Are apples good for diabetes? Yes! Even though there's some mixed information, studies agree that apples can be good for and healthy for those managing diabetes. Apples like Granny Smith are lower in sugar and high in fiber, aiding blood sugar control. They also offer antioxidants and vitamin C for overall health. Let’s get into why apples are an excellent choice for a diabetic-friendly diet. 

Key Facts

  • Apples are good for you because they contain vitamin C, protect your cells, help control blood sugar and cholesterol, keep your skin healthy, and help with weight loss.
  • It's better to eat apples than drink apple juice if you have diabetes because juice can raise your blood sugar more. Watch how your body reacts to know what's best for you.
  • Choose lower glycemic apples like Granny Smith - they have higher fiber and lower sugar.
  • Apples are healthy, but if you have diabetes, you must watch the amount you eat to manage your blood sugar well.

What Kind of Apple Should a Person with Diabetes Eat?

People with diabetes should stick to apples lower on the glycemic scale.

The most commonly eaten variety of apples is the Red Delicious, one of the worst types for people with diabetes looking for low sugar content or glycemic impact. A better choice would be Granny Smith apples, which have higher fiber content and lower natural sugar levels than most other types of apples. Apples decrease blood sugar levels due to their high fiber count.

What Is The Glycemic Index of An Apple?

The glycemic index measures how quickly a food causes a rise in your blood glucose level after being eaten. Foods with higher numbers have been found to increase those levels more quickly than foods with lower numbers on the glycemic index scale.

Apple has a low glycemic index ranging between 28 to 44 based on what apple it is. This means that, due to the high fiber content, your blood sugar levels will rise less quickly.

Any food with a glycemic index below 55 is considered a food with a low glycemic index.

How Much Sugar Is in 100g of Apple?

How much sugar an apple contains depends on the type of apple. Here's a list of the most common apples and their sugar content per one apple. This sugar content is based on an apple between 133 and 180 grams. So it all depends on the weight of your apple.

  • Granny Smith: 15 g
  • Golden Delicious: 15 g
  • Gala: 16 g
  • Red Delicious: 16 g
  • Pink Lady: 16 g  
  • Fuji: 19 g
  • McIntosh: 19 g

What Are The Health Benefits of Eating Apples?

Benefits Of Apples

Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They are also considered healthy because they are low in calories and contain antioxidants.

High Levels of Vitamin C

Apples are excellent for your health! They contain high levels of vitamin C, which helps fight scurvy - the most significant known benefit.

Protect Cells

Apples are packed full of antioxidants that help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals or other substances in our environment.

Control Blood Sugar Levels

They are also packed with fiber, which can help control your blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Plus, they're low in fat!

Lower Cholesterol

Apples also contain high amounts of pectin - a type of soluble fiber that helps lower harmful LDL (bad) cholesterol while increasing beneficial HDL (good) cholesterol. They may even reduce the risk of heart disease.

Good for Your Skin

Apples, especially the Granny Smith variety, are also good for your skin. They are high in antioxidants that prevent damage from free radicals, making them anti-aging!

Lose Weight

Additionally, they can help you lose weight because apples are low in calories and fill you up with fiber without adding too much sugar to your body.

How Does Apple Juice Affect Blood Sugar Levels?

Apple juice has about the same effect on blood sugar levels as orange juice. However, the main rule for any person with diabetes is to consume fresh fruits, as they do not contain added sugars.

It's important always to observe how your blood sugar levels react to what you consume and adjust your intake accordingly. For example, fruit juice may react differently to your blood sugar levels than a fresh apple.

I always recommend choosing fruit and avoiding apple juice, as it is higher in sugar and lacks fiber.


Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They're also considered healthy because they contain high levels of vitamin C, which helps fight scurvy, the most significant benefit. Apples are packed full of antioxidants that help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals or other substances in our environment. And, apples provide fiber, too! This can help control your blood sugar levels and cholesterol while reducing the risk of heart disease.

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