Diabetes can be a difficult disease to manage, but there are ways to make it easier. When you live with diabetes, your feet can take a lot of abuse and wear and tear as they have to do more work than usual. One way that people with diabetes can keep their feet healthy is by wearing diabetic sneakers.

In this Diabetic & Me article you will learn about:

  • Do well-known brands create diabetic shoes?
  • What makes diabetic sneakers so special?
  • What to look for when buying diabetic sneakers?
  • Can diabetics walk barefoot?

The #1 Best Sneaker for Women

Sale (-$5.01)
Skechers Women Summits Sneakers
15,469 Reviews
$49.00 −$5.01 $43.99 Amazon Prime Check Latest Price

Skechers Women Summits Sneakers

  • Flexible
  • Comfortable for walking
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Wide toe box
  • Great support

The #1 Best Sneaker for Men

New Balance Men Fresh Foam Hierro V5 Trail Running Shoe
3,003 Reviews

New Balance Men Fresh Foam Hierro V5 Trail Running Shoe

  • Shock-absorbing quality
  • Great arch support
  • Wide toe box
  • Comfortable heel counter
  • Soft padding

What Are Diabetic Approved Shoes?

Shoes for diabetics are sneakers that are approved for those with diabetes Also known as diabetic footwear. They are diabetic walking shoes specifically made to help support someone who has diabetes and needs extra arch support, a wide or rounded toe box, a firm heel counter, or even anatomical orthotic insoles.

Diabetic footwear is specially made and recommended for those who have diabetes and are active on a regular basis.

These diabetic sneakers are made to provide a little extra cushioning and arch support for those that walk or do other activities on a regular basis. Wearing diabetic footwear helps keep your feet healthy because they give all the arch support and balance your feet need.

What to Look for in Diabetic Sneakers?

When you're looking for sneakers, it's important to check out what materials they use so you can get something that will be supportive and comfortable while also being durable enough to last at least six months, because this is how long most people need their sneakers before replacing them.

You'll want your new shoes to have shock absorption properties so they don't just do more damage than good when you wear them without any other padding. When buying new footwear, test different brands until they fit perfectly and don't cling around your foot.

People that are active very often or do sports and that have been diagnosed with diabetes should consider purchasing a pair of diabetic walking shoes as soon as possible. This prevents worsening complications like plantar fasciitis or diabetic neuropathy, or diabetic feet.

Diabetic sneakers are often designed with an orthotic insole or ergonomic soles and better arch support to relieve pain and take care of your sensitive feet or swollen feet.

What To Look For In Diabetic Sneakers?

What Are the Best Walking Shoes for Diabetics?

People with diabetes have been recommended by doctors to take great care of their feet. They need to save their feet from getting injured or even just a little damaged.

The recommendations of the diabetic shoes below might help you in choosing the best sneakers for your need and help to protect your feet.

Diabetic Sneakers for Women

Sale (-$5.01)
1. Skechers Women Summits Sneakers
15,469 Reviews
$49.00 −$5.01 $43.99 Amazon Prime Check Latest Price

1. Skechers Women Summits Sneakers

Get your summertime groove on in the Skechers Women Summits Sneakers! They're imported, so you know they'll last. The rubber sole is durable and flexible, perfect for when yoga becomes a regular weekend activity. You can put them with cutoff jean shorts or wear them to work during the weekdays. What's great about these sneaks is that they look clean. Their non-marking outsole means there won't be any scuffs littering up your floors. No matter where you take 'em, easy slips mean the ankle stays covered for all your comfort and foot care, all while enjoying a sleek design and style that looks just as good with jeans as it does with any other clothing.

They are great for your health and your feet as well and surely belong on the list of the best shoes for diabetics. This shoe comes with a great hook and loop for you to enjoy your walk. If you are looking for the best walking shoes for diabetics then it will be a great fit. These sneakers are flexible and have an excellent fit for your feet.


  • Flexible enough to allow good movements
  • Comfortable enough for a great walking experience
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Wide toe box
  • Walking shoes with great support


  • It could have a bit too tight upper for people with wider ankles

2. NOBULL Women Training Diabetic Walking Shoes

NOBULL training shoes have you covered. Whether you're high-jumping, ninja climbing, or flinging around grappling dummies like some kind of madwoman, these kicks will keep your feet happy and healthy. The durable SuperFabric fabric is lightweight, breathable, and moves with your every movement whether it's a jumpy day at boot camp or punching faces in the ring. These kicks are built for women warriors so they're sleek enough to wear on daily but tough enough to sport during brawls in the back alleys of whatever post-apocalyptic landscape we find ourselves living in.

NOBULL has promised its durability by producing an item that doesn't weaken quickly. The material these diabetic shoes are made of is pure, which means you can wear them for a long, long time. It will keep your feet safe from cuts and injuries. These shoes are wide enough to be used as dress shoes or on any other occasion. These sneakers allow air passage which means your feet can stay odor-free and won't get sweaty. So, you will not have to bear weird smells from the shoes and will keep your skin dry as well.


  • A wide toe box for the comfort of every type of foot
  • Extra sidewalls which guard your feet
  • Flexible for any movement
  • Extra-depth
  • Great walking shoes


  • Some people find it a bit too pricey

3. Kubua Women Breathable Sneakers Shoes With Arch Support
2,154 Reviews

3. KUBUA Women Breathable Sneakers Shoes with Arch Support

When it comes to getting quality shoes for people with diabetes, there's no substitute. And new KUBUA Women Sneakers with arch support are just what you need! Synthetic sole, the platform measures approximately .75", arch support and a rubber sole: these running shoes use mesh and synthetic upper materials for a snug sock-like fit, knit textiles for comfort as well as breathability.

With the torsion-proof midsole enabling the shoe to maintain durability at softer densities while maintaining flexibility in stiffness appealing to natural runners, these become versatile running shoes for civilians or people not on high mileage. Perfect for a run, walk, weight training, cycling, and jogging.


  • Flexible and stretchy
  • Breathable meshwork reduces odors
  • Extra memory foam cushion and padding allow better running
  • Extra-depth and wide toe box
  • Great comfort and support


  • Very few styles are available

Sale (-$30.00)
4. Yhoon Women Diabetic Sneakers For Walking
16,443 Reviews
$59.99 −$30.00 $29.99 Amazon Prime Check Latest Price

4. YHOON Women Diabetic Sneakers for Walking

The Women Diabetic Sneakers for Walking from YHOON have MD+ Air Cushion soles and are great shoes for all occasions. Whether you want to be outside doing sports, on your feet at the hospital, or walking around town, these sneakers will keep your feet comfortable and happy. You'll also enjoy how easy they are to slip on in a pinch so that you don't spend minutes fumbling with laces when rushing out the door!

The lightweight breathable material feels soft against your skin and provides warmth without being too bulky in cold weather while still keeping your feet airy - perfect even if it's been raining heavily all day long outside. Plus this cute design can fit any dress code! If not already convinced, check

This shoe is one of the best walking shoes. It contains breathable meshwork that helps eliminate bad smells and keep your feet fresh and breathable. Once you purchase them, you'll realize that these shoes will suit any outfit you're wearing and will look good on every occasion.


  • Best fit for any foot abnormality
  • Durable and highly comfortable diabetic shoe
  • Comfortable to wear with no-slip technology
  • Extra-depth and wide toe box


  • Only a few colors are available
  • Some users claim that the heel support is not the best quality

Diabetic Sneakers for Men

The recommendations of the products below might help you in choosing the best sneakers for men.

1. New Balance Men Fresh Foam Hierro V5 Trail Running Shoe
3,003 Reviews

1. New Balance Men Fresh Foam Hierro V5 Trail Running Shoe

The New Balance Men Fresh Foam Hierro V5 Trail Running Shoe offers a comfortable feel, light-weight construction, and tough traction. This trail shoe is made with durable rubber soles that offer superior grip on any outdoor terrain with its many features. It allows you to run at your pace without worrying about the heel slipping off (and getting caught by thorns) or getting dirty. It also has an extra high tongue which blocks debris from entering your shoe.

You can run for as long as you want to with these shoes and on whatever surface you want because its shock-absorbing quality will keep your feet safe. It has a great hook and loop system and a firm heel counter. Above all, it's a great shoe for your health care. 


  • Great experience of exercise with its excellent and soft padding
  • Provides relief from infections and pain for the feet
  • Shock-absorbing quality
  • Wide toe box for people with foot abnormalities
  • Great arch support with a comfortable heel counter


  • Mind the shoe size. It might be bigger or smaller.

2. Orthofeet Proven Walking Sneakers For Men With Diabetes
3,391 Reviews

2. Orthofeet Proven Walking Sneakers for Men with Diabetes

Orthofeet is a premier brand when it comes to orthopedic shoes, and these Proven Walking Sneakers for men with diabetes deliver. They are perfect for those who need more support on their foot or diabetes-related issues. If you're suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, foot pain, neuropathy, you'll find that Orthofeet has the best walking shoes solutions available on the market!

These premium orthotic insoles will not only alleviate these common issues but also offer unbeatable comfort and various other features such as an anatomical arch support system and multiple cushioning layers. In addition, Orthofeet offers extended widths in this super comfortable men's casual shoe that won't bind your feet. No doubt it belongs in the list of the best shoes for diabetics


  • This athletic shoe helps in achieving better performance
  • Excellent cushioning and stability
  • Wide toe box
  • Great fit


  • Some people find it a bit too pricey

3. Tsiodfo Breathable Comfort Athletic Sports Sneakers For Men
4,003 Reviews

3. TSIODFO Breathable Comfort Athletic Sports Sneakers for Men

These work and sports shoes are a must-have for men who want to make their mark on the fitness runway. The hexagonal mesh textile has excellent air permeability that will keep your feet away from any wet condition, creating a cooler, drier, and healthier shoe environment for you. The rubber sole is durable, flexible, and can free bend with you for increased comfort. This trendy pair of sneakers also features a soft mesh hug your foot for dynamic support, loosening, and tightening with your feet' natural motion.

Save your time and don't look anymore. If your feet have skin sensitivity, these walking shoes are surely the ones you were trying to find. The heavy-duty hook and loop of this shoe is a great facility. Most buyers say it is exactly what they wanted and is worth spending every penny.

These shoes will save you from injuries and any other damage with their extra padding and flexible inner sole. This helps you stay stable when you go for a walk and has surely the best comfort for you to nail your workout plan.


  • Meshwork keeps your feet fresh for longer than usual and eliminates odor
  • The inner sole of the shoe is comfortable and flexible
  • Excellent traction for every surface
  • Made from a high-quality rubber material
  • Wide toe box for feet


  • Great shoe but on the expensive side

Sale (-$6.40)
4. Feetmat Men Non-Slip Sneakers For Diabetics
3,256 Reviews
$31.99 −$6.40 $25.59 Amazon Prime Check Latest Price

4. Feetmat Men Non-Slip Sneakers for Diabetics

The Feetmat men sneakers are designed especially for diabetic people. It features a lightweight breathable mesh upper, anti-slip rubber outsole, and soft insole. Its light design will drive you not to feel fatigued after long walks or running! These shoes are versatile and perfect for daily outdoor activities like walking, running, or sports. They also come with a carrying pouch so that they can be taken on the go (travel) without getting dirty or lost.

Designed with your feet in mind: your feet need more than just protection Feetmat provided foot comfort. You'll be able to enjoy every moment outdoors knowing your Feetmat sneakers have got you covered on all sides.

This edition is even more improved than the other ones they have, as the buyers had a little issue with a hard inner sole which made it uncomfortable for their feet. This new pair has extra comfort that you require to walk easily. You will not even mind wearing these diabetic shoes for a long time because you do not feel any discomfort. It is certainly worth it getting one of the better walking shoes for diabetics.


  • Makes your feet moisture-free with a breathable meshwork
  • Improved cushioning for better comfort
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Great sneaker for people with diabetes because of their cushioning and support


  • Very few designs and color options

What Is So Special About Diabetic Shoes?

A diabetic shoe is special because it is designed to protect against diabetic foot problems. A shoe with arch support will help you manage your weight and keep it off of your feet. A good pair of diabetic sneakers should provide stability so you'll feel more confident during workouts; in addition, the soles should offer traction while still being flexible enough to bend with each individual's needs.

It's important to find footwear with good insoles that provide stability and are keeping your feet in balance. Adding extra insoles or custom orthotics is great to fight against pain from peripheral neuropathy. 

1. Insoles

The insole is an important part of the shoes. I already covered that you should wear a pair of shoes with insoles or custom orthotics to help fight against pain from neuropathy in your feet. It's also important for diabetics to purchase footwear with good insoles because they provide stability for athletes who are always active.

If you're living with diabetes and want to be able to walk without getting blisters all over your heels, it would benefit you greatly if you got some extra cushioning around those parts of the foot where most friction takes place: heel, ball joint, and big toes.

2. Toe Cage / Toe Box

It's important for people with a history of ulcers and blisters to pick a shoe with a good toe cage. The shoes will keep their toes from touching each other and getting injured or infected.

Great diabetic sneakers are ones that have ample room at the end of the shoe to fit your big toe, while still having enough pressure on it so you can walk without feeling like your foot is sliding around inside. A tight-fitting shoe doesn't allow blood flow to reach all parts of the foot and may contribute to more frequent injuries such as blisters or ingrown nails.

Shoes should be comfortable and fitting when they're first put on, but they don't need to feel too loose either because after walking in them for a while there might not be any extra space left. Make sure you have enough toe movement and it doesn't feel too tense.

If you have wide feet and you require more space make sure you search for a diabetic sneaker that offers a wide toe box. A narrow toe box can do damage to your feet. 

3. Stability

When you are buying new diabetic shoes it's important for a diabetic that your feet are balanced and have stability. Shoes for diabetics should have a stiff sole that offers good arch support so your feet won't be able to move too much. 

4. Midsole Cushioning

A midsole cushioning is a great feature as it provides extra protection from the often-uncomfortable feeling of walking on hard surfaces. The material should be soft and breathable. Mesh and leather are considered to be the perfect and precise materials for making the upper layer and midsole of diabetic shoes. The stretchy material provides an easy slip-on design with pull-on and off feasibility.

5. Rubber Outsole

The sole or platform of diabetic shoes is made from rubber. Some shoes come with an air cushion in the sole, and some have a wedged-shaped sole with height. The non-slip and soft soul provides an incredible walking and running experience. You can walk for a long time without getting painful feet or getting tired.

6. Pressure Points

So far we have addressed stability and balance with heels on sneakers for diabetics as well as discussed the importance of having proper prescriptions before purchasing any footwear that supports diabetes management.

Also, pressure points are important to take into account. Pressure points can be caused by the shape of shoes that are too narrow or too wide, as well as from improper fitting and poor quality footwear materials. A diabetic shoe should have a good support system in order to prevent pressure points on your feet, it can cause neuropathy. The shoe also needs to provide enough flexibility so there is no undue stress placed on certain parts of your feet during walking or running exercises. A sneaker with this type of design will alleviate any pain you may experience when wearing it over an extended period of time giving you more freedom without worrying about foot issues later in life due to bad diabetes management.

For a more detailed buyer's guide please take a look at The Ultimate Guide To Buy The Best Diabetic Shoes.

Does Nike Make Diabetic Shoes?

Most athletic shoes are not designed for people who have diabetes in mind. For example, diabetic shoes from the brand Nike may be hard to find. However, there is hope! Options do exist for these individuals that want more than just basic functions from footwear such as high-performance sneakers made by New Balance or comfortable sneakers from Orthofeet created specifically in mind of diabetics but fit all needs regardless of medical condition or occupation.

Can Diabetics Walk Barefoot?

It's not recommended but yes, diabetics can walk barefoot but it's always a good idea to keep your feet cool, dry, and protected. Treating them with a good foot cream is essential. Watch out for blisters and cuts that can happen if your feet are not in good condition or unprotected. This can cause more pain, discomfort and will make it harder for you to walk as well. If not treated correctly it can lead to painful foot complications like nerve damage.

If you plan on going barefoot, wear sandals or flip flops which are more comfortable than shoes because of the open design that allows your feet to breathe easier. 


When you're looking for the best diabetic shoes or sneakers, it's important to check out what materials they use so you can get something that will be supportive and comfortable while also being durable enough to last at least six months because this is how long most people need their sneakers before replacing them. Sure, there are plenty of shoe companies who make great shoes specifically made for diabetics but if the only thing your feet need is a little support or protection from everyday wear-and-tear on the soles of your feet, then these may not be necessary. Get yourself a good sneaker with quality cushioning inside and you'll have one less worry in life!

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