered via these different types of forms including glucose packets, glucose gels, powder, or paste packs.

Glucose powders and glucose gels are two different ways to deliver the sugar that diabetics need during low blood sugar levels. Glucose packets mostly come in the form of powder and are individually packed. Glucose gel is a liquid form of glucose, mostly packed individually, and are easily taken when needed due to their more liquid form.

How Does Glucose Gel Work?

No food, beverage, or candy can help you treat hypoglycemia without over-treating. Most glucose gels have exactly 15mg of fast-acting glucose. That is about the exact dose recommended by the American Diabetes Association to raise low blood sugar and manage blood sugar back to normal levels.

How Long Do Glucose Gels Work to Raise Low Blood Sugar Levels?

It varies depending on how severe the low blood sugar episode is. Glucose gels are one way to help get your blood sugar levels back to normal and provide energy for your cells again!

Most glucose tablets and gels come in a precise dose of 15 grams of sugar. The standard recommended amount of glucose to raise your low blood sugar is 15 grams.

In general, four glucose tablets or 1 pure glucose gel of 15 grams should be enough to get your blood sugar back on track. You should check your blood sugar level after taking these pills for 15 minutes.

The Best Glucose Packets for Diabetics

Transcend Glucose Gels pack a powerful punch for hypoglycemia. They contain the exact dosage of fast-acting glucose recommended by the American Diabetes Association to raise low blood sugar like other sports gels.

Individually wrapped and conveniently portable, this fast-acting gel is a perfect companion to go with you on any outing where you might need them - from running an errand or hanging out with friends.

They also have 50% fewer calories than a soda and ⅓ the calories of a candy bar! They come in 2 flavors but this delicious natural strawberry flavor is very tasty!


  • Raise low blood sugar fast
  • 15g glucose (fast-acting)
  • Lowest risk of over-treatment
  • Easy to open and easy to carry

TRUEplus Glucose Gel is a convenient and portable pouch syrup to bring with you on the go. It's available in travel size, so it doesn't take up space and is easily grabbed when needed. Perfect for your pocket or purse! TRUEPlus Glucose Gel contains fat-free, gluten-free glucose that raises low blood sugar and boosts energy quickly with just 15 grams of sugar.

The relief typically lasts about 15 minutes which may be all the time someone needs before they regain access to food. Comes in a delicious fruit punch flavor.

When your blood sugar level falls too low, not only do you feel dizziness and nausea at the moment, but it can affect other aspects of your life when you're working out or actively living.

So make sure to keep up on your glucose levels by having Glucose SOS Glucose powder conveniently tucked away in a desk drawer or your backpack for emergencies. It's an instant dissolving powder so there's no need to chew or swallow it down quickly before brain function hits rock bottom.

It contains 15 gram ADA recommended amount of glucose and it's 100% natural with no artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors, free of sodium and preservatives, and gluten-free.

There is no reason why you would not use this life saver. Containing the American Diabetes Association recommended 15-gram serving of fine glucose powder in a convenient flat sachet.

When you want to boost your energy on the go and don't have an on-hand way to provide nutrients, glucose gels and tablets can be hard to come by. The Elovate 15 Glucose Powder Slimpaks make it easy AND safe for those times when you need a quick burst or someone in your life has diabetes!

You get all of the benefits without the added calories - half the size, no chewing! These packets are also vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, AND contain no preservatives or colors.

Glukos energy liquid glucose gel is a revolution in energy production for people on the go. You can get 2X the energy, and 2X as fast without the need to chew like on tablets, and any of the downsides of artificial sweeteners.

It has been shown to elevate blood sugar fast. A great solution for people with diabetes who need fast blood sugar elevation. Glukos is free of any artificial preservatives, colors, or additives and contains no sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, caffeine, or chemical aftertaste that are common in competitors’ products. The proprietary formula can be enjoyed by everyone from everyday athletes up to Iron Man competitors.

The supplement doubles your energy—twice as fast while supplying 100% clean fuel for your body which means more time spent kicking butt while feeling awesome! Easy to digest with zero bloats or GI distress so you can focus on being awesome! One squeeze feeds you 15 grams of pure liquid fast acting carbohydrates.

Insta-Glucose Liquid Glucose Paste is a unique, ready-to-use product that allows for easy, on-the-go glucose replenishment with 24 grams of pure glucose in every tube. Providing comfort and relief from low blood sugars or hypoglycemic episodes with easy-to-swallow cherry-flavored paste, Insta-Glucose Liquid Glucose Paste is perfect for people with diabetes.

With its one-step application process and convenience of being quick and easily transported anywhere, Insta-Gluease is a diabetic's life savior!

Give your body a strong, fast-acting boost of fuel with TRUEplus® Raspberry flavored glucose tablets. They're great to have on hand just in case when you find yourself feeling lightheaded or unfocused at any time, making them perfect for diabetics who are often exposed to the danger of low blood sugar levels. And because they are gluten-free and provide zero calories per tablet, you can feed your muscles all day without fear of weight gain.

They contain 4 grams of fast-acting carbohydrates per tablet. They're fat-free, gluten-free, sodium-free, and made in America. If you or someone you love suffers from low blood sugar or energy depletion while at home, these tablets will save the day!

Dex4 glucose tablets work fast and brilliantly not just because they're, fat-free, gluten-free, caffeine-free, and sodium-free. Dex4 glucose tablets provide the exact d-glucose your cells need to produce an ideal glycemic response. Available in assorted flavors: grape, orange, raspberry, strawberry, and more!


Glucose packets are used in the event of a low blood sugar emergency. There are several different forms of glucose products that can be used for emergencies and when they should be used as well as what benefits there are from using them. The Transcend Glucose Gels pack a powerful punch for hypoglycemia with 50% fewer calories than soda or candy bars! They come in 2 flavors but this delicious natural strawberry flavor is very tasty! Raising your blood sugar levels fast without over-treating is possible with 15g of fast-acting glucose from any variety of these types of packs like powders or gels which have been specifically formulated by diabetes experts to provide just the right amount at exactly the right time.

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