One of the most pleasuring parts of taking a pedicure or foot spa massage is the time when you are scrubbing and resting your feet in lukewarm water. This feeling can only be achieved when you are using one of the best foot massagers for diabetics. Instantly, you feel the smoothing sensation and lighten your fatigue. You don't need to go to the spa for this purpose, and you can take a foot spa bath on your own and enjoy it while being home.

In this Diabetic & Me product review you will learn about:

  • What is a foot spa?
  • Do I need a foot spa bath massager?
  • Are there any downsides to a foot spa bath?
  • Are there any limits to the use of a foot spa?

#1 best spa bath massager for diabetics

Misiki Foot Spa Bath Massager for Acupressure Shiatsu Massage

Misiki Foot Spa Bath Massager for Acupressure Shiatsu Massage

4/5 stars and 3,273 ratings

  • Infrared light
  • 60 minute massages
  • Shiatsu massage rollers
  • Fast moving heaters


Getting a good foot massage will improve your blood circulation, alleviate fatigue and remove a layer of dead skin cells from your feet. Some foot massagers use water with added antiseptics, which eliminates toxins. The continuous use of foot bath massagers promotes good health. The massager rollers and jets are designed in such a way that they produce bubbles and give an excellent massage. Combine this with hot water, bath salts or essential oils and you have the perfect combination. The spa bath massagers are portable and have different modes to give you the ultimate massage therapy. They have a good system for water drainage after using it.

A good foot massagers is not just a bucket of water that you use for soaking your feet. The best foot massager spa baths for diabetics have many features, like temperature adjusting level to make sure you use the correct water temperature and different modes and levels of massaging. These features are excellent and target the pressure points and relief you from any pain and foot problems.

What is a foot spa bath?

I am here to guide you about a foot spa and their benefits that help to improve your health, relief you from any pain, sooth and relax your feet after a long and hectic day. A foot spa bath soaks the feet into lukewarm water combined with bath salts or essential oils while messaging and scrubbing them efficiently. This heated massage device gives your legs and feet a gentle massage in a very efficient way. It improves the process of reflexes throughout the body. This helps in relieving pain, tense muscles and aching feet.

Do diabetics need a foot spa?

Yes, at a certain period of time everybody needs it for relaxing their feet and making sure you don't overload them with stress. Aching feet can be cause because of sitting in front of a desk or walk for a long time. The muscles of your foot are strained and stressed A foot spa bath is a great solution. It just helps your feet relax and reduces muscle strain and stress.

Is a foot massager good for diabetics?

A diabetic can continuously benefit from a massage to increase their blood flow and reduce pain. With the help of a massage, diabetics are relieved from cramps in their muscles and pain in their legs and feet. A foot massager improves blood circulation while massaging acupuncture points and enhances the elasticity of the arteries. In this way, blood circulation is increased. Getting a full body massage on a regular basis can establish your blood sugar levels to a normal.

How many times should you use a foot spa massager?

Using a foot spa bath massager 2 or 3 times per week gets you the best results. If you are willing to use it two or three times, then I can recommend buying a foot spa for home. It will surely be cheaper compared to going out to receive a massage. The water jets and oxygen bubbles provide ultimate comfort. There is no harm in using your foot spa bath less or more. 

The best foot spa bath massager for diabetics

Below you can find a list of the 7 best foot spa bath massagers for diabetics in which you will find your favorite. They have excellent features and are affordable for everyone. Let's have a look at them!

The ergonomic Misiki foot bath massager has a unique design with oxygen bubbles. The oxygen bubbles are formed at the bottom, which keep your feet hydrated. Additionally, four dotted node rollers are attached to the bottom to massage the feet and put focus on the acupuncture points to give a gentle massage to the tense muscles. These node rollers are removable according to your needs. They provide a deep kneading massage and apply pressure at accurate areas of the foot. Besides that, it was approved by two companies for its quality and safety system. Use high temperatures and essential oils to enjoy a great massage.

Misiki Foot Spa Bath Massager for Acupressure Shiatsu Massage

4.5/5 stars and 3,273 ratings

Quick facts:

  • It has four massage rollers that apply acupressure at specific points of the foots oles accurately
  • Oxygen bubbles enhance the comfort of the massage and pamper your foot

  • Infrared light kills bacteria in the water and improves your sleep quality by activating the blood circulation

  • The water temperature may range between 95 F° (35 C°) and 118 F° (47 C°), which effectively releases the tension from muscles

  • The foot stone at the bottom of the massager smooths your heels during the massage by removing hard, horny, and dead cuticle skin


  • Fast moving heat that regulates the blood circulation and the endocrine system
  • Removing dead cuticle may improve skin appearance and make it clean
  • The water in the tub is sterilized with the help of infrared light
  • The Shiatsu massage rollers are removable if you don't want use them or replace them
  • You can enjoy a continuous massaging for 60 minutes


  • Might be a bit too shallow for some users

The Shiatsu Foot Spa Bath Roller Massager has the ability to press specific acupuncture points on the foot that improves kidney functioning. Spa Bath Roller Massagers help to relieve tension from the arches, heels, ankles, and toes of your foot. The water can be heated to 118 F ° (48 C °) and can be kept constant. The PTC heating semiconductor has double insulation, and is eco-friendly. You can set power ranges between 300-500 Watt. The noise volume is very low and can be used by persons with a foot size of about 17. The spa bath works great with hot water, essential oils and bath salts to give the best massage therapy.

Shiatsu Foot Spa Bath Roller Massager with Heat

4/5 stars and 1,672 ratings

Quick facts:

  • It has 16 pedicure spa functions
  • It gives a gentle massage

  • The base of the Shiatsu Bath Roller Massager is not slippery

  • It creates oxygen bubbles

  • It has adjustment levels for time and temperature

  • It has 3 modes of power and saves about 50% of energy


  • The rollers press on specific acupuncture points
  • It improves the functioning of the liver and kidney, which is very beneficial for diabetics
  • The massages helps to remove toxins from the skin
  • The heated massage therapy helps to get rid of achy feet and redness of the skin
  • The infra-red light of this foot massager protects skin


  • Some user might not like the oxygen bubbles

The ACEVIVI foot spa bath massager design is stylish and fashionable, which meets with the modern standards. You will love it after getting a delightful massage, which is excellent for diabetics to improve the blood circulation. The spa bath has an additional section, in which you add other products like, bath salt or essential oils. The external drainage system makes it more convenient for cleaning. It's suitable for almost all foot sizes. The non-slip handle makes it easy when you carry the foot massager from one place to another.

ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager with Motorized Shiatsu Massage Roller

4/5 stars and 662 ratings

Quick facts:

  • The automatic massage rollers has 3 modes
  • The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to carry.

  • The water jets create oxygen bubbles during the massage and has 6 modes

  • The temperature of the Arealer foot spa bath massager may vary from 95 F° (35 C°) and 118 F° (47 C°)

  • To control the massager you can use the touchscreen and an LED display to read the settigs

  • It has an infrared PTC heating semiconductor that ensures the protection of professional products


  • You can easily regulate the water temperature for a comfortable spa massage
  • You can enjoy this foot spa massage for about 60 minutes
  • Red light therapy
  • It has an external drainage system, which makes it easier to clean


  • It may produce a bit more noise when it vibrates

OHEEfoot bath massager is a perfect product that offers you the best massages. More interestingly are the five entirely different modes. The installed PTC heaters regulates the water temperature. The foot spa boosts the blood circulation, alleviates stress and pain and offers an effective relaxation. The sleek and compact design makes it portable so you can take it anywhere. Additionally, it has massage rollers and water jets that creates oxygen bubbles.

OHSEE Pedicure Foot Bath Massager with Heat and Virbration

4/5 stars and 30 ratings

Quick facts:

  • Frequency control gives you the possibility to control motor speeds and temperature control
  • The quality and efficient PTC heaters heat fast
  • It has a large LCD panel for displaying functions as well as for full control
  • It has about a one-hour timer for enjoying a fantastic foot spa massage
  • Due to its sleek and ergonomic design, you can store it in a small place
  • The formation of oxygen bubbles by water jets are great for massaging your feet
  • The water temperature may vary between 95 F° (35 C°) and 118 F° (47 C°)


  • It offers different massaging modes
  • It is easy to carry due to its compact and ergonomic design
  • The frequency control function makes it a great massager
  • It is an ideal choice for older people with diabetes


  • A little bit noisy compared to other foot spa

This ergonomically advanced design foot spa massager adds steam to your massage for extra relaxation. You only need one cup of water tp make steam, instead of filling the full bucket. The temperature needs a maximum of five minutes to reach its peak. The steams help to remove dead skin and germs easily. You can enjoy a steam foot massage for about one hour or more. It has a touch screen control system. You can clean it very easily, and it provides warmth to your body. After taking a spa massage, you feel relaxed and calm and your aching feet are gone. It improves blood circulation and decreases anxiety, stress and fatigue, which may be caused because of long working hours.

RENPHO Sauna Care Foot Spa Bath Massager with steam

4/5 stars and 309 ratings

Quick facts:

  • There are three levels for adjusting high temperatures and two for timing
  • It is the best foot spa bath for older or diabetics and athletes

  • The message rollers of RENPHO Sauna Care are not motorized

  • You only need 380 ml of water to enjoy a steam massage

  • It is eco-friendly and uses a touch control system

  • It has auto turn off after 10 seconds without usage


  • It provides immediate steam within 10 seconds
  • It has multi-insulation that saves power and keeps the water temperature constant
  • It is used to relieve tension, anxiety, pain, and stress.
  • You don't need to put your feet completely under water to enjoy this spa bath


  • The plastic housing is a bit thin

The Turejo Foot Spa Bath Massager gives you a pleasurable foot spa. It's considered by some as the best foot bath massage. It has massage rollers, which decrease pain and tightness in the muscles. This foot spa massager increases blood circulation and metabolism. It is user friendly and easy to handle. Oxygen bubbles provide a great massage and gives you a smoothening effect on your feet. A nail knife and brush also come within the package. The removable base with a drain hose makes it easier to clean.

Turejo Foot Spa Bath Massager with heath bubbles

4.5/5 stars and 242 ratings

Quick facts:

  • It has six motorized rollers which increase massage efficiency
  • The PTC heater has a multi-layer insulation for protection
  • You can set the temperature between a range of 35 °C and 48 °C
  • It has the ability to maintain temperature for a long time to make sure you have warm water
  • The base can easily be removed and cleaned
  • It has an FDA certification to ensures safety standards
  • This foot massager is resistant to high temperatures and aging


  • It has a multi-insulation layer for protection
  • It has the ability to prevent water from overheating
  • It improves the metabolism and blood circulation
  • It has a separate button for red light and oxygen bubbles indication


  • No ON/OFF indication light available
  • The foot space may be a bit too for some users

The most demanding feature in a spa bath is heat and vibration. The Conair foot spa bath massager has both. This is an ideal model of a foot bath for getting a fantastic massage to relax your feet. No matter how tired or stressed out you are, it makes you comfortable and delighted. Additionally, it nourishes, moisturizes, and hydrates your tired aching feet. Your feet look soft and smooth, which enhances your personality. The vibration massage touches your entire foot and relaxes your tired aching feet after a long day of work.

Conair Foot Pedicure Spa Bath with Soothing Vibration Massage

4/5 stars and 2,419 ratings

Quick facts:

  • The splash guard with nodes helps massaging your foot without any effort
  • It has a long UL cord, which easily approaches the power outlets

  • It has touch control close to your feet

  • It has a sleek, compact, and easily portable design

  • The high-quality plastic material used for its manufacturing makes it more durable


  • The best feature is toe-touch control, which means you do not need to use your hands to control the device
  • It provides you different kinds of massages
  • It is affordable for everybody
  • The water remains hot for about 20 minutes and it uses a strong heating system


  • Sometimes the heating component may show improper working
  • The vibration nodes in this model are not the best on the market

The buyer's guide for the best foot spa bath massager for diabetics

It's important to review important features before buying your foot massager. Below you can find the list of the top 5 important features.

1. Heating system

One of the most importing things is to make sure you are using a foot spa bath with a qualitative heating system. The best foot massager demands an excellent the PTC heating semiconductor (positive temperature coefficient). This enhances the heating for attaining high temperatures. This kind of heating system will provide protection against overheating. It also has temperature adjustment levels.

2. Versatility

You should also check the adaptability and versatility of the massager. Make sure that the foot spa bet you select has built-in massage rollers with different modes, oxygen bubbles and pressure versatility. These kind of foot massagers help better to get relief from fatigue and improve the blood circulation.

3. Massage rollers

Wearing diabetic slippers gives all the support your feet need after a hard day of work. Diabetes complications is the worst feat of a diabetic. Quality slippers soothe tired and swollen feet and make sure that you treat foot problems or don't get them at all.

4. Noise levels

The main point to use a massager is to relax our body from pain and stress. If your foot massager makes a lot of noise, it can distracting and takes away the whole idea of relax. It also acts as a hurdle in your relaxing state of mind and mood. If you do have a foot spa bath that makes excessive noise, either use headphones or earplugs. Make sure to check this feature before buying. Prefer those who have a moderate to quiet noise system.

5. Material (build) quality

Another important thing is that you check the manufacturing material and build quality. The best foot massager mostly are made from polypropylene for a long life span and safety. Some companies also use ABS material.

Other significant features you need to check are;

  • drainage system
  • portability
  • cost

When you go and invest your hard earn money in a spa foot massager, you need to check the massage quality and build quality. Using the above buyer's guide and you will be able to choose the best massager that suits you most. 


The above mentioned 7 best foot spa bath massagers make the buying choice a bit easier for you. When you buy your foot spa massager, make sure that you check all features. The significant features that you must check are the heating system, rollers and jets for massaging, drainage system and material and build quality. All the above are designed and build with high quality and safe materials, which ensures a long term usage.


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