Diabetic & Me Community

Living with diabetes or supporting a loved one who does comes with its own unique challenges. That’s why we’ve created the Diabetic & Me Community Group—a place where those touched by diabetes can come together, share, learn, and grow.

  • Connect with Fellow Diabetics: Engage in meaningful conversations, share personal experiences, and provide or receive advice. You’re not alone in this journey.
  • Access to Professionals: Regular online meetups featuring doctors, psychologists, and more to provide you with expert insights and answers to your questions.
  • Exclusive Content & Sessions: Special sessions with influencers in the diabetic community, offering you unparalleled insights and knowledge.
  • For Everyone: Whether you’re personally battling diabetes or a parent helping your child navigate it, this community is designed with you in mind.

What’s on Offer?

  • Instant Chat: Easy, on-the-go conversations with a global diabetic community.
  • Weekly Online Meetups: Dive deep into various topics, learn from fellow diabetics, parents, influencers, and doctors, and get your questions answered.
  • A Safe & Supportive Space: A moderated community to ensure positive, helpful, and genuine interactions.

How to Join?

You can be a part of this vibrant, insightful, and supportive community.

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