As a diabetic, it's essential to protect your feet and that challenge continues when you are at home. With the recommended best diabetic slippers for men and women, you can prevent diabetic neuropathy or other foot problems while give your feet all the warmth and comfort.

In this Diabetic & Me product review you will learn about:

  • What are diabetic slippers?
  • What to pay attention to when buying diabetic slippers?
  • What are the benefits of diabetic slippers?

The #1 Best Diabetic Slipper for Men

Sale (-$12.01)
Rockdove Men'S Nomad Slipper
$40.00 −$12.01 $27.99 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

RockDove Men's Nomad Slipper

  • Soft Sherpa fleece
  • Memory foam midsole
  • Rubber sole
  • Easy to slip-on
  • Perfect for swollen feet

The #1 Best Diabetic Slipper for Women

Sale (-$2.90)
Jessica Simpson Women'S Slipper
$28.99 −$2.90 $26.09 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

Jessica Simpson Women's Slipper

  • Comfortable design
  • Soft and comfy
  • Perfect grip
  •  Affordable
  • Perfect for swollen feet

What Is the Speciality of Diabetic Slippers?

Diabetic slippers are made with comfortable and soft material to provide the ultimate relaxation for swollen feet. Diabetic slippers for swollen feet are made with mesh, a breathable cushioned layer and a rubber sole. These features provide comfort to your arch, give support to swollen and wide feet and reduce swelling by ensuring accurate blood circulation throughout the body. You can learn more about the best diabetic slippers for swollen feet in the learning center.

Diabetic slippers are important to protect your feet from any external injury. Inflammation, neuropathy and other foot problems are also cured by wearing the best diabetic slippers. Diabetic slippers are available in various stylish designs and built to provide comfort and relaxation.

The peripheries are the most affected parts of the body by diabetes. It's essential to use the best quality slippers to soothe your tired and swollen feet.

Diabetic slippers for people with diabetes can be purchased within an affordable price range. The good thing is that diabetic comfort slippers are listed below to give you and idea of the best options available.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Slippers?

1. Curing Foot Problems

Wearing diabetic slippers gives all the support your feet need after a hard day of work. Diabetes complications is the worst fear of a diabetic. Quality slippers soothe tired and swollen feet and make sure that you treat foot problems or don't get them at all. The good thing is that you can wear them around the house.

2. Maximum Comfort

Diabetic slippers give you all the comfort you need. Buying the slippers built with the best materials and a quality sole are very important. The sole is able to touch all your pressure points and gives a rest to the diabetic feet. Always go for maximum comfort!

The Best Diabetic Slippers for Men & Women

When it comes down to choose your diabetic slippers, you may become confused when you see all the same sorts of products available in the market. I have collected a list of the best diabetic slippers for men and women to give you with the best buying options. Let’s have a look.

Sale (-$12.01)
1. Rockdove Men'S Nomad Slipper
$40.00 −$12.01 $27.99 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

1. RockDove Men's Nomad Slipper

If you are searching for the best diabetic slippers for men, look no further. RockDove has something exceptional for you. These slippers are made with a plush Sherpa fleece upper layer to hug your feet and provide comfort at all times. Its midsole is facilitated with a high-quality memory foam, and the outsole is rubber. You can easily slip-on the shoes, and there would be ultimate comfort while wearing the shoes for a longer time. There would be no signs of tiredness and pain while wearing them.


  • Sherpa fleece and memory foam detailing
  • The slippers are shock, absorbent and non-slip.
  • The rubber sole is water-resistant.
  • Soft and stylish
  • Suited for any event


The best slippers are made with a Sherpa fleece and memory foam to provide great softness and smoothness. The adjustable strap can be used to wear the shoes properly, and the hook and loop closure is best for accommodating the feet.


  • The shoes are made with soft Sherpa fleece
  • The midsole is made with memory foam
  • The outsole is facilitated with rubber
  • Easy to slip-on and off design
  • The best diabetic slippers for swollen feet


  • The slippers have very little arch support

Sale (-$5.00)
2. Old Friend Men'S Adjustable Strap Slipper
$109.95 −$5.00 $104.95 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

2. Old Friend Men's Adjustable Strap Slipper

Old friend has introduced these amazing and best quality slippers for diabetics. The shoes are 100% synthetic with leather and sheepskin detailing. The sole is made with rubber, the insole is removable and is made of sheepskin to serve a very soft and most comfortable slipper. Your achy feet and swollen toes will be soothed by experiencing a amazingly soft upper and inner layer.

If you want quality with great comfort, then you must try these slippers. They are made from diabetic-friendly materials, and you won't feel any itching and swelling while wearing the slippers the whole day.


  • The shoes are light-weight with 1.8 pounds of weight.
  • Fits properly
  • You can remove the insole
  • Perfect for accommodating and supporting wide feet
  • Incredible product for curing numb toes


The slippers are made with sheepskin, and you will find the perfect comfort and softness while using them. The adjustable strap with Velcro is perfect to fit any feet. You can feel free to wear the shoes for a long time.


  • The best diabetic slippers for men
  • The upper leather layer is soft to accommodate the feet
  • The insole is flexible and soft
  • The rubber sole provides the perfect grip
  • You can wear these slippers for any occasion


  • The fitting may be loose because of the hook and loop closure

3. Foamtreads Men's Extra Depth Wool Slippers

If you want to buy some stylish and comfortable diabetic slippers for your dad or yourself, these are great. Foamtreads made these slippers with durable wool upper layer to soothe the swollen feet. The shoes are extremely soft, their rubber sole won't hurt the feet, and you can wear them all the time. The midsole has generalized heel-to-toe padding to provide maximum protection to your feet. The shock-absorbing and perfect smoothness will allow you to wear the shoes with comfort.


  • Shoes are detailed with wool
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Double cushioned layered insole
  • Non-slip, water-resistant outsole
  • Light-weight and most comfortable slippers


The design of these shoes is comprehensive with a hook and loop closure. You can easily slide your feet inside the shoes, and due to its woolly, soft material, you can wear the shoes for a long time without any fear of swelling and tiredness.


  • The shoes are easily washable in the machine
  • The fabric is soft and perfect for swollen feet
  • Ideal fitting for wide feet
  • You can buy the product at an affordable price
  • The perfect diabetic shoes for older people


  • The Velcro is not durable

4. LongBay Men's Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

LongBay diabetic slippers are made with extra care and attention. People with diabetes can use these shoes because of their upper soft and smooth fleece layer. The insole is made with 80D memory foam, and EVA construction ensures perfect cushion s to support your feet. The outsole is made of rubber that is non-slip, and you can wear the shoes easily because of its hook closure.


  • The upper layer is soft and smooth
  • The inner layer is made with memory foam and EVA construction
  • The rubber sole is effortless for walking and running
  • The shoes are easy to wear and wash
  • Comes with hook and loop closure


The shoes are made with fleece, and the high-quality memory foam protects the feet against any injury. The EVA construction is shock-absorbing, and you can experience an improved blood circulation towards the peripheries.


  • The shoes are best to soothe the itchy and tired feet
  • The slippers are for all age groups
  • You can buy this product in 6 variable colors
  • The product is soft and smooth
  • The perfect diabetic slipper for men


  • The shoes may not be washable in the machine

Sale (-$11.92)
5. Isotoner Men'S Microsuede Open Back Slipper
$40.00 −$11.92 $28.08 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

5. Isotoner Men's Microsuede Open Back Slipper

Isotoner is a well-known brand for introducing stylish and comfortable slippers for men. The shoes are made with an extra soft microsuede upper layer and micro terry lining to relax the tired feet. The insole is facilitated with double-layered memory foam with arch support and gel-infused features to provide an ultra-soft grip. The rubber sole is waterproof and non-skid to let you wear the shoes without any trouble.


  • Microsuede upper layer
  • Micro terry inner lining is for ultimate comfort
  • The insole is made with cushioned memory foam
  • The rubber sole is facilitative for walking
  • Best and stylish diabetic slipper available in market


The shoes are made for out/indoor use. You can wear the shoes easily because of its open toes' features. The feet can fit inside the shoes without any effort. The design is perfect to wear the slippers for any event.


  • Extra soft and comfortable design
  • Strong grip with non-skid sole
  • Memory foam and gel infusion insole
  • Best diabetic slipper for swollen feet
  • You can walk and run easily


  • The feet may get hot

Sale (-$2.90)
6. Jessica Simpson Women'S Slipper
$28.99 −$2.90 $26.09 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

6. Jessica Simpson Women's Slipper

Jessica Simpson, a well-known brand, has introduced the best and stylish diabetic slippers for women. The shoes are perfect with a micro suede and memory cushion lining to protect the feet from any external injury. The anti-skid design with the easy to wear feature provides softness and accurate fitting. You can wear these slippers for a long time because of their shock-absorbing nature and cushion support.

The slippers are made for the women that have swollen feet, which are commonly seen due to bad arch support. The shoes will help serve you while standing for a long time in the kitchen or at work.


  • Best quality slippers with a double cushioned layer
  • Made with soft suede and memory foam
  • The cushion support is shock absorbent
  • The sole is comfortable to cure the swelling and edema


The shoes are soft and perfect for diabetic neuropathy. The design is facilitative to wear easily, and the feet can slide inside without any effort. You can wear these slippers for a long time without having ant pain. The feet will be cosy and calm inside the soft slippers.


  • The product is suited for women of all ages
  • The shoes are soft and comfy for swollen feet
  • The grip is strong and soothes the feet with relaxation
  • The price is affordable
  • The perfect micro suede material supports the feet


  • The slippers are not good for wide feet

7. Dearfoams Women's Leslie Quilted Terry Clog Slipper

These Dearfoams quilted terry clog slippers are ideal for women with diabetic neuropathy. The slippers are easy to wear and provide the utmost care to soothe the toes and improve poor blood circulation. The memory foam and gel infusion provides the maximum smoothness and relaxation. The perfect slippers with vibrant colors can serve any women with durability and compatibility.


  • The shoes are synthetic
  • Quilted terry clog fabric with slip-on feature
  • Memory foam and gel-infused insole
  • Rubber outsole with durable support
  • Sock absorbent with multi-density feature


The easy to slip on design is perfect for ladies a classical taste. The soft terry cling lining provides the most comfortable grip to the feet, and you can feel the warmth to cure numb toes. The peripheral blood circulation gets better by wearing the slippers for a few days.


  • The moulded TPR supports the feet
  • Gel infusion provides great comfort
  • The terry sliding provides maximum protection
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Best diabetic slippers for women


  • Pay attention to the shape of your feet before buying these slippers

8. Isotoner Women's Chevron Microterry Ballerina Slippers

Isotoner is famous for facilitating diabetics with the best quality shoes and slippers. These are high-quality and soft chevron terry slippers with a comfortable grip. These shoes are perfect for indoor with a suede sole to let you walk smoothly. The ultimate softness and smoothness are ideal for keeping your feet in the right place. You won't experience any inflammation or improper blood flow while wearing these warm and soft slippers.


  • Chevron design with an elegant bow
  • Moisture-wicking lining with ballerina style
  • Easy to wash and wear without any effort
  • Micro terry lining with perfect cushion detailing
  • The suede sole is ideal to use for yoga and gym


The design is perfect, and you will feel comfortable wearing chevron shoes. The soft grip, hassle-free wearing and other amazing features make these slipper your best pick.


  • Ultimate soft material
  • Suede soles
  • Synthetic with a strong grip
  • Cures inflammation


  • The actual color may vary from the original photo

9. RockDove Women's Floral Lined Adjustable Slipper

Diabetic women suffering from foot edema, neuropathy, or poor blood circulation should buy these slippers. RockDove has made these comfortable cotton blended summer slipper. The shoes are soft with a double memory foam layer and EVA construction for the ultimate benefits for diabetics. The rubber sole is soft and non-slip to walk smoothly. Its double hook and closure system would allow you to adjust the slippers on your feet easily.


  • Breathable, open toe design with moisture-wicking qualities
  • Two layers of foam to soothe the tired feet
  • Comes with absorbing EVA to support the feet
  • The slippers are machine washable
  • Ideal for summers and winters


The open toe design with Velcro adjustment is the best feature of these slippers. The double-layered memory foam is facilitative for all seasons. You won't feel any pain while wearing the shoes and there would be no swelling during walking and running.


  • Cotton and memory foam detailing
  • Excellent soles for walking
  • Open toe design
  • Beautiful and facilitative wearing option
  • Best diabetic slipper for swollen feet


  • The slippers are not suited for wide feet

10. Dearfoams Women's Fireside Sydney Shearling Scuff Slippers

Dearfoams presents these Sydney Scuff slippers with the best and comfortable and breathable fabric. The perfect slip in style and the blend of suede and sheepskin provide the smooth upper layers of the shoes The insole is made with cushioned material with EVA construction to make the feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Its effortless wearing option is perfect for all occasions.


  • Comes with a 100 % suede and cosy Australian sheepskin lining
  • Comfortable with furry detailing
  • EVA foam
  • Easy to wear and best for all seasons
  • Available in various colors


The slippers are made to provide the ultimate comfort and softness to soothe your tired feet. You can wear the shoes easily due to simple glide in the feature. The soft cushion layer will protect the feet and the toes from any injury. The rubber sole will help to walk easily, and cures the numb toes and poor blood circulation.


  • Breathable suede and sheepskin upper layer
  • Rubber outsole for extra resistance
  • Cushioned insole with a multi-layered feature
  • Perfect for stylish and classy women


  • The shoes are flat, just one inch of the heel

The Buyer’s Guide for Diabetic Shoes

You will find the comfort and softness that you can't feel in casual slippers. Diabetic slippers are made to serve people with extra comfort and support. The double-layered feature protects the upper and dorsum layer of the feet and give them excellent support.

When buying the best slippers for diabetics you have to consider some points that can help you in buying the right product for yourself. Let's have a look at them. For a more detailed buyer's guide please take a look at The Ultimate Guide To Buy The Best Diabetic Shoes.

1. Material and Size

The material of the slipper should be soft and comfortable. A breathable and shock-absorbing fabric would be best to make sure your feet don't start hurting when wearing the slippers for a long time. The memory foam lining and EVA construction are the primary features when buying a diabetic shoe for women and men. The cushioned layer will help adjust the feet without any worry, and you can wear the slippers for a long time because of the soft and smooth texture. The extra depth gives great support to wide feet and is perfect to cure foot problems.

However, you should buy the size one number big than your actual size. If you want to buy the slippers from any local store, you should buy them when there is no swelling and injury on your feet.

2. Sole and Durability

The rubber sole is non-slip, anti-skid, and water-resistant to provide durability and compatibility. Your slippers won't tear quickly, and you can wear soft and comfortable slippers all day long. The listed products have durable and compatible rubber or suede soles to provide that extra level of comfort.

You can walk and run easily if the sole doesn't slide over the floor. The insole must have memory and EVA lining for a better and comfortable grip. The slipper design must be accurate to adjust to wide and narrow feet. The hook and loop system or Velcro are handy in wearing and taking off the shoes comfortably and easily.

3. Price and Usage

Diabetic slippers are very affordable, and it's better to buy them according to your physician prescription. Their quality is amazing with the best supportive texture. The swollen feet and neuropathy are no more trouble if you buy the best slippers for diabetics

The products are easy to wash in the machine, and you can reuse them without any effort. Moreover, the soft and breathable material won't affect your skin, and you can wear the slippers during summer and winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Diabetic Slippers for Men and Women Can Be the Same?

It depends on your choice. There are variable options in the market. You can buy one that could be suitable for your feet. The soft and comfy grip would be ideal rather than the specificity of gender. In the end it is your choice and slippers for men and women can be worn by any gender.

Why Is a Rubber Sole More Durable Compared to Suede?

The rubber sole has a shock-absorbing nature with its anti-slip feature. Moreover, it's water-resistant. It's better to buy slippers with rubber soles rather than suede.

Why Do Diabetic Shoes Have Eva Foam?

The EVA and memory foam provide the ultimate softness, and their texture is so comfy to accommodate feet without any effort. Thus, it's better to choose slippers with memory foam and EVA construction.


There are many options and buying a diabetic slipper for men and women is not an easy task. I have research many slippers and made a list of some of the best slippers available. You can choose the one that you like best but don't get overwhelmed by all the good things. Take a close look and make sure you make the right choice according to your needs. Diabetic slippers for swollen feet should be comfortable and flexible to accommodate the feet.

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