Traveling with temperature-sensitive medicines like insulin is one challenge you must face at some point as a diabetic. But thanks to the 72-Hour Travel Insulin Cooler, the Mini Medical Fridge, and other similar products from 4AllFamily brand, you can now travel easily while keeping your insulin cool and safe.

If you want an upgrade to your current insulin cooler, or you intend to buy one for the first time, this in-depth review will help you make a well-informed decision on the product you are about to purchase.

In this Diabetic & Me article you will learn about:

  • What 4AllFamily insulin coolers are all about
  • The different products currently available
  • The benefits and features of these insulin coolers
  • Their effectiveness in keeping insulin cold and safe
  • How many vials and pens can they hold?
  • Why are they better compared to other brands?
  • Their pros and cons
4AllFamily Voyager Insulin Cooler and Medical Fridge

If you are looking for an amazing cooler, look no further; this is the best you could get your hands on. This TSA-approved insulin travel case uses 3 cooling methods and keeps your insulin safe for up to 72 hours without electricity and at constant fridge temperature (36-46°F / 2-8°C) with electricity.

The uniqueness of this insulin cooler is that by changing the lids; you can easily transform the bottle from a regular medication cooler into a mini-fridge. The USB function can maintain a constant temperature of around 27°F (15°C) lower than the outside temperature. A cool feature is that it has a temperature indicator to indicate temperature drops and protect your insulin from freezing or getting too hot. It will keep your medication cool at all times. In my experience, this cooler kept insulin safe at 35-46°F (2-8°C) for over 48 hours in 95°F (35°C) heat during my travels in Australia.

If you use an ice pack as well simultaneously, it will give an outstanding insulin cooling effect, such as keeping 35-46°F (2-8°C) cold for 48 hours and 36-46°F (2-26°C) for 72+ hours when tested at and outside temperatures of 95°F (35°C). Moreover, it is patented, so you will never find the same quality in other insulin coolers.

After testing and using it myself, I believe this is worth it. I'm looking forward to traveling longer with it. (update: I traveled to Oman with the cooler, which works great in hot outside temperatures.)

Main Features:
  • It offers 3 insulin cooling methods to suit your needs, including a constant fridge temperature.
  • It is made of rust-free and high-quality stainless steel, enhancing its durability and keeping your insulin safe.
  • It stores up to 7 insulin pens. It might even fit two insulin pumps.
  • A universal USB 2.0 adapter is used to charge the cooler. You can charge it with a power bank as well.
  • Built-in temperature sensor & anti-freeze security.
  • You can easily charge it with a solar panel or your car battery.
Discount: Use discount code DIABETICME on the 4AllFamily website for 10% off.
  • 3-cooling methods, ensuring your medication remains safe for up to 72 hours
  • Spacious enough to carry all your diabetic supplies
  • The body may get dents if it falls from a height
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Who Are 4AllFamily?

4AllFamily is a company that primarily focuses on providing innovative travel solutions for people that need to safely transport thermo-sensitive medications, creating valuable products, especially for people with diabetes. The 4AllFamily dream was conceptualized by an Albanian duo who once experienced the "worst vacation ever" when a diabetic friend had entire insulin vials damaged by hot temperatures.

The company was officially launched in 2019 and is based in Albania. Its mission is to empower and make life easier for the diabetic community by introducing a product line that now produces high-performance coolers designed to store insulin and other temperature-sensitive medications, even amidst extreme summer temperatures. The company also engages the diabetic community online, employing many of them meaningfully!

What is the 4AllFamily Insulin Cooler?

I've used a few products over the last couple of years to keep my insulin safe. But I must say that the 4AllFamily insulin coolers bring a whole new dimension to the game! How exactly? The innovative 3-in-1 cooling method makes the 4AllFamily insulin cooling case one of a kind!

These cases come in varying types and functions because the manufacturer understands the different needs of people with diabetes and looks to satisfy them efficiently. From the 72-hour Insulin & Medicine Travel Cooler and Nomad Cooling Cases to the Portable Medical Fridge and 20000 MAh Power Bank, you have everything you need to tour the world as a diabetic without hassles!

So if you are looking for a reliable insulin travel cooler, look no further: 4AllFamily offers one of the best you could get your hands on.

Which 4AllFamily Products Are Available in Stock?

They offer many diabetic supplies on their official website , and Instagram. Some of which include the following:

  • 72 Hours 3-in-1 Insulin Cooler
  • Cooler & Portable Medical Fridge
  • Nomad Cooling Cases For Insulin And Other Medicines
  • 10H 1 PEN Insulin Pen Travel Cooler
  • Insulin Vial Protector Cover
  • 20000 MAh Power Bank

1. 72 Hours 3-in-1 Insulin Cooler

This insulin cooler offers an innovative and unique d 3 method cooling process that keeps your insulin cool and safe for up to 72 hours. With this single device, you will have no issues keeping your medication cold, with the multiple options at your disposal!

What makes it unique?

The uniqueness of this cooler is that by changing the lids, you can transform the bottle from a regular medication cooler into a mini-fridge. The USB function alone maintains a temperature of around 36-79°F. And suppose you use an ice pack along with the USB cooler; it will give a tremendous cooling effect, keeping internal temperatures ranging from 35 to 46°F (2-8°C) for 50 hours and 36 to 79°F (2-26°C) for 72+ hours.

What's more? This technology is unique, so you will never find the same quality in other insulin coolers elsewhere.

Having tested this product myself, I think it's worth it. You can check out all my findings below. Rest assured, I will update this post once I do some more extended travels with the package.

What cooling methods does it offer?

It offers three cooling methods:

  • Biogel only
  • Biogel + USB lid
  • USB lid only
1. Biogel only

Using the biogel cooling method is pretty easy because you need no immediate power source to keep your medicine cold. All you have to do is to pop the pre-frozen bio gel pack into the container, place your meds accordingly, then cover the container top with the standard lid.

Using the biogel method as described above gives you the following refrigeration output:

When the external temperature is 104°F (40°C): the frozen biogel pack keeps the internal temperature steady at about 36-45°F (2-8°C) for at least 30 hours. Below 79°F (26°C), it can stay cool for up to 46 hours.

When the external temperature is 95° (35°C): the interior temperature of the cooler is sustained at 36-45°F (2-8°C) for at least 32 hours, which can go up to 50 hours if the biogel pack stays cool below 79°F (26°C).

2. Biogel + USB Lid

There has been so much buzz about how the Biogel+USB lid cooling method is the best. Well, now that I have tested the product and compared it with a few others on the market, I can boldly agree that this combination is one of the most powerful refrigeration solutions. It keeps your insulin and other injectable medicines cool for up to 3 days. According to the manufacturer, using the USB lid and the Biogel Freezing pack showed the following results:

When the external temperature is around 104°F (40°C): the cooler maintains an internal temperature of 36-45°F (2-8°C) for over two days and below 79°F (26°C) for about three days.

When the external temperature is around 95°F (35°C): the insulin cooler stores your unopened insulin at temperatures within 36-46°F (2-8°C) for 52 hours and cools below 79°F (26°C) for 73 hours.

When the outside temperature is around 86°F (30°C): the cooler keeps your meds cold at temperatures within 36-45°F (2-8°C) for over 55 hours and below 79°F (26°C) for over three days.

3. USB Lid only

This cooling method will be convenient if the other two options don't sit well with you. With just your USB outlet connected to an external battery charge source, you can keep your meds safe, provided the outside temperatures don't exceed 86°F (30°C).

According to the manufacturer, you can expect these results with the USB-lid-only cooling method:

At temperatures around 86°F (30°C): the USB portable insulin cooler refrigerates your meds, maintaining between 46 to 79°F (8 to 26°C) "forever," provided the power source remains constant.

How many insulin pens and vials can it hold?

It might surprise you, but it can hold a good number of insulin pens and vials. Well, I don't use pens; I prefer my insulin pump. But I have Humalog vials of 10ml, and the cooler can hold up to eight of them.

i. Insulin pens

It can hold up to 7 different insulin pens, depending on the brand and size.

ii. Insulin vials

It can hold up to 8 10ml insulin vials and up to 42 3ml pen insulin vials, depending on the brand and size. You can use an insulin vial protector to secure your insulin vial. They offer one of the best on the market.

2. Cooler & Portable Medical Fridge

This product is more like an upgrade to the 72-hour 3-in-1 insulin cooler. The Cooler & Portable Medical Fridge offers a better, unlimited cooling performance and resolves the initial issues the company had with the previous model.

Although it gives you the functionality of a mini-fridge, it's safer and easier to carry. However, the insulin cooler is strictly not recommended for medicines requiring only room temperature storage, as it maintains low temperatures (36-46°F / 2-8°C).

Why is it better?

You might wonder if this product offers real value for your money. The good news is that you are not paying an extra $60 more than what you paid for the 3-in-1 package for no good reason.

Some advantages you stand to enjoy with this mini fridge include,

  • Unlimited refrigeration: provided your power source is constant, you can keep your insulin refrigerated forever. For the best result on the go, connect the mini-fridge to a portable power bank, car cigarette lighter, or solar panel and enjoy unlimited refrigeration anywhere!
  • Temperature control: the fridge is powered by an anti-freeze thermostat that ensures your insulin is constantly safe. This temperature control technology automatically switches off once the fridge temperature drops under 36°F (2°C) so your insulin doesn't freeze. And it automatically powers back on once the fridge temperature hits 46°F (8°C) to keep your insulin cool and safe.
  • Display of temperature: unlike the older models, this travel fridge comes with a digital temperature display, saving you from the inconvenience of walking around with thermometers. You can now see the inside temperature from the outside.
  • High capacity: the only minor issue I have with this product is that it's not as lightweight as I had anticipated. But then, the high capacity makes up for this shortcoming. It can carry up to 7 insulin pens, many insulin vials, and other injectable supplies.

What's new?

Some of the extra features I like about this product include,

  • It comes with a 2-in-1 cooling method, allowing you to use either the fridge or biogel.
  • It is TSA-approved, so flying with it won't be an issue.
  • Compatible with multiple power sources with a USB cord.
  • Comes with a strap holder for comfortable carrying.
  • It's considerably large and can hold between 8 and 42 vials.

3. Nomad Cooling Cases

If you love the 72-hours 3-in-1 cooling cup, chances are you'll also like the Nomad insulin cooling case because both share compatible biogel ice packs! But one thing you'll notice about this product is its lightweight. It's probably the lightest cooling cup you'll ever find on the market.

Available in two sizes (small or large), the Nomad insulin cooler is pretty portable. It's ideal for your diabetes supplies and other injectables like Growth hormones, Rheumatoid Arthritis injections, Crohn's disease treatments, Egmalty, Aimovig, etc. However, I don't recommend it for long travels where you don't have access to a fridge. The cooling mechanism is strictly based on an icepack which can defrost after 30 hours. The 72-hour 3-in-1 cooler or the portable medical fridge are better options for more extended travels.

Why is it better?

  • It comes in small and large sizes.
  • TSA-approved
  • It comes with a reusable icepack.
  • Its biogel cooling method is one of the easiest to use.
  • Lightweight insulin cooler - very portable!

How does it perform?

Like all 4AllFamily products, this insulin cooler was tested in a lab to mimic real-life conditions. And according to the manufacturers, here is the product performance based on the test results:

Small size:

When external temperatures are at 95°F (35°C), the fridge temperature is maintained between 36 and 46°F (2 and 8°C) for 26 hours and stays below 80°F (26°C) for 46 hours.

Large size:

At 95°F (35°C), the fridge temperature is maintained between 36 and 46°F (2 and 8°C) for 28 hours and stays below 80°F (26°C) for 46 hours.

From the test results above, we can conclude that both sizes perform at the same level, despite the capacity difference.

However, my curiosity motivated me to test the product myself, and these are my finding:

  • After 9 hours, the insulin cooler was just 1°C, although my insulin didn't freeze.
  • After 24 hours, the fridge temperature was 1°C.
  • After 48 hours, my insulin remained safe at 2°C.

4. 10H 1 PEN Insulin Pen Travel Cooler

If you like them small and lightweight, this pocket-size insulin pen travel cooler should be ideal. It can keep your insulin cool and safe for 10 hours, making it excellent to convey your insulin to work or school. However, with a diameter of 1.7 inches and a height of 8.1 inches, I won't recommend this for insulin vial users as they won't fit in. Also, note that this insulin cooler is recommended only for opened insulin or any other medication requiring storage below 79°F (26°C).

What makes it better?

  • It's sleek, lightweight, and outstandingly portable.
  • TSA-approved.
  • Ideal for both children and adults.
  • Ideal for a wide variety of insulin pens like Toujeo, Novolog, Levemir, and other medications within a 0.95 diameter.
  • Easy to use and an excellent option for short travels or hikes.

How do I use it?

  • This insulin cooler uses the biogel method, so the icepack must be first refrigerated for at least 6 hours.
  • Leave the icepack for 10 minutes to reach the right temperature (36°F (2°C). But for the best result, put it in warm water for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Put the ice pack into the container.
  • Pack your meds into the cooler, cover it with the standard lid, and you are good to go.

5. 20,000 MAh Power Bank

As an adventurer, I've used a couple of power banks for my smartphone while camping. But this 20,000 MAh portable power bank from 4AllFamily raises the bar with up to 8 hours of power supply to keep your mini fridge functional while you're on the go!

Product information

  • Capacity: 20,000 MAh
  • Connector: USB
  • Cell Composition: Lithium Ion
  • Weight: 359 Grams

What makes it better?

  • Longevity: The lithium battery doesn't weaken over time. I have used mine for over six months, and it still powers my mini fridge for 10+ hours.
  • Power time: Not every 20,000 MAh battery can keep your portable medical fridge running for over 10 hours.
  • Versatile usage: It is compatible with all 4AllFamily USB-powered products.
  • Solidly built: Even with the high performance, this power bank can withstand a few falls.
4Allfamily Insulin Cooler 3 Cooling Methods

4AllFamily Compared to Other Brands

4Allfamily Insulin Cooler Compared To Other Brands

While on vacation in Oman, I had ample opportunity to try out a couple of insulin coolers and compare them. Among the products I tested, the most interesting two were DisconCare and 4AllFamily Nomad. Here is how they compared head-to-head:

4AllFamily Nomad (refrigerated with biogel):

  • After 9 hours, the insulin cooler was just 1°C but didn't freeze my insulin.
  • After 24 hours, the fridge temperature was still 1°C.
  • After 48 hours, my insulin remained safe at 2°C.
  • 12 hours later, and after 2-hour direct sunlight exposure, the fridge temperature was 10°.

DisconCare (small version):

  • After 9 hours, the insulin cooler was 15°C.
  • After 24 hours, the insulin cooler was 19°C.
  • After 48 hours, the insulin cooler was 20°C.
  • 12 hours later, and after 2-hour direct sunlight exposure, the fridge temperature was 23°.
4Allfamily Insulin Cooler Content
4Allfamily Insulin Cooler Quantity Of Vials

Pros of 4AllFamily Insulin Coolers

1. Warranty

Any 4AllFamily insulin cooler you can find on the market today comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is a confidence boost for me and why I have ordered over five of their products. Although I haven't had any issues requiring a replacement or refund, one of my friends did and got a full refund within days.

2. Easy to use

4AllFamily insulin coolers are manufactured to provide a great user experience. Thus, using any of the products is never rocket science. The 3-in-1 version allows you to use either the biogel ice pack alone, combine it with a USB lid, or use the USB lid alone. But I personally love how easy the 4AllFamily Nomad insulin cooler is to use. All you have to do is put your pre-frozen ice pack into the container, put in your meds, cover the container with the standard lid, and you are good to go.

3. Multiple cooling methods

Another significant advantage you can only enjoy with 4AllFamily is their unique and innovative 3-in-1 cooling method. Even the mini travel fridge features a biogel pack to give you a 2-in-1 option. These multiple cooling options offer ways to keep your meds safe in different situations.

4. It's a beauty

To be honest, I love the looks of these products! The color, shape, and shiny element! Superb!

5. The insulin cooling case offers lots of storage

With roughly 3.3 inches diameter and 900ML volume, the 4AllFamily insulin cooling case can hold up to 7 or 8 insulin pens or up to 48 vials, depending on the case's model or the insulin product's size.

Cons of 4AllFamily Insulin Coolers

1. Price (compared to others)

4AllFamily products are seemingly up there with the highest selling prices compared to other brands! But the quality they offer is also one of the best!.

2. Some are a bit bulky

I particularly found the mini fridge a bit clunky and heavy at first. But since it carries lots of insulin vials and pens, I got used to the size and weight.

3. They might roughen up easily

4AllFamily products are made of stainless steel. And as such, they may dent easily when dropped accidentally or bumped onto a hard surface. However, we are talking about quality stainless steel, so you can be confident they are durable!


If you're looking for a way to keep your insulin cool at home and on the go, I think 4AllFamily is your go-to brand. They have different options for different situations and are upgrading daily to ensure that every person with diabetes gets the very best, which is one thing I appreciate.

Whether you're going for the 3-in-1 Cooling Solution, The Nomad Cooling Case, or The Mini Travel Fridge, one thing is sure: They all protect your insulin from extreme temperatures and other elements that may damage your meds. You surely need one for your next vacation — so place your order today!

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