If you are a diabetic, you know that insulin needs to be kept cold at all times. And if you're not fortunate enough to have an in-home refrigerator for your insulin, how do you keep it cool? The answer is a portable insulin mini-fridge! These handy devices come with many benefits and can be used anywhere - even when traveling. In this blog post, I will discuss the best 8 mini refrigerators on the market and what makes them so great!

In this Diabetic & Me article you will learn about:

  • Why a mini-fridge to store your insulin is a great solution?
  • Is storing insulin in a mini-fridge safe?
  • What are the best mini-fridges?
  • Are mini-fridges energy efficient?
  • How do you keep your insulin cool and safe?

Why Are Mini Fridges a Necessity for People With Diabetes?

There are is one good reason why a mini fridge is important for diabetics. An insulin fridge is a necessity for thousands of dollars of medicine to not go bad overnight. It's how long it lasts when not stored in a proper refrigerated space, and how quickly it expires. This stuff doesn't come cheap, and an insulin fridge can provide a reliable store for the best.

Mini-fridges can also be used when a person has limited space in their residence - those who live close to work or schools do well using an insulin refrigerator to store their insulin and small amounts of lunch or snacks.

An insulin fridge can provide stability for your diabetic needs while you're out of town or on a long trip with minimal food options available to help keep everything organized where it belongs!

Does Insulin Need to Be Refrigerated?

Insulin is a hormone that needs to be refrigerated. Insulin can be left unrefrigerated for up to four days, but should always never exceed six hours at room temperature. For this reason, it's best to store insulin in the fridge as soon as possible after opening or purchase and then transferring back into a refrigerator when not in use.

36°F - 46°F is the optimal temperature for insulin storage. This is the most effective range to protect the proteins found in insulin. Unopened insulin vials and pens can be stored up to 80°F at room temperature, but it's ill-advised to do this. 

How Long Can Insulin Be Left Unrefrigerated?

It's not advised but insulin can be left unrefrigerated for up to four days, but should always never exceed six hours at room temperature. For this reason, it's best to store insulin in the fridge as soon as possible after opening or purchase and then transferring back into a refrigerator when not in use.

For unopened vials of insulin pens, you can store them up to 80°F (26°C) and keep them away from sunlight until ready for use. Once opened, they need refrigeration within three months.

Insulin is very sensitive to heat so always avoid storing your pen anywhere that may be too warm such as on top of an oven or radiator or near a window where there could potentially be fluctuations in temperatures or exposure to the sun which would affect its efficacy. 

Can You Use Insulin Straight from the Fridge?

Insulin needs to stay cold when you use it, which is why using insulin straight from the fridge can be beneficial because it's not in contact with room-temperature air and there are no fluctuations in temperature to affect its efficacy.

There is a possibility when you inject cold insulin you will feel a cold sensation straight after the injection, but this should disappear within a few minutes. 

How Long Does Insulin Last Out of the Fridge?

The unopened vials of insulin pens can be stored up to 80°F (26°C) and kept away from sunlight until ready for use. Once opened, they need refrigeration within three months or it will expire. 

Best Mini Fridge to Store Insulin and Medication

Insulin is very sensitive to heat so always avoid storing your pen anywhere where it could be potentially harmed. For this reason, it's best to store insulin in a cool place as soon as possible after opening or purchase and then transferring back into a refrigerator when not in use.

If you're living with limited space or travel a lot in your car, then using an insulin fridge becomes a necessity! This type of fridge to store your insulin makes it easier for you. Below you will find a list of the best mini-fridges.

Sale (-$67.50)
Black+Decker Compact Single Door Mini Fridge
$199.99 −$67.50 $132.49 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

BLACK+DECKER Compact Single Door Mini Fridge

When there's no room for a full-sized fridge, the BLACK+DECKER Compact Single Door Mini Fridge combines space-saving style with maximum convenience. The sleek design can fit anywhere, from dorm rooms to RV campers and garages - it won't take up too much space. It comes in three colors to match any kitchen or living room decor - black, white, or stainless steel.

Inside you'll find large glass shelves that make cleaning a breeze and lets you store everything from food to beverages and medication without taking up too much space. Storage features include two cans on the top shelf and liter bottles an additional door compartment right by your side for storing insulin and keep your insulin safe.

Never again will you find yourself rummaging through your fridge with the door open. The mini-fridge comes with a reversible door for easy access, an adjustable temperature control, and leveling feet to make sure it stays in place wherever you decide to put it.

With an ultra-quiet setting that is perfect for places where sounds are not wanted so distracting from tasks at hand, this lightweight compact single-door mini fridge is perfect for storing insulin including plenty of space for ice packs so you can always keep things cool when needed.

Sale (-$27.28)
Cooluli 20L 12V Mini Fridge For Bedroom, Car, Or Office
$149.99 −$27.28 $122.71 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

Cooluli 20L 12V Mini Fridge For Bedroom, Car, or Office

Keep your medication cool and refreshing with the Cooluli 20L fridge. When you're on the go, this sleek fridge is just what you need to take with you. With its dimensions of 11.25" W x 13.75" D x 16.25" H weighing in at 13 lbs., this is the perfect cooler for any occasion!

The inside comes with a customizable perfect insulin temperature that can be easily set by pressing one button and adjusting to your personal preferences on an easy-to-read digital thermostat display.

With sleek glass on the front of it, this fridge looks good wherever you put it, whether that be at home or at the office! With its small size and USB plug-in power source there'll never be an excuse not to have your insulin vial cool. And even more importantly, this fridge has dual-core cooling and a warranty so you'll always know that your food and medication will stay fresh and cool no matter what temperature heats up outside.

Sale (-$50.00)
Iceco Portable 12V Travel Refrigerator And Freezer
$579.00 −$50.00 $529.00 Amazon Prime Buy on Amazon

ICECO Portable 12V Travel Refrigerator and Freezer

Don't worry about packing a bulky cold box for your travels! The 12V travel refrigerator and freezer provide 40 liters of elbow room when it's time to stay on the move. With the illuminated digital controls and touch control panel, it couldn't be easier to keep your temperature range under control.

Never again will you need to carry ice blocks or pack perishables in ice. The fridge comes refrigerated all ready from home like any other quality freezer keeping contents fresh for hours. It also comes with a protective cover.

Chefman Portable Mini Fridge

The Chefman Mini-Fridge is the perfect size for personal spaces, travel, offices, dorms, road trips. And its sleek design makes it convenient to take anywhere you go. The great thing about this thermoelectric fridge is that you can have easy cold and warm food options with a flip of a switch!

It's compact and efficient with the 4-liter capacity to chill six 12 oz. sodas, 5 x 5 x 7.5 interior dimensions which include removable shelves so you can store items such as small items like yogurt, fruit, milk, juice, or other food bottles and medicines. It's eco-friendly with freon-free technology - powered by 100% environmentally friendly materials.

The product also includes 2 plugs for plugging into standard home outlets or into your car charger - cETL approved and made with advanced safety features for longevity and 1-year assurance from the manufacturer.

4ALLFAMILY 72 Hour Insulin Cooler with USB Charger

If you are looking for the best insulin pen travel cooler, look no further, this is the best you could get your hands on. This insulin cooler uses 3 cooling methods and keeps your insulin cool and safe for up to 72 hours. It can fulfill all your traveling needs.

The uniqueness of this cooler is that by changing the lids you can easily transform the bottle from a regular medication cooler into a mini-fridge. The USB function alone can maintain a constant temperature of around 27°F (15°C) lower than the outside temperature. If you use ice pack as well simultaneously it will give an outstanding cooling effect, such as keeping 35-46°F (2-8°C) cold for 48 hours and 36-46°F (2-26°C) for 72+ hours, when tested at an outside lab temperature of 104°F (40°C). Moreover, it is patented so you will never find the same quality in other insulin coolers.

After testing and using it myself this is worth it. Looking forward to doing some longer travels with it.


  • It offers 3 cooling methods to suit your needs.
  • It is made up of rust-free and high-quality stainless steel which enhances its durability.
  • The best thing is that it can store up to 7 insulin pens.
  • A universal USB 2.0 adapter is used to charge the cooler. You can charge it with a power bank as well.
  • An extended nylon belt is attached to the collar, giving you an extra grip.
  • You can charge it up with a solar panel or with your car battery easily.

Read more about 4ALLFAMILY in the company review.

Use discount code DIABETICME on the 4AllFamily website for 10% off.


  • TSA approved
  • Best for remote trips
  • Spacious enough to carry all your diabetic supplies (900L)
  • 3 cooling methods
  • Extremely protective

Use discount code DIABETICME for 10% off


  • Body is shinny may get dents if it falls from height

LifeinaBox Portable Insulin and Mini Fridge

LifeinaBox is the world's smallest portable fridge for your medication that fits in your car or bag. It constantly monitors the temperature and can both keep insulin cool and pack a lunch for when you're on the go.

This mini refrigerator is like having a full-size fridge, without ever having to worry about running out of space. This LifeinaBox combines refrigeration and storage so you always have access to your medication. The portable cooler holds up to 8 standard injectable pens or vials, comes with a universal power cord and 12V DC adapter, and even has an emergency battery pack that'll last 6 hours if there is a power outage. And before you head on over for all of this insulation, don't forget about the separate plug-in battery packs that can provide up to 40 hours of backup energy!

AIJUN Insulin Cooler with 10400mAh Built-Battery

Keep your diabetes medication safe and out of eyesight with the AIJUN Insulin Cooler, a powerful cooler that can keep insulin cold for up to 10 hours. While most people want their diabetic medications in a private area where they're not at risk for theft or accidental exposure, few have enough room to place them inside an actual refrigerator.

That's why this handy product is perfect! It'll keep your insulin as frosty as ever without taking up too much space in your home! With a sleek design, a power bank included (so you never run out of juice), and even WiFi so you can track progress remotely.

The 10400mAh Built-Battery provides a discreet and convenient way to store your insulin in a cool environment. The product's storage capacity lasts up to 8 hours, it can also measure the temperature and display on an LCD screen. It has a dual temp display: ℃ or ℉ to give you accurate readings for successful usage of the fridge!

GYAM Insulin Cooler Portable Mini Fridge with Large Capacity and LCD Screen

The GYAM Insulin Cooler is perfect for holding insulin, vaccines, or other medical products. Not only does it maintain the temperature inside the fridge to make sure your goods are safe but you can also set it up yourself by plugging in the power cable at home! The intelligent LCD display even gives a low battery reminder as well as high or low temperatures when needed.

This mini-fridge is a really cool product for diabetics on the go. It's small and portable, so it can easily fit in your carry-on luggage, but it still has a large capacity. Great for a weekend getaway or for longer trips - it works great when you need to keep things cold while on the move!

It also features noise reduction technology so you don't have to worry about any annoying sounds during those long flights or cross country drives. The fridge also has an LCD screen that makes selecting different temperatures super easy!

The Ultimate Guide for Buying the Best Mini Fridge for Insulin

I am here to assist you in finding the right choice that suits you well. As you all know a reliable product is more than the brand itself. The best insulin fridges and coolers can be found with a variety of options on the market. If you are in hurry, below you can find extra information, tips and tricks, and my favorite pick for you.

Where Is the Best Place to Store Insulin in the Refrigerator?

A good place to store your insulin in the fridge is in the door because it's best to keep insulin as cold and stable as possible. Measure temperature in different places in your fridge to see where the temperature is most stable. It's possible that in the back of your fridge ice crystals are forming and this causes your insulin to freeze which will destroy it.

It's best not to open your fridge excessively while keeping your insulin inside of it; this helps maintain a consistent temperature.

Some people find that their fridge temperature changes during different times of the day; this is because fridges have a built-in thermostat to regulate their internal temperature. This can be inconvenient if you want to keep stable temperatures throughout the day. If this sounds like something that might be an issue for you, consider investing in a portable refrigerator instead! Portable refrigerators are best used as supplemental cooling devices or temporary storage solutions while traveling or at work on hot days when air conditioning isn’t available.

Do Insulin Pens Go in the Fridge?

Yes, you can place your insulin pens in the fridge but it's not recommended for them to be stored there long-term. Most diabetics take their cartridges out of the fridge and use them in their pen for about 7 days without refrigeration.

Can You Store Insulin in a Hand Cooler?

Not a long-term, viable solution for insulin storage. It should only be done for car trips where you don't want to miss the insulin injection window. If you're going on vacation and have access to a refrigerator at a hotel, you can store insulin there for the night. It's possible to store insulin if you're driving to a hotel on the way to visit a friend but it's not likely to be a long-term solution.

Can You Store Insulin in a Beverage Cooler?

A cold drink can be between 32°F and 40°F, a drink chiller can have 46°F as the lowest option. Some beverages are actually better chilled instead of being ice-cold, but you can take advantage of this. Glass on the door is more prone to transmit cold and heat, so you might run your beverage cooler for longer than a mini-fridge. Insulin is best stored between 36°F and 46F, so a beverage cooler could be a go-between option. It's recommended – both for keeping cooling costs low and protecting your insulin.

Powered or a Non-powered Insulin Cooler, Usb, Car Adapter?

Non-powered insulin coolers are much lighter, compact, and more autonomous. They can be used with freeze packs, cold water, or even nothing, but require access to electricity to activate them. Most powered coolers now come with USB chargers and a car adapter, which allows you to recharge the batteries from everywhere. It all depends on what you need it for or how you travel.


It's important to remember that insulin is very sensitive to heat, so be sure to store your pen or vial in an area where it won't be subjected to high temperatures. If you're living with limited space or travel a lot, then using an insulin fridge becomes a necessity! This type of fridge to store your insulin makes it easier for you.

If space or travel are limiting factors for you when storing your pens then consider getting one of these coolers! These fridges make living with diabetes easier as they take up less space than traditional refrigerators and can fit easily on any desk or inside a car. Just make sure you get one that meets all of your needs like size, features (such as digital temperature display), price point, and more.

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