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The 10 Best Toe Nail Clippers for Diabetics – Steps for Maintaining Healthy Feet (Review 2021)

The 10 Best Toe nail Clippers for Diabetics – Steps for Maintaining Healthy Feet

Toenail clippers are one of the most important tools to have in your home. Whether you're a diabetic or not, they can come in handy for regular nail maintenance and toenail cutting. But with so many different types of toenails clippers on the market, it's difficult to know which ones will work best for you. 

That's why I put together this list of the 10 best toenails clippers for diabetics (along with their pros & cons). I hope that this article makes things easier for you when shopping around!

In this Diabetic & Me article you will learn about:

  • Why are foot care and nail care important?
  • How do you cut toenails when you have diabetes?
  • What to pay attention to when buying toenail clippers

#1 best toenail clipper for diabetics

3 Pack Nail Clipper Set for Hard and Ingrown Nails

5/5 stars and 968 ratings

  • 5-in-1 Toenail Clipper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wide Jaw
  • Nail Clipper with Catch
  • Good for Thick Nails
  • Metal Box Extra Gift

Diabetic people are suggested to pay extra attention to their feet as feet have a lot to do with blood circulation. Diabetes is one such disease that can occur to both types of people who don't eat right and don’t exercise, and those who have a family history of diabetes. The primary care that your feet require is toenail clipping. So, you might be innately want to take special care of that. So, your feet may need to be taken care of.

This article also goes over the important factors to consider when buying toenail clippers for diabetics, including why it's best to purchase an electric nail clipper if you are diabetic. 

Can diabetics use nail clippers?

Diabetics can use nail clippers but they need to take extra care of their feet. They need to be careful and pay attention not to get a nail infection or ingrown nails as these are more common in diabetics.

The best thing to do is to purchase an electric nail clipper. This is because it's easier to clip your nails with the top side of this type of clipper and you won't have to worry about cutting yourself in any way shape or form if you are diabetic.

Of course, you also have non-electric nail clippers that are also good to use for diabetic people. The watch out is you need to make sure the nails won't be too short when using non-electric nail clippers or else it may lead to an infection and ingrown nails. So, if possible, get a pair of electric nail clippers.

If not, buy one with longer handles so that your arm will stay in a more comfortable position while clipping your toenails from behind the cuticle line in the back. This type of handle makes it easier to use as well as less likely to cause any injury to yourself during this process.

You can use specialized toenail clippers but also fingernail clippers will do. 

Diabetic clipping toenails with a proper toe nail clipper for diabetics

What are the benefits of clipping your toenails correctly and regularly?

It is important that you clip your nails regularly. The benefits of clipping your toenails correctly include preventing:

  • ingrown nails
  • discomfort
  • infections
  • maintaining a healthy heart

More benefits are:

  • Regular toenail clipping can help you maintain strong and healthy feet.
  • It is easier to clean under the toenails when they are regularly clipped
  • getting rid of excess dead skin cells that get trapped in between the spaces around toes because we'll be able to see them better without those long nail hedges blocking everything out

Regularly cutting your toe nails also helps prevent foot odor and risk for infections by eliminating bacteria that soak into your nail bed.

What are the best toenail clippers for diabetics?

The recommendations of the products below might help you in choosing the best stainless steel clipper.

You know what they say: size isn’t everything. And this set with red ABS anti-slip handles will show you this in its fullest virtue, as it distinguished itself from others and proves to be very practical for those who struggle with ingrown nails! The 25° shape curved cutting blade is easy to use and produces smooth cuts without filing. Just how does a double spring on grips help? It remains durable and provides a better grip while also providing an adjustable wider jaw that can cover the smallest of nails up to the hardest of nails.

In whatever case may be, one thing is certain – these are heavy-duty worth their price, and this set contains all items you need to clip your nails to perfection.

3 Pack Nail Clipper Set for Hard and Ingrown Nails

5/5 stars and 968 ratings


  • Stainless Steel
  • 5-in-1
  • Wide Jaw
  • Good for Thick Nails


  • Might be not curved enough

Do you have pesky ingrown nails? Use our SZQHT 15mm Wide Jaw Nail Clippers to help with those tough, stubborn, and thick nails. The blades on these nail clippers can open up to 15mm wide meaning it will be easy for those with any sized fingers or toes. This is also the perfect tool for using as a pedicure or manicure tool if dealing with diabetes, fungus, paronychia, old age, or other health concerns; because they're extra sharp and curved!

SZQHT 15mm Wide Jaw Opening Nail Clippers

4.5/5 stars and 19,015 ratings


  • Stainless Steel
  • Extra Wide Jaw
  • Curved Blades
  • Solid Construction and Durable


  • Is not environment friendly packed

These clippers are designed to take away the pain and frustration of ingrown nails. They have a curved blade so you never will get any stress or blisters on your fingers and toes. Your hands and feet stay safe too because the sharp plastic protective cover is cling-on, meaning you can use it without having to worry about cutting yourself by accident. Products like this come in our easy grip space-saving design for easy access.

New Huing Pedicure Podiatrist Toenail Clippers

4.5/5 stars and 6,864 ratings


  • Stainless Steel
  • Sharp and Durable
  • Good for Podiatrists
  • Non Slip and Double Spring


  • For some people it required much strength to clip nails

These toenail clippers are perfect for the podiatrist on the go. They're packed in an elegant gift box set of 3-in-1 tools that include a podiatrist toenail clipper, wide jaw heavy-duty nail cutter, and nail polish file. The spatula is designed with a curved blade so you can get under nails quickly and easily remove cuticles or debris from ingrown nails. These medical-grade stainless steel tools are rustless, have sharp blades that won't dull over time thanks to their sturdy body construction that's flexible.

Sunto Toenail Clipper for Large Nails and Ingrown Nails

4.5/5 stars and 4,825 ratings


  • 3-in-1 Gift Box Set
  • Good for Podiatrist
  • Wide Jaw
  • Outstanding Quality


  • Wide jaw needs to be wider

Kohm has created the WHS-800 for people like you who have been dealing with tough toenails and need a way to deal with them effectively. You can use our clippers for ingrown nails, thick toenails, and fungus! The sharp stainless steel blades will slice through your toughest nails and allow you to enjoy great-looking toes again. This is the right tool for you that offers lifetime replacement warranties for these clippers.

Kohm WHS-800 Diabetic Toenail Clippers for Thick Nails

4.5/5 stars and 1,985 ratings


  • Extra Large Rubber Handle
  • Stainless Steel
  • Sharp
  • Wide Jaw


  • Might not last longer than 9 months

In today’s always-on world, having healthy nails is an important personal care ritual that nobody should be deprived of. This nail clipper set is a must-have for anybody who takes pride in neatness and appearance. With an ergonomic shape, curved edge, and sharp stainless steel blade you can make every use smooth and simple. Safer than an ordinary metal nail filing so you won’t hurt yourself accidentally.

firiKer Premium Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set for Diabetics

4.5/5 stars and 1,999 ratings


  • Ultra Sharp Blade
  • Premium Stainless Steel
  • Easy To Carry
  • Comfortable and Ergonomic Shape


  • Some people complain about weak handles

Wanmat, a toenail clipper with a universal design and an anti-skid handle. Its honeycombed grip features subtle acicular bumps that make for grips so confident you won't slip during use! The most sensitive person will find it the best nail cutter they'll ever own. Shinny? Chic? Functional? Yes! Wanmat is all this plus more!

Wanmat Toenail Clippers for Thick Nails and Diabetics

4.5/5 stars and 1,406 ratings


  • 2020 Upgraded Handle
  • High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Professional Recommended
  • Anti-Skid
  • Honeycomb Shapes


  • Weak Springs

This precision-engineered EZ Grip Brass Skimmer offers a 360-degree rotating stainless steel sharp blade to seamlessly and safely take off cuticles, hangnails, and snags on fingers or toes. Simply flick the lever until it clicks into place for the desired rotation! The ergonomically designed wide easy-grip handles offer safety and convenience. Great for both pros and beginners alike.

EZ Grip 360 Degree Rotary Stainless Steel Sharp Blade Fingernail Toenail Clipper

4.5/5 stars and 9,196 ratings


  • Sharp Blade
  • Stainless Steel
  • 360 Degree Ergonomic Rotating Design
  • Lightweight and Easy to Store


  • Mostly used for fingernails but also good for toenails

Fereys Straight Blade Clippers with toenail Lifter and Fork is an affordable podiatry combo that does two jobs in one. The clipper's slim design makes it perfect to trim around your nails, and the toenail lifter helps you push back cuticles. Pulling off those troublesome nail bits has never been so easy!

Fereys Straight Blade Toenail Clippers with Toenail Lifter and Fork

4.5/5 stars and 946 ratings


  • 2-in-1
  • Superb Clipping Performance
  • Professional Recommended
  • Anti-Skid
  • Honeycomb Shapes


  • Weak Springs

Most of us know how difficult it is to cut thick nails, our grandfather's nails are a prime example. Payne Free Products' 22 inches long handle toenail clipper allows for cutting even the most stubborn toes, with an extended blade for that extra reach. With a 4mm wide jaw and sharp blades to cut through thick nails. This is the ultimate gift for the family caregiver or anyone else who has difficulty with reaching their toenails due to back issues.

Payne Free Products 22 inch Long Handle Toenail Clipper

4/5 stars and 555 ratings


  • Original
  • Stainless Steel
  • Professional Recommended
  • Great for older people who have back problems or those who can't reach their toenails.


  • Not for normal every day use.

How do you cut diabetic toenails?

There are best practices to clip diabetic toenails and it is very important for diabetic people to know which.

You need to clip your toenails with nail clippers and make sure you don't cut your nails too short so that they would be prone to infection or ingrown nails. You need longer nails at least ¼ inch long with rounded corners. It's important to not leave your toenails with sharp edges. You can also use a nail file to gently file your toenails to smoothen the edges.

To make the clipping easier it's always nice to soak your feet in lukewarm water to make your nails and skin softer. This will make the clipping less difficult for you. Using a foot spa bath massager makes it even easier and relaxes your feet at the same time.

It is best if the handles of the nail clipper are longer because it will keep your arm in a more comfortable position while clipping from behind the cuticle line at the back of your toes. This type of handle also makes it easier for users as well as less likely to cause injury during this process.

If possible get an electric one, but if not buy one with long handles which helps when using non-electric ones making it easier to do and prevent any injuries during this procedure."

When cutting them from behind the cuticle line in the front of the foot, make sure not to go past the top end so as not to nick toe skin and cause injury if any bleeding occurs.

While clipping your toenails you can take advantage of the situation to check your feet on any complications like rashes, skin cracks, ulcers, or others.

Why is nail care important for diabetics?

Foot care is important but nail care is equally important for diabetics. Especially toenail clippings. Why? For diabetics, the skin on their feet is more sensitive and vulnerable than those without diabetes because it has less protective fat and can be easily damaged by simple things like a too-tight shoe or an injury from walking barefoot. Diabetic foot complications may include ulcers, infections, swelling in the legs or feet (edema), blisters/calluses, ingrown nails, corns, and calluses that are not cared for properly which could cause pain when wearing shoes all day long.

Leaving your nails too long can cause foot complications, with a high risk of diabetics experiencing pain or from the loss in sensation and/or blood flow to their feet. This can eventually lead to neuropathy in extreme circumstances.

Use an emery board or nail file after clipping your nails so that they do not grow into phalanges. You can easily find a nail file in a clipper or in a nail care set. This is important because if an ingrown toenail becomes severe enough it may cause chronic pain, infection, and permanent damage. It's also been shown that people who trim their toenails straight across tend to get more ingrowing than those who maintain a curved edge on each side of the end part of the nail where it grows.

Find more tips on proper taking care of your feet and nails.

What to pay attention to when buying toenail clippers?

The best way to keep your toes in excellent condition is by using the right clipper and making sure you pay attention to the following things.

  • When cutting your toenails it is important that you have a sharp blade and use care not to cut yourself or anyone else. Using a small, rounded clipper will make this task much easier as the tool can fit between toes without risking injury.
  • Toenail clippers are an important accessory for those with diabetes, as their nails can be harder than people without diabetes, to cut. For people who have this condition, a sturdy and thick-bladed nail clipper is necessary so that regular types won't snap or bend while cutting brittle nails.
  • The clipper must be flexible enough. People with diabetes that are a bit older adults can have a hard time reaching their feet. So if the clipper doesn't bend it can make cutting nails difficult.
  • For those with diabetes, metal clippers can result in an infection - but stainless steel is the answer. The lightweight material does not rust and leaves no trace of metals on your cuticles or sides so you stay safe from infections.
  • The clipper must be able to reach not just the top of an ingrown nail but also its underside. This is important for people who have diabetes as they often complain about ingrown nails and may need regular care from someone else to remove them.

What nail clippers do podiatrists use?

Podiatrists use specialized toenail clippers that are made just for the foot. The difference between these toenail clippers is that they have blades that are much thinner to get around the curves of your foot.

A podiatrist has gone through at least four years of specialized training in order to learn how to care for and diagnose problems with feet, ankles, and other lower extremities such as bunions or hammertoes. They also do surgery for certain conditions on these parts of the body like tendon repair or reconstructive surgery if only one part needs it instead of an entire leg graft. Podiatric surgeons may practice general surgery but most often will specialize in corrective procedures related to deformities affecting the lower limb joints such as hips, knees, ankles, feet, and big toe joint (hallux) reconstruction.


Choosing the right toenail clipper for you and your feet is important. If you have diabetes, know that it's not just about preventing infection or ingrown nails - but also because long toes are a sign of good circulation! When choosing which type of nail clippers will work best for you, consider whether you want fingernails or toenails (or both), how often do need to clip your nails, and what types of files come with the set? Once you've found the perfect match for your needs, remember these tips on how to keep them clean so they last longer. And don't forget our blog post on why every diabetic should have one in their home!

Good blood pressure measurements will help you in managing your health. The only trick is to get the right device. 

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