Shoes for neuropathy are the perfect solution to alleviate nerve and foot pain. Shoes for diabetics can be used as a treatment to cure peripheral neuropathy foot pain, but they also have many other health benefits. The best shoes for neuropathy are uniquely designed to provide pressure relief that is specifically targeted at the areas where the diabetic has nerve damage. 

In this article you will learn about:

  • Relation between neuropathy and shoes for diabetics
  • Why are shoes important?
  • How to pick the right shoe?
  • The best shoes for diabetics

#1 best shoe for diabetics

Reebok Work Sublite Cushion Men's Black Shoes

Reebok Work Sublite Cushion Men's Black Shoes
  • Walking without pain
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Amazing grip with an alloy toe
  • Stability sole
  • The best pair

Relation between neuropathy and shoes for diabetics 

Diabetic neuropathy is commonly seen in diabetics with poor blood circulation. The specialized shoes are available in the market to cure the numbness of feet and improve circulation across the body. The peripheral regions are affected due to high blood sugar levels and diabetic shoes are made to relieve you from these problems.

Why diabetic shoes are important for a diabetics?

The diabetic shoes have a specialized soft soul with a breathable texture. The material is of high-quality to deliver a soft and comfortable experience. Hence, diabetic shoes improve blood circulation by relaxing the feet. The improved circulation cures the neuropathic condition. The irritation and numbness are settled with excellent grip. Moreover, you can find walking and running diabetic shoes separately. If you want to fight and cure diabetic neuropathy then, you should buy shoes for recovering your issues.

The best shoes for diabetics

Diabetic shoes are available in various styles and designs to attract users. The sketchers and boots are so comfy that the diabetic will feel very relaxed. The early signs of neuropathy can be cured with precise pressure and grip on feet. The blood flow will be regular with intact nerves and vessels.

I have selected 7 best shoes for the diabetics and would like covered the details for men and women separately. Let’s have a look.

Need more details on how to select and buy your shoes? Take a look at The Ultimate Guide To Buy The Best Diabetic Shoes .

Do you like comfort and style at the same time? Reebok has something amazing and exceptional for you. These shoes are made with mesh and 100% synthetic material to provide a balanced and easy walk. The design of the shoes is ideal for walkers to relieve the tired and swollen feet. The shoes are considered to be the best shoes for diabetics with a webbing design.

The diabetic shoes are made with a memory touch cushion bed for bearing the shocks and provide stability to the feet. You can experience the low-impact and high-quality shoes while walking, running and doing your chores. The shoes won't disappoint you in curing your achy and irritated feet. The comfort and support are exceptional and you can buy these pairs without worrying about varicose veins.

Main features

  • The sole is made with rubber to provide absorb shocks
  • The shoe top is made with mesh and synthetic materials
  • The midsole is made with moisture wicking lining
  • The shoes are easy to wear because of its webbed design
  • Ideal for the everyday walker and those who stand most of the time while working


  • Webbed design for an easy on and off
  • The shoes are perfect for any walker or runner
  • The upper layer is of leather material
  • Alloy toe for excellent grip
  • The sole is of rubber and has shock-absorbing features


  • You can walk for a long time without pain
  • The shoes are durable and long-lasting with excellent mesh material
  • The grip is amazing with an alloy toe
  • The sole is impressive to provide stability
  • The best pair among the top 7 shoes for diabetics


  • Not made for people with a foot injury

If you are suffering from inflammation along with poor peripheral blood circulation then Skechers has brought something unique and stylish for you. The shoes are made from 100% textile materials with a synthetic sole to serve diabetic persons. The shoes are made with high rebound technology and soft cushioned upper sole. Goga Max technology is used for insole formation.

The product is light-weight with an upper solid mesh fabric to provide the stability for heel and toes. Its midsole is injection molded with 5th Gen and provides high-quality cushioning and support. Thus, the shoe quality is amazing with extra padded walking comfort.

Main features

  • The shoes are made with mesh fabric
  • The shaft is low-top from arch
  • Has an upper double cushion layer with extra padded heel
  • The midsole is made with injection molding and helps to absorb shocks
  • The insole is featured with Goga Max technology


  • The shoes are Go Max-athletic air mesh sneakers
  • The upper layer is double cushioned
  • The midsole is highly durable with mesh fabric
  • The insole provides the stable and SQUISH proprietary component
  • This style is best for walking


  • Provides soft and easy grip
  • You can walk for a long time
  • You will feel comfort and be relaxed at the same time
  • Helps to improve the blood circulation
  • Low-impact and high-quality product available in various sizes for men


  • Might be expensive for some people

The under Armour has made these shoes with much care and  love for diabetic persons. The shoes are for the cross trainers and runners. You don't have to be bothered anymore about weak peripheral blood vessels. Simply buy these soft and comfortable shoes to get a high-quality experience. The shoes are low-top from the arch and it won't hurt your achilles tendon when running or jogging.

The mesh fabric is breathable that forms the upper layer and your heel will be in one place because of its external heel counter. Its midsole is extra soft and provides an efficient grip with a soft cushioning base to overcome tiredness. The shoes have different sizes and colors. Thus, you can choose according to your need.

Main features

  • The shoes are synthetic with breathable fabric
  • The mesh fabric provides a soft and comfortable grip
  • Light-weight with an external heel counter
  • Dual-density Micro G foam for ultimate comfort and energy return
  • Best for runners with natural composition


  • Shoes are low-top from arch
  • Running shoes with synthetic material
  • Its external heel counter fix the position of the feet
  • Removable sock liner
  • Best for runners for experiencing comfort and versatility


  • The incredible running shoes with low-top
  • The softness and dense foamy composition provides flexibility
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • You can do heavy workouts with these shoes
  • Compact and durable to relieve inflammation and tiredness


  • Color may vary from the proposed photos

KUBUA has introduced their men's running shoes with excellent and durable material. The shoes are made with mesh breathable fabric to provide a soft and comfortable grip. Its shaft and platform are well-maintained to absorb pressure and control the blood flow of numbed feet. The design is so adorable that you can wear it at parties and on special occasions.

However, with low-impact and high usability features, these shoes are perfect for runners and athletes. You don't have to worry about diabetic feet. These shoes are recommended as they are the cure to your peripheral problems. The shoes are a comfortably fit and you can wear them with ease. Its anti-slip and anti-twist design provides the best running experience for your feet.

Main features

  • The shaft is about 18 inch from arch
  • The platform is about 1.0 inch high
  • The shoes are made with mesh material
  • The sole is made of rubber
  • These are the best shoes for sports


  • Breathable casual sneakers
  • Ideal for running and any special occasion
  • Anti-slip and anti-twist features
  • Cushioned sole to release pressure


  • You can experience softness, comfort, and style at the same time
  • The shoes are impressive with excellent quality
  • The upper fabric is made with mesh material
  • Best for all seasons


  • Shoes are not suited for narrow feet

Are you searching for the best diabetic shoes for your women? The Easy spirit traveltime Mule is the perfect choice for you. The shoes are made with 80% leather and 20% fabric to provide comfort and a stable grip to feet. Its rubber sole is so comfortable that you can walk effortlessly. The shoes are featured with easy on and off support.

However, its shock liner absorbs the shock and provides a low-impact while walking around. The style and material make this product classy for women of all ages. Say goodbye to neuropathy and buy this all in one shoe to experience smoothness and comfort all day long.

Main features

  • These shoes are a blend of leather and mesh fabric
  • The sole is made of rubber
  • The shock absorbent nature provides low-impact
  • The easy on and off design specialized for older people
  • Gives comfort and ease all day


  • Easy to slip on shoes with a sock liner
  • Shock-absorbent quality
  • Regulates the blood flow towards peripheries


  • You can experience the best walk while wearing these shoes
  • The material is soft and comfortable
  • Sock line absorber and easy to wear
  • The rubber sole is perfect for older people
  • The shoes are made with durable material


  • Check the size and texture according to your need
  • The size may vary when wearing diabetic socks

YHOON is famous for creating specialized diabetic shoes for women. The shoes are made with MD and air cushion soles. Moreover, you can feel comfortable in its easy pull on and off the design. The shoes are facilitated with breathable and light-weight woven fabric. You can walk easily by wearing these shoes because of the air cushion in the MD sole.

While walking you can feel the perfect buffer between the ground and feet. The shoes are made for all occasions including walking, jogging, traveling, and sports. The soft and comfortable grip allows you to feel relaxed. The shoes improve blood circulation by treating numbness and tiredness. Peripheral neuropathy is no more trouble when you are using these shoes.

Main features

  • MD air cushion sole for perfect buffering
  • Light-weight and comfortable woven material
  • Easy pull-on design with excellent grip
  • Great for walking
  • Mesh platform with buffered sole


  • Sock sneaker slip-on shoes for comfortable walking
  • Air-cushioned MD sole for perfect grip
  • Ideal for winters with fur lining
  • Light-weight design for athletes
  • Style is unique for all occasions


  • Impressive buffering with MD air cushion
  • The design is specialized for working women and athletes
  • You can use these shoes during the winter because the upper air fly is a woven layer
  • Available in various sizes and colors


  • Might become warm in the summer

Do you want to buy amazing diabetic shoes for your workout? STQ shoes are perfect for you. The mesh fabric with the breathable feature is another extra-ordinary feature of this product. The shoes are facilitated with an elastic cuff for easy pull on and off. The shoes are knitted with flexible material and their elasticity provide an excellent stretch while walking or running.

The sole is made with durable rubber and is a wedge in shape. The wedge platform provides a stylish and comfortable wearing experience. The height of the sole is 1.96 inches. Thus, you can use these impressive shoes for all types of occasions. The reasonable height and upper stretchy material are a good combination to serve diabetics.

Main features

  • The upper layer is made with mesh material
  • Stretchable and comfortable design to relax the inflamed feet
  • Sole has a height of 1.96 inches
  • The sole is wedged in shape with rubber material
  • Suitable for athletes and workout


  • Women fashion sneaker
  • Comfortable wedged platform loafer
  • Made with mesh fabric and ideal for workout
  • Walking shoes with a suitable height
  • Slip-on design with easy wearing


  • You can wear the shoes comfortably because of its easy pull-on design
  • Stretchy material for wider feet
  • The shoes are perfect for sports, walking and running
  • Synthetic sole


  • May flop to one side because of the height
  • Might be a bit price for some people

The buyer’s guide for diabetic shoes

Diabetics are always in search of comfortable and easy to wear shoes that can reduce the effect of peripheral neuropathy. Buying something medicated is not an easy task, one has to struggle a lot to get the right shoes that could be beneficial for a long life without pain and stress. That's why I have chosen the 7 best shoes for diabetics to serve you with an accurate and perfect product. The shoes are featured with high-quality material with a durable sole for excellent walking and running experience.

When buying the best shoes for diabetics you have to consider some points that can help you in buying the right product for yourself. Let's have a look at them. For a more detailed buyer's guide please take a look at The Ultimate Guide To Buy The Best Diabetic Shoes.

1. The material of diabetic shoes

The material should be soft and breathable. The Mesh and leather are considered to be the perfect and precise materials for making the upper layer of diabetic shoes. The stretchy material provides an easy slip-on design with pull on and off feasibility. The grip is amazing with a cushioned midsole.

2. The sole of the shoes

The sole or platform of diabetic shoes is made from rubber. Some shoes come with an air cushion in the sole, and some have a wedged shaped sole with height. The non-slip and soft soul provide an incredible walking and running experience. You can walk for a long time without getting painful feet or getting tired.

The shoe insole is also pretty important if you want to protect your feet against any diabetic complications.

3. Size and price

Diabetic shoes are available in various sizes and colors. You can choose the one that could suit you better. The comfort and relaxation that you feel after using these shoes won't get by wearing regular shoes. The price is reasonable, and you can buy these durable and compact shoes for ultimate benefits. Even buying multiple diabetic shoes is perfect to prevent rapid wear.

All diabetic shoes are synthetic and provide ease of use. By using these shoes, the peripheral blood circulation will be improved with reduced numbness. The varicose veins can be treated along with impaired blood vessels. Thus, the inflammation of the feet is eliminated by curing the tired and achy feet. Now, get the one that could be suitable for you and your loved ones. 


I have listed the 7 best shoes for diabetics to make you aware of the qualities and specialized materials. The shoes are specifically made with a rubber sole and synthetic mesh fabric. You can feel the comfort and relaxation without worrying about achy feet. The shoes are available in multi-colors to certainly serve you one perfectly made for you. You can buy these for all occasions especially for running and walking. The rubber sole is amazing with a low top arch.

Happy feet are associated with a happy life. Enjoy happiness without worrying about the side effects of diabetes.

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