If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other condition that requires regular monitoring your blood pressure at home, then it is important to have the right equipment. There are many types of monitors available to purchase and use at home - some are more accurate than others. This blog post will go over what features make a monitor best suited for home use as well as how to measure and take readings with them properly. We'll also cover how to avoid common mistakes when buying and using these devices.

In this Diabetic & Me article you will learn about:

  • How to measure your blood pressure at home?
  • When is checking your blood pressure a good idea?
  • Is it safe to do home monitoring?

#1 best blood pressure monitor for diabetics

Qardioarm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Portable and discreet
  • Wireless
  • Free app
  • Apple Watch and Android Wear
  • Bluetooth

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As health visits become virtual, the need for basic medical testing material at home has become more important. Monitoring your blood pressure at home is important for people with diabetes because long-standing blood pressure will cause damage to the heart and the arteries. In addition, while checking blood pressure, it is then possible to monitor if any proper medications are working or not. 

What is the most accurate blood pressure monitor for home use?

Wondering what the most accurate blood pressure monitor for home use is? Below you can find the best 10 blood pressure monitoring devices with the most accurate readings to use at home.

The QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is the perfect way to keep track of your blood pressure reading and levels when at home, on vacation, or at work. This device is extremely portable and easy to use and connects wirelessly to your smartphone or other mobile devices. With the free Qardio App, you can easily monitor your progress and track your measurements over time.

The QardioApp also includes helpful measurement charts, reminders, and a notes functionality for added convenience.

This lightweight and portable device easily connects to your smartphone or Apple Watch/Android Wear via Bluetooth, so you can track your progress anytime, anywhere. Plus, with its accurate readings (±3 mmHg or 2% of readout value for blood pressure, ±5% of readout value for pulse), you can be confident that you're always keeping tabs on your health.

Qardioarm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Free app to read blood pressure levels
  • Works on Apple Watch and Android Wear
  • Easy to use and 100% wireless
  • Portable and discreet so you can use it anytime, anywhere

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  • No customer support from Qardio without the product serial number. So keep it close!

So you've had a few readings done with your old blood pressure monitor and they are all different. Is it time to get a new one? If so, LAZLE Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor is the way to go as this device will give clear and accurate readings every time. Be free of any uncertainties with your health because what good is being alive if sometimes you're not really living? Get this nifty little device right now. A perfect home blood pressure monitoring at zero cost.

Top features:

  • It offers you the largest display to measure your result with a backlight
  • Has advanced methods to measure results 
  • Completely automatic for measuring blood pressure and heart rate
  • Detect arrhythmia at the early stages
Lazle Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor

4.5/5 stars and 39,207 ratings


  • Easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable cuff 


  • Could have a better memory

Feeling a little run-down? You may have experienced an irregular heartbeat, or more simply put: arrhythmia. As the most common type of cardiac condition, accounting for at least 60% of heart problems, this isn't something to take lightly. If you've been feeling some chest pain and shortness of breath lately, it's worth taking your blood pressure with our new Beegod Blood Pressure Monitor which boasts both irregular heartbeat detection and digitized voice guidance. This careful monitoring device assures you'll get accurate readings in under 45 seconds plus it's small enough to conveniently carry around!

Top features 

  • A clear voice gives you accurate information of your readings
  • Rechargeable and no extra battery required
  • 90 memory each for 2 different users
  • Easy to read big clear LCD
  • Get results in under 45 seconds
Beegod Blood Pressure Monitor With Irregular Heart Beat Detection

4.5/5 stars and 22,030 ratings


  • Easy to read big LCD 
  • Fast results
  • Very accurate 
  • Durable


  • Doesn't fit perfect on all wrists 

How high is your blood pressure? Well, for the best in accuracy and practicality, you need a good Blood Pressure Monitor from Balance. Get this Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Kit to not only accurately monitor your hypertension but also effectively track it over time. The large backlit display will make these readings easy to read so you can see right away how high (or low) those numbers are. You'll be happy with the multiple features that make this one of the most comfortable things on earth to wear, especially as compared to other blood pressure monitors!

Top features 

  • Measure your diastolic and systolic blood pressure
  • Easy to read vibrant display
  • Large start and stop button.
  • Cuff is a great fit for your arm.
  • Detect high blood pressure with this blood pressure monitor
  • Long-lasting and declarable battery
Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Kit By Balance

4.5/5 stars and 21,046 ratings


  • Amazing performance 
  • Eye-catching design
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Reliable and accurate results


  • It has a small storage 

If you've been feeling a little low of late, this may be the product for you! Monitor your blood pressure on the go or at home. The PARAMED Blood Pressure Monitor is sleek and well-designed, featuring an easy-to-read display perfect for people with diabetes. You'll find it's also perfect for ongoing monitoring after surgeries or rehabilitation work like getting new knees! This monitor will help track your health progress every day. Give yourself a top priority by taking care of number one: you!

Top features:

  • Readings in just 30 seconds with great accuracy
  • Ultra-large storage capacity up to 90 measurements
  • Super portable blood pressure measure kit
  • Track blood pressure while comparing them with the past days
  • Super durable material, so there is no problem with wear and tear
Paramed Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

4.5/5 stars and 13,543 ratings


  • Vibrant and large display
  • Accurate and fast results
  • Automatic result
  • Get very clear readings


  • The unit must be in the proper position to get accurate results

Do you want an accurate blood pressure reading? Not sure h do you get an accurate blood pressure reading? Then the OMRON Bronze Digital Home Blood Pressure Monitor is right for you! This device stores unlimited readings and can be used without a mobile app, too. You don't have to worry about accuracy--it's one powerful machine to suit any need and it comes in three different eye-catching colors! So grab yours today and take care of that heart and diabetic health like a champ.

Top features 

  • For one user, it stores 14 blood pressure readings 
  • The blood pressure metric can also measure irregular heartbeats during the measurement
  • Easy to use and accurate readings 
  • An ideal pick for the wrist of 9" to 17" in circumferences
  • The D-ring is specifically designed to make it more comfortable during measurements
Omron Bronze Digital Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Device

4.5/5 stars and 11,779 ratings


  • East fit on cuff
  • Easy to use 
  •  Great storage of 14 readings
  • Great to detect high blood pressure


  • Sometimes it's slightly inaccurate readings

The Alcedo Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the best, with its features such as being adjustable volume levels and having two modes. Store your data on the device to quickly access readings, all at the push of a button. Get your blood pressure readings easily.

Top features 

  • Get clear readings
  • Get a clear broadcast of readings for low and high blood pressure with adjustable volumes
  • Store, monitor, and track your blood pressure with the two user modes separately on the same device
  • With only one push you can get the menu of accurate readings in no time
Alcedo Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm

4.5/5 stars and 10,853 ratings


  • Best for tracking high blood pressure
  • Store and view readings easily
  • Adjustable volume levels


  • Low battery life
  • Slightly inaccurate to some users 

One of the best and smart, automatic home blood pressure monitors that measures and calculates your blood pressure pulse automatically. It is the perfect device for people in-between or over large or small wrist sizes. With a high accuracy rate of 99%, it gives quick results with a stamp timeline. Large LCD helps to show measurements clearly. Protects you from undetected Arrhythmia at an early stage at home with just one click BPM Blood Pressure Monitor.

Top features 

  • Bright and large LCD screen that shows measurements clearly
  • Detect arrhythmia at an early stage with this device 
  • Best cuff for wrists 5.31 up to 7.68 inches 
  • Get quick results of uneven blood pressure 
  • Perfect for self-monitoring
Bpm Blood Pressure Monitor With Large Lcd

4.5/5 stars and 9,640 ratings


  • Bright and large LCD
  • Accurate
  • Fast results
  • Detects arrhythmia 


  • Little difficult set up before use

One of the best ways to maintain good health is by knowing your blood pressure. This monitor measures systolic and diastolic as well as heart rate, making it easy for you to stay on track with your BP reading every day or two. It also does automatic data sync with the app of HealthMap so that you can keep an eye out for changes over time.

Top features 

  • Measure diastolic and systolic plus heart rate effortlessly
  • Get clear and vibrant result on the LED screen
  • Automatic data sync with Health Map application
  • You can use the product for six months without recharging
Withings Bpm Connect - Wi-Fi Smart  Monitoring Blood Pressure At Home

4.5/5 stars and 5,305 ratings


  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Accurate readings
  • Very durable
  • Has Wi-Fi


  • Doesn't always fit correctly

Get advanced, accurate, and non-invasive readings on the upper arm with the iHealth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. The product is available in different modes like pulse pressure and cuff size. You can even monitor the improvement of your health day by day.

Top features 

  • Get accurate and advance readings with this blood pressure monitoring device
  • Data storage, track and manage up to 99 readings easily
  • Know about any heart rate with build-in warning signals
  • Easily follow up your data via the phone applications
Ihealth Track Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor With Wide Range Cuff

4.5/5 stars and 3,364 ratings


  • Accurate
  • No calibration required
  • Easy management
  • Vibrant display


  • Syncing to your phone fails quite often when using BlueTooth

FitReno is the best home blood pressure monitoring device for accurate manual or automatic readings.  It has a self-inflatable cuff, that takes auto-cuff design while providing an adjustable gauge that can record 240 records per memory. It operates with 4 AAA batteries and can also be charged with a micro USB power supply.

Top features 

  • A complete automatic blood pressure device
  • It provides you with an adjustable arm cuff design while recording 240 memory records. 
  • Supporting either 4 AAA batteries or micro-USB power supply.
  • With only a start button, measure the blood pressure and the heartbeat immediately
  • A vibrant and enlarged display for better treatment
Fit Reno - A Home Blood Pressure Monitor

4.5/5 stars and 2,420 ratings


  • Readable display
  • Accurate result
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • No proper storage

How do you check your blood pressure with your fingers?

The easiest way to check your blood pressure at home is with your fingers. You can measure your blood pressure on your wrist or the upper arm. According to the American Medical Association and the American College of Cardiology, it's best to have a normal blood pressure level of 120/80 mmHg. These readings can be different depending on age and health.

Measure with your fingers at home: Place two fingers on a large artery in your neck, near where it meets the heart's left ventricle (the lower part of your breastbone).  The correct position for finger placement can vary depending on how you're sitting and what hand is being used to take blood pressure readings; be sure to check that you've got the most accurate read possible before proceeding! To do this, let go of any object in one hand so there are no distractions from anything pressing against your chest walls while using your other hand to feel around until you find an area with pulsing sensations running through it.

You can also measure the blood pressure on your wrist. First, place the index and middle finger of one hand on either side of the inside or outside edge of your other wrist (where blood vessels are closest to the skin). Next, squeeze hard enough to stop blood flow for about three seconds before releasing. This will take your reading!

  • It would also help if you felt a pulsing or tapping sensation against your fingers.
  • Count the number of taps you feel within 10 seconds.
  • Multiply the amount of counted taps with six to count the heartbeat in one minute.
  • While feeling the pulse, you can also tell if your heart rhythm is ire-regular or not or might be going too fast.

Reading your blood pressure on your arm is a good alternative to measuring your blood pressure at home. To measure your blood pressure in this way, make sure you are sitting or reclining down with both feet flat on the floor. Place one arm alongside your body and put the fingers from that hand just below where you can feel the pulse beat (typically found close to either elbow). Now wrap or otherwise secure that arm so it stays still while using the other hand to take the reading! Make sure not to be too far away when doing so because if there is any distance between them, then an accurate measurement will not be possible.

How do I know if my blood pressure monitor is accurate?

There are a few factors that can determine the accuracy of blood pressure monitors. The most important factor is whether or not you're using it correctly. Beyond that, there's also how often and reliably your monitor gives accurate measurements. You should be able to get at least three consecutive readings within ten points from one another before moving on with life without worry about an inaccurate reading affecting health decisions.

Here are the other six methods you need to take into consideration when checking your blood pressure and doing home monitoring.

1. Cuff size

The cuff size should fit your upper arm so that it is not loose.

Ideally, you want a blood pressure monitor with two different-sized cuffs: one for the upper arm and one for an adult's wrist or ankle. This way you can get accurate readings no matter where on the body they are measured.

The cuff size is a very important feature for at-home blood pressure monitors. Such size depends on the upper arm. Here are the recommended sizes:

  • Adult average: Circumference of the arm must be up to 27 to 34 centimeters, which are about (10.5 to 13 inches)
  • Adult Small: Circumference of the arm is about 22 to 26 centimeters (about 8.5 to 10 inches)
  • Adult large: Circumference of the arm is about 35 to 44 centimeters about (13.5 to 17 inches)

2. Arm Cuffs over Wrist Cuffs

It is recommended to get a monitor with an automatic cuff, which will wrap around the upper arm. An automatic cuff is the best in this regard. If you are 50 years old or above it is best to avoid a cuff that goes around your wrist. The reason for this is because the blood in your wrist moves more often and can be difficult for a cuff to get an accurate reading. On the other hand, wrist cuffs are perfectly fine and work great when you are under 50.

3. Cheap is Also Good

The accuracy of a home blood pressure monitor is widely dependent on its features The amount of memory to store readings and Bluetooth capacity in the cloud is a perfectly cool feature, but don’t you need them. You don't have to pay more than $40 to $60 to get yourself a perfect arm blood pressure monitor. In addition, the physician-approved blood pressure home monitoring devices will do just fine.

4. Try Not to Use Smart Apps

If you are looking at the different app stores, you are then likely to get a lot of blood pressure measurement applications for your smartphone. They don't work and have not been rigorously tested. Sometimes local applications show high blood pressure and sometimes low blood pressure. Certain applications can claim to measure they measure blood pressure through pulse velocity waves, which is essentially the same as the waveform in the finger artery. In addition, those are often inaccurate and can give false results.

5. Double Check for Accuracy

Always take three readings, which probably must more closely reflect your actual blood pressure than the first number alone. This will help you in providing accurate readings in case of frequent blood pressure changes. Without any stress or overload, you must be ready to wade in and then find the blood pressure monitor, which is right for you. 

Mostly the blood pressure on your cuff can last for about 10 points of the monitor, and then it must be accurate generally for about three years or two years. After then you must check the doctor’s office to check if it is still accurate.

6. Avoid Stress While Measuring

Finally, remember that people react differently to certain levels of stress and anxiety. Stress can give false readings. Try keeping your hands warm while measuring at home to help keep these effects from affecting accuracy.

Without any stress or overload, you must be ready to wade in and then find the blood pressure monitor, which is right for you. 

How can I check my blood pressure accurately?

Checking the pressure of your blood is best done with the cuff on your bare arm while sitting in an upright position with your back supported, your arm at heart level, and the feet flat on the floor. Make sure that the bottom of the cuff is placed directly above the bend of your elbow. Relax and breathe calmly when taking your readings. 

Can a tight blood pressure cuff cause a high reading?

Improper placement of your cuff can increase your blood pressure measurement by 10 to 50 points. Especially if the cuff is small, it can add 2 to 10 points to your readings. So be sure to roll up your sleeve properly when placing your cuff and don't tighten it too much before taking your blood pressure.


Blood pressure monitoring at home is not difficult. We’ve provided a few tips to help you get the most accurate readings possible and maximize your time in the comfort of your own home, rather than going to see a doctor or nurse monthly. First, make sure that you take your blood pressure when seated for 3 minutes before taking it again while standing up (unless recommended otherwise by your healthcare provider). Second, use our guide on how to read an arm cuff properly so there are no mistakes with measuring height or other factors which can affect this reading. Remember to read the instructions of your monitor to make sure you are using it correctly. Always check with your doctors before proceeding with any self readings.

Good blood pressure measurements will help you in managing your health. The only trick is to get the right device. 

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