Living with diabetes means you have to care not just for your body but also for your meds. Insulin is arguably the most vital medication for any diabetic person. And since it's heat-sensitive, you must keep it safe from the heat under an average temperature of 2 to 8 °C (36°F to 46°F).

A quality insulin cooling case is all you need to keep your medicine safe on the go. However, with the market being flooded with many alternatives, you might easily get confused about what's best for you. Fortunately, I am narrowing down your options by recommending an insulin cooling product called BreezyPacks. 

My quest for adventure has led me across over five really hot countries in the last two years, including the deserts of Oman and Australia. And so far, I have never recorded any issues with my insulin, thanks to BreezyPacks. The best part of this amazing innovation is that it is hassle-free! For instance, you don't have to dip it into the water; neither does it require electricity nor an ice pack! Sounds interesting, right? 

Where can I buy Breezy Packs?

You can get your BreezyPacks directly from their website

What are Breezy Packs?

Breezy Packs are some of the best insulin cooling cases that keep your insulin cool via a unique, inventive solution.

They're portable, super-effective, and can store temperature-sensitive medications like insulin and epic pens using actively cooling, self-regenerating materials.

What I personally love most about Breezy Packs is that it is an innovation by a fellow adventurous diabetic, Eyal. Of course, there is no better person to invent a product that would satisfy the needs of diabetics than someone with diabetes who has been through the journey and experienced the adventures firsthand. This explains why the product has everything it takes to carry insulin pe)ns safely without inconveniences.

How does this product keep insulin cold?

Breezy Packs are designed to use PCMs (Phase Change Materials). PCMs are unique materials that absorb heat energy when the external temperature runs high and actively cool the content of the case. Once the temperature drops, PCMs recharge through a reverse process and crystallization — in readiness for another phase of heat absorption.

In other words, storing your medicine inside the Breezy Pack guarantees continuous protection. This is because the case recharges itself at night when the temperature is most likely cooler (24°C/75°F or less). Thus, you don't need electricity or any other external power source to keep insulin EpiPens and other temperature-sensitive drugs safe.

If you're struggling to find a cooler temperature range (to initiate the recharge process), or you're short on time to fully recharge, popping them into a fridge for 1-2 hours will hasten the process.


What BreezyPack models are currently available?

They currently have three versions of Breezy Packs;

There isn't any significant distinction among the three versions regarding efficacy. After all, they all work to protect your insulin from harsh temperatures. The only slight difference, however, is how long each Breezy Pack variant can keep your insulin cool and how much insulin they can carry. 

For the Breezy Basic, the duration is 6 hours, while that of the Extra and Mega is 8 hours, respectively. 

The "Extra" model can also resist higher temperatures than the basic one, with the former withstanding a maximum temperature of about 46°C (115°F) and the latter withstanding a maximum temperature of 41°C (106°F). The

According to their official website, the "Basic" model fits up to three insulin pens or one EpiPen. The "Extra" model can hold about five insulin pens or two EpiPens. And the "Mega" version can carry about ten insulin pens and a couple of insulin vials, meaning that you won't be taken unaware in emergencies like breaking your insulin pump.

What are the advantages of Breezy Packs?

I spent the last few months in Oman, where temperatures run as high as 45°C ( 113°F). Such a hot region provided me ample opportunity to try out the BreezyPacks and carefully monitor the outcome. Well, without mincing words, it has performed wonderfully well in keeping my insulin cool (at the optimal temperature). So I felt like compiling a list of advantages I observed during the testing process.

1. It's portable and easy to pack

Taking up the whole space for diabetes supplies can be frustrating, especially when you want to minimize your traveling load. Fortunately, BreezyPacks are portable, convenient, and easy to pack away in a suitcase or backpack! They practically remind me of my kindergarten pencil case, which I really liked for its easy access.

2. Reusability

The fact that you can reuse this product is another massive advantage. It's a worthwhile investment you should be happy to make as you'll get great value for your money. Your insulin will be safe during all your future adventures.

3. Fuss-free

You don't always come across a product that provides you with so much value, while ensuring your peace of mind. Breezy Pack is a hassle-free product since it doesn't require any complicated procedure to use.

Despite my love for Frio bags, one thing I dislike about them is the fact that they can get wet as you always have to dip them into the water to keep them working optimally, making the whole usage an overwhelming process.

Fortunately, with the BreezyPacks, you practically need to do nothing! 

Thanks to the super-smart technology, BreezyPacks does the entire work for you, activates via the higher temperatures, and recharges in cooler temperatures. This means you don't need to plunge it into the water, use ice packs, or even worry about using batteries or connecting it to electricity.

4. Environmentally friendly

The more I tour around the world, the more I see the need for a cleaner environment. And this has sparked a new consciousness in me to be more eco-friendly in my dealings. That's why I choose safe and beneficial products for my immediate surroundings. I was delighted to discover that BreezyPacks are manufactured and packaged with recycled and non-toxic materials. And that is another crucial advantage of the product I can't fail to mention.

5. It comes with a 3-year guarantee

The average product out there can barely afford a 1-year risk-free guarantee, yet, BreezyPacks offer you a 3-year warranty! Of course, there is no better way to determine a quality product than through the number of years the stipulated warranty lasts.

6. Worldwide delivery

Nothing beats the feeling of placing an order from the comfort of your home and receiving it right on schedule! You can have this product delivered to you anywhere across the globe, which is impressive for any traveler like me.

When I first landed in Oman for my vacation a couple of months back, the high temperatures were quite scary, and I was already running out of supplies. I had to place an order for BreezyPacks, even though I was a bit skeptical that they may not arrive on time to keep me going. Guess what? They got my order delivered to my doorstep right on schedule!


What are the disadvantages of Breezy Packs?

While there are many advantages of Breezy Packs, I won't fail to acknowledge a few disadvantages I observed because this is an honest review.

1. It has limited color choices

Currently, the product is only available in blue and red, which are excellent for me as I am not too concerned about colors. However, I think a vaster color range would be great because some users prefer specific colors, which may not be between the available two.

People mostly choose diabetic products for both their functionality and to match their unique lifestyle and personality. So, it is better to give users additional options by introducing more colors — and not limit them to just two.

2. It doesn't hold "very large" amounts of insulin

Although we have established that BreezyPacks are cooling cases that keep your insulin, EpiPens, and other medicine safe, the ideal amount of insulin you can hold (and for how long) is quite relative. For me, I like to carry just about enough insulin for a few months when I travel for more extended periods, at least. 

Sadly, the "Basic" and "Extra" cases don't afford me the freedom to carry as much insulin as I may want for a more extended period. However, the makers of Breezy Pack recently introduced a third version of the product (the Mega Pack) which looks to fix this minor issue since it's much bigger than the first two. 

The average diabetic traveler, however, usually doesn't go on 3-4 month trips; they're often away for shorter trips like holidays and city breaks. Hence, any of the available versions will suffice for those short durations.

Frequently asked questions

What type of traveler is the Breezy Pack insulin cooling case best suited for?

In my opinion, BreezyPacks are ideal for those who are heading off on 1-2 week holiday breaks, city breaks, short-term backpacking trips, and those engaging in hiking activities, whether one-day hikes or a trek to Everest Base camp, this insulin-cooling case will serve you well!

Can the Breezy Pack be allowed through airport security?

I often encounter diabetic travelers asking whether they can take their insulin through airport security while in the insulin cooling case. Well, we can agree that airport security is always challenging, but the good news is that once you have your BreezyPacks in their "charged state" (after staying in a cool place), you can take them past the airport security without issues.

What happens if insulin is not kept cool?

Insulin loses some efficacy and potency when exposed to extreme temperatures (including extreme heat and extreme cold). The longer the exposure to high temperatures, the less effective the insulin becomes. What this means is that you need to keep your insulin medication actively cool in hot weather but at the same time ensure it doesn't get frozen. You need to store your insulin and other medications inside a product like BreezyPack as it keeps your medicines under a safe temperature range.

Why are PCMs better than ice packs?

PCMs are better than ice packs in two ways: Firstly, it doesn't need refrigeration to recrystallize once the external temperature gets colder. Secondly, PCMs typically last longer than ice packs since they stay closer to the external temperature, resulting in a smaller variation of temperatures and slower transfer of heat (a smaller thermal gradient.)

Is it OK to inject cold insulin?

Although most manufacturers recommend storing your insulin under colder temperatures, injecting cold insulin can sometimes be more painful. To avoid this discomfort, providers suggest keeping the bottle of insulin you are using at room temperature.

Final thoughts

To summarize my in-depth review of Breezy Packs, I won't fail to point out that this is an excellent insulin protective case, especially for travelers who don't have access to the right tool to keep their medication cold (under optimal temperature) while they are away from home.

BreezyPack is creative, innovative, and works excellently, which is the most important thing. Thus, if you're looking for a high-performance insulin cooling bag that gives you much-needed confidence on the go, don't hesitate to) try BreezyPacks today.


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