Are you working, hiking, or just walking? As a diabetic, you always need to pay attention to your feet. The best work boots for diabetics will give you all the support you need while doing your activities.

In this Diabetic & Me article, you will learn about:

  • What are diabetic work boots?
  • Do I need diabetic work boots?
  • What are the benefits of these work boots?
  • What about work boots with steel toes?

The #1 Best Work Boot for Diabetics

Sale (-$9.59)
Larnmern Steel Toe Safety Boots
7,707 Reviews
$59.90 −$9.59 $50.31 Check Latest Price

LARNMERN Steel Toe Safety Boots

  • Very protective
  • Very easy to slip on
  • The fabric is very flexible
  • They are super comfy

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Feet at Work?

Commonly, diabetics get foot complications. If you're one of them, you need to pay special attention to your feet. Because when there is a long period of elevated blood sugar levels in the body, it can result in nerve damage like neuropathy and poor circulation of the blood.

When you are standing up for a long time or have to walk great distances while working, it's essential you wear top-quality diabetic shoes. If you don't, it can cause serious foot problems. It can even lead to foot injuries, like neuropathy, and even worse, amputation of the foot or leg when not treated correctly.

Due to nerve damage, diabetics don't feel sensations in their feet. And thus, it increases the risk of developing sores, ulcers, or other infections. Therefore, to prevent all these complications, it's important you wear the proper therapeutic work boots for diabetics. Preferably with anatomical arch support and a steel toe cap.

Do I Need Diabetic Work Boots When I Have Diabetes?

Some people think because they have diabetes, they need diabetic shoes. But that is not the case. It is based on the condition of your blood circulation, and it depends upon the current state of your feet and overall health. Do you have neuropathy? If you don't have it, that's good. But if you have any of the well-known complications or feel your feet hurt often, it's a sign you need to buy the right shoes as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to your feet. 

Below are some of the key elements a diabetic boots should have;

  • A steel toe cap is very common in safety boots (if your work environment is in heavy industries).
  • Durable leather uppers for extra protection.
  • Roomy toe boxes are recommended so your feet won't be cramped together.
  • To protect your soles, you will need a shock-absorbent and pierce-resistant midsole.
  • Diabetics have a common issue of muscle fatigue. Especially when you're a person who has a very tough schedule, one cannot run from this routine, but a comfortable shoe can give you some relief.
  • Breathable work boots for diabetics are also very important.
  • The softer the sole from the inside, the more pleasurable your walk will be. So, always try to buy boots with a soft inner and a tough outsole.
  • Diabetic Steel toe shoes are no less than a blessing for people working in industries or at construction sites.
  • Water-resistant diabetic shoes or a water-resistant shoe skin membrane are a must for outdoor adventures.
  • A diabetic shoe insole embraces the feet and protects them from any possible complications.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Work Boots?

Diabetic work boots or diabetic safety boots keep your feet safe from all the hazards you may encounter at your workplace. It protects your feet from falling objects, chemical or electrical hazards, compressions, or while equipping heavy gear. Furthermore, they are very comfortable and durable. They have customized features that relieve your feet from any pain. They also slow the growth of infections and complications.

If you wonder what diabetic shoes are, take one minute to play the below video to learn more.

Should Diabetics Wear Steel-toe Boots?

It may be needed for security and health motives in some industries. Most warehouses, manufacturing, and construction sites require steel-toe work boots to prevent injuries.

But, steel toes can cause injuries to your feet. The steel toe design is an essential factor when choosing your work boots. It's important always to have enough space around the toe area and that it's wide enough.

What Is the Best Work Boot for Diabetics?

The 10 best diabetic work boots are listed below, depending upon your needs.

Sale (-$9.59)
1. Larnmern Steel Toe Safety Boots
7,707 Reviews
$59.90 −$9.59 $50.31 Check Latest Price

1. LARNMERN Steel Toe Safety Boots

Diabetes is a long-life disease. It may cause different complications. But one can make life easy by making some changes in his lifestyle. Start wearing diabetic work boots so that you don't have to take too much care of your feet. These boots will take care of that. Give these LARNMERN steel toe shoes a try. I assure you, you wouldn't regret it. Let's have a look at their prime features. The semi-nested windproof shoe tongue design prevents sand, dust, and rain from entering the shoes. They are the perfect boots for men.


  • The whole upper side of the shoe is made of leather and mesh, making it more suitable for everyday use.
  • 6 additional steel hooks for laces are embedded. These hooks make this shoe stable and tough for industrial and construction sites.
  • Usually, steel safety toe shoes are a little bulky, but these diabetic work boots have well-engineered anti-smashing steel.
  • A perfect combo of breathable and tough skin is used. You can wear them for the whole day without any sweating.


  • Very protective
  • Very easy to slip on
  • The fabric is very flexible
  • They are super comfy


  • The size is a little larger compared to the description online

Sale (-$5.02)
2. Skechers Work Burgin-Tarlac
15,717 Reviews
$65.00 −$5.02 $59.98 Check Latest Price

2. Skechers Work Burgin-Tarlac

These work boots are specially designed for harsh work purposes. But they still fulfill the requirements of great work boots for diabetics.

Despite not being too bold and stylish, they have grace and elegance. They are constructed from durable materials but are kept very lightweight. They have a leather upper and protective rubber sole. These are the most comfortable boots you'll ever get in your life. So, go ahead, buy them and give your feet the comfort they need and deserve.


  • The outsole can resist harsh jerks due to its steel toe.
  • Its stable flex technology boosts flexibility in the foot while keeping the heel stable.
  • Memory foam is one of the best inner soles for people with diabetes because of its comfy footbed and traction ability.
  • Its high collar allows you to work in rough and wet areas, conserving ankles from rubbing and providing anatomical arch support.
  • It has an outside ultra-dry waterproof layer that keeps the feet dry and comfortable.


  • They are waterproof
  • Available in different sizes
  • Best for construction site working
  • Surprisingly light


  • Only available in one color; black.

Sale (-$24.97)
3. Timberland Pro Men'S Steel Safety Toe Boots
18,937 Reviews
$127.50 −$24.97 $102.53 Check Latest Price

3. Timberland PRO Men's Steel Safety Toe Boots

Diabetics who work on industrial or construction sites should go for these shoes. Timberland boots belong to the best steel toe work boots. They are designed to provide you with the best comfort with a protective-toe design to fit different working areas. The antimicrobial protection is an additional feature of these shoes, which impedes the development of microorganisms. They are mostly bought as boots for men.


  • Steel-toe work boots deliver a roomy fit and ensure protection against workplace hazards, such as falling objects and electrical hazards. 
  • Its comfort suspension technology provides comfort 24/7 and protects your feet from extra fatigue. It also focuses on arch support.
  • Removable sock liner includes long-lasting antimicrobial treatment to retain a healthy place for your feet.
  • These boots also have a slip-resistant outsole that prevents you from any accident.
  • The collar of the shoes is highly padded, making it exceptionally comfortable.
  • Speed hooks are present at the top of the shoes for the lace wrap.


  • They are rustproof
  • Amazing quality
  • This breathable boot provides a roomy fit
  • Best for the workers, working in extreme temperatures
  • They have antimicrobial properties


  • They are a little stiff from top

4. Irish Setter Men’s Diabetic Work Boots
7,067 Reviews

4. Irish Setter Men’s Diabetic Work Boots

This work boot is designed for harsh work purposes. They fulfill all the requirements of the best work boot for diabetics.

Despite not being too bold, they have their grace and elegance. They are constructed from a durable material but are still lightweight and have a leather upper and rubber sole. These will be the most comfortable boots people with diabetes ever wear. Buy them and give your feet the comfort they deserve.


  • The outsole can resist heat up to 475°F (246 °C) that protects the feet from extreme temperatures so one can continue his work without worrying.
  • Its stable flex technology boosts flexibility in the foot while keeping the heel stable.
  • People having outdoor activities will like these boots because of their comfy footbed and outstanding traction.
  • Its padded collar conserves ankles from rubbing.
  • Its ultra-dry waterproof membrane keeps the feet dry and comfortable.


  • They are waterproof
  • Available in different sizes
  • Best for hunters and manual workers
  • Suitable for those who have plantar fasciitis
  • Surprisingly light


  • Decreased traction on snow
  • The outer sole may pull off

Sale (-$19.96)
5. Skechers Verdict Men'S Boots For Diabetics
9,783 Reviews
$89.95 −$19.96 $69.99 Check Latest Price

5. Skechers Verdict Men's Boots For Diabetics

These therapeutic diabetic boots are one of the best boots for diabetics. They provide ultimate protection and comfort. Its wide sole gives you enough room and will fit according to the shape of your feet. The boots are slip-resistant and will protect you from falling. Skechers ankle boots are your way to go companion in your daily struggle to protect your feet.


  • The leather upper is tough, durable, comfortable, and breathable.
  • Lug outsole with grooves provides the best stability and grip.
  • These diabetic boots are manufactured with a padded collar and tongue to avoid discomfort and pain in the soles.
  • Breathable leather will keep your feet fresh.


  • Perfect for daily wear
  • Less break-in time
  • Available at an affordable price
  • They come in different colors and sizes


  • The size may vary, so be conscious before ordering

Sale (-$10.51)
6. Skechers Chukka Brown Boots
6,205 Reviews
$90.00 −$10.51 $79.49 Check Latest Price

6. Skechers Chukka Brown Boots

This waterproof diabetic work boot is manufactured to give you an amazing pace. Its leather construction makes them durable and comfortable. They are wide enough to give your toes an easy move. Its gel-infused insole offers you an incredibly customized comfort. It also has a shock-absorbing midsole and flexible outsole.


  • The rubber traction outsole is very flexible that provides resistance against slippery surfaces.
  • Midsoles provide shock-absorbing and cushioning effects.
  • Its memory foam insole will mold itself according to the shape of your feet and will cushion them.
  • The perforations on the sides will give your feet cooling and breathing space. 
  • The padded collar gives your feet expanded ankle support and less pain during different activities.


  • They are waterproof
  • Provides extra insulation
  • Lace-up closure makes them easy to wear
  • Has shock-absorbing properties


  • Your size could be a size larger

7. Dr. Comfort Ranger Men’s Therapeutic Boots
902 Reviews

7. Dr. Comfort Ranger Men’s Therapeutic Boots

These Dr. Comfort therapeutic work boots diabetics belong to one of the best. They are rugged, meet all your outdoor exploration needs, and give you all the comfort needed. They are very comfortable and lightweight, so they will not hinder you while hiking or working.

The Dr. Comfort boots have leather covers. Its gel inlets provide comfort and relieve the pain. The best thing is that these boots are the perfect combo of fashion and health as they are super stylish and comfortable. These Dr. Comfort diabetic work boots are a perfect fit for people with diabetes.


  • Breathable leather keeps the work boot smell-free by regulating heat while keeping your feet cool.
  • Leather lining makes them durable and long-lasting.
  • There is no need for tying or untying laces as they are contact closure.
  • Footbeds are replaceable to replace the original sole with one of your preferences.
  • The protective toe box protects the toe against stubbing or any compression.


  • Dashing style 
  • Great for hiking and working
  • Best for diabetics that have wide feet
  • Verified from Medicare


  • Small arch support

Sale (-$35.05)
8. Rockport Storm Surge Men’s Waterproof Boots
6,172 Reviews
$135.00 −$35.05 $99.95 Check Latest Price

8. Rockport Storm Surge Men’s Waterproof Boots

If you want to buy the best work boots under 100 dollars, this pair is what you are looking for. The features like waterproof materials, seam seal, and the shock-absorbing sole make them the best choice for a diabetic. If you don't want to compromise your health but at the same time want to look stylish, this shoe might be your best fit.


  • Hydro-shield features like waterproof leather and non-wicking laces will keep your feet dry and avoid foot problems.
  • Padded collar and tongue protect feet from any discomfort.
  • The shock absorbents keep your feet from getting fatigued.
  • This diabetic shoe will give you a sturdy stride during the walk.
  • The flexibility and stability of the shoe make your move confident.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Great for walks but also for working at home
  • Easy lace-up
  • Removable footpad
  • Comfortable and rugged


  • Not for construction sites

Sale (-$40.00)
9. Rockrooster Quick Dry Work Boots For Men
4,103 Reviews
$149.99 −$40.00 $109.99 Check Latest Price

9. Rockrooster Quick Dry Work Boots For Men

If you have diabetes and you have to walk a long distance, the wrong footwear will cause irreparable damage to your feet. Find a good alternative with these rock rooster shoes at an affordable price. The steel toes will protect your feet and allows your current injuries if you have them to heal well.


  • Great shoe in all seasons. During the winter, its fiber provides insulation and keeps feet warmer. While in summer, its cool max technology keeps the feet dry and cool.
  • Its PORON XRD fabric provides breathability, comfort, and durability.
  • Its anti-static property protects you from getting a static electric shock. It transfers static electricity through the soles into the ground. 
  • Steel toe boots protect you from injuries and protect you from slipping.


  • Anti-static properties
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Best for concrete workers, welders, construction and heavy industry
  • Therapeutic design and support


  • They are not waterproof

10. Propet Men’s Blizzard Waterproof Boots
854 Reviews

10. Propet Men’s Blizzard Waterproof Boots

The shoes with the contrast of black and brown color and a mid zipper give you a perfectly stylish look. These work boots are constructed to make your walk easy and comfortable. Its waterproofing ability keeps your feet warm and dry.

The uppers are Scotchguard leather with a toe built from rubber, delivering safety and comfort. While wearing, you don't need to worry about the extreme conditions that otherwise may affect your feet. This casual footwear is excellent for all kinds of occasions.


  • Its Thinsulate covering provides warmth in extreme weather, even in the wettest and coldest conditions.
  • Vaporex insoles have insulating power that retains heat and keeps feet warm in winters.
  • The leather upper is durable and is treated with Scotchguard, making it stain-resistant.
  • The lightweight EVA midsoles give a perfect cushioning effect for your feet.


  • They are easy to wear due to the mid zipper
  • Suitable for diabetics that are having foot problems or want to protect their feet
  • Durable and stylish


  • The zipper may stop working after some time

How Can I Make My Shoes Last Longer?

  • Always wear a pair of socks in your boots to avoid any moisture
  • Use foot powder to prevent sweating
  • Ventilate your shoes with fresh air after wearing them so you can prevent them from producing odor
  • Use a waterproof spray to make your shoe waterproof
  • When you have leather work boots, use shoe fat to keep your leather in good condition


While buying the right pair of diabetic shoes or work boots for diabetics, look for their comfortability and durability. If it's more appropriate, buy boots that you can easily wear throughout the day. This is important if you are doing work where you have to stand up for a long time during the day. The shoes must have an oil-resistant outsole and shock-absorbing padding. The above-listed boots have all these features. Go through them and get the best suitable pair for yourself.

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