Starbucks is a coffee shop that many people visit every day. They have many different drinks to choose from, and some of them are sugar-free. If you have diabetes, it's essential to know which drinks at Starbucks are sugar-free so that you can order correctly and not put your health at risk. You will find the best sugar-free options at Starbucks!

Key Facts

  • Skip regular syrups (vanilla, cinnamon dolce, etc.), sweeteners like honey, and flavored non-dairy milk to avoid hidden sugars.
  • Create sugar-free versions of drinks like the Pink Drink (with sugar-free vanilla syrup) and Chai Tea Latte (using tea bags).
  • Opt for sugar-free vanilla, cinnamon dolce, hazelnut, or caramel syrups.
  • Avoid whipped cream, flavored coffee drinks like Iced Mocha and Frappuccinos, and packaged Starbucks drinks containing added sugars.

How to Choose a Sugar-free Drink From Starbucks?

Regular drinks, such as brewed coffee, tea, iced coffee, Americano, and Chai Tea, don't contain any added sugar and are naturally sugar-free.

Adding syrups, sweeteners, milk, and toppings becomes a sugar bomb!

Most diabetics think that diabetes and Starbucks don't go together. Therefore, it's important to mention that you have diabetes when you order so that your sugar-free drink stays sugar-free.

The good part is that ordering sugar-free drinks helps reduce calories and carbohydrates.

Either go for the standard Starbucks sugar-free drinks, which is the best option or ask the person taking your order to leave out any toppings and syrups.

Some extra tips for choosing the right Starbucks drink for people with diabetes:

  • Prefer adding sugar-free syrup like the sugar-free vanilla syrup or the sugar-free cinnamon dolce to your drinks.
  • Avoid adding regular syrups such as vanilla, cinnamon dolce, brown sugar syrup, classic syrup, and liquid cane sugar.
  • Starbucks uses soy, almond, oat, and coconut milk, which may contain naturally occurring sugar or added sugar. Go for regular cows or no milk to ensure your drink is 100% sugar-free. Non-dairy dairy doesn't mean your drink is sugar-free.
  • Replace sugary toppings with extra steamed milk foam or cinnamon for additional flavor.
  • Avoid packaged Starbucks drinks, such as Starbucks Refreshers and Starbucks chai drinks. They are premixed and contain added sugar.
  • Avoid flavored coffee drinks like the Iced Mocha and Iced Caramel Macchiato.
  • Avoid Frappuccinos; they contain syrup and added sugar.
  • Always ask if you need to be made aware of the contents of your drinks.

The 22 Best Sugar-free Starbucks Drinks

Below, you can find the most popular sugar-free beverages from Starbucks. Each drink will explain your experience to understand your needs better.

All nutritional information on these sugar-free drinks is the "Short" version of Starbucks drinks.

1. Brewed Coffee (Black Coffee)

You can't go wrong with a classic cup of coffee. This is a sugar-free drink that contains 0 grams of sugar. You can add milk, but make sure it's cow's milk, not almond milk, soy milk, or any other non-dairy milk, as these contain naturally occurring sugars.

Starbucks has four blends of Coffee (Short):

  • Veranda Blend: Calories: 5 and Sugars: 0 g
  • Dark Roast: Calories: 5 and Sugars: 0 g
  • Pike Place Roast: Calories: 5 and Sugars: 0 g
  • Decaf Pike Place Roast: Calories: 5 and Sugars: 0 g

2. Caffè Americano

An Americano is an espresso with hot water added. It is another excellent sugar-free option available at Starbucks.

  • Caffè Americano: Calories: 15 and Sugars: 0 g

3. Espresso

An Espresso is a concentrated coffee that is full of flavor. This is an excellent choice for those who want a sugar-free drink but want to avoid adding milk or water to their coffee.

  • Espresso nutrition: Calories: 5 and Sugars: 0 g

4. Cold Brew Coffee

Starbucks Cold Brew coffee is a refreshing, sugar-free choice. It is made with cold water, which gives it a smoother taste.

  • Cold Brew Coffee: Calories: 5 and Sugars: 0 g

5. Nitro Cold Brew

This cold brew from Starbucks has a creamy and sweet taste without all the sugar. It's made with cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen, making it the perfect sugar-free Starbucks drink.

  • Calories: 5 and Sugar: 0 g

6. Iced Black Tea

A refreshing and sugar-free choice, iced black tea is perfect for hot summer days.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

7. Iced Green Tea

Iced green tea is an excellent choice if you're looking for something that is both sugar-free and refreshing.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

8. Iced Passion Tango Tea

The Passion Tango Iced Tea is a fantastic choice for those looking for a sugar-free drink with hibiscus, lemongrass, and apple. It is refreshing and flavorful, perfect for drinking on the rocks.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

9. Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee is an excellent choice for hot summer days. This sugar-free drink is made with brewed coffee that is poured over ice. You can add milk to this drink, but ensure it's free from added sugar and natural sugars.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

10. Chai Tea

Chai tea offers a tasty, sugar-free way to enjoy a warm cup. This spiced tea is mixed with clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger and has a sweet and creamy taste.

Ask for the Starbucks tea bags and not the concentrate that is full of sugar.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

11. Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is a great sugar-free option at Starbucks. You can choose from many different types of tea, including black tea, green tea, and herbal tea. These teas are naturally sugar-free and make for a great cup of tea.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

12. Organic Green Tea

Another fine choice of tea and a great sugar-free option at Starbucks that is caffeine-free.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

13. Jade Citrus Mint Tea

A green tea infused with delicious tastes from lemon verbena and a hint of spearmint.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

14. Peach Tranquility Tea

A delicious hot herbal tea that is caffeine-free and infused with peach, pineapple, chamomile blossoms, lemon verbena, and rose hips.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

15. Emperor’s Clouds & Mist Tea

Another fine selection of tea at Starbucks is sugar-free and full of flavor. This particular green tea has a light and slightly sweet taste.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

16. Mint Majesty

This lemon verbena herbal tea is flavored with spearmint and peppermint leaves, which is refreshing.

Not only is it caffeine-free, but it's also free of carbohydrates and calories and doesn't contain any grams of sugar.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

17. Hawaii Volcanic Water

Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated and healthy. At Starbucks, you can choose from various water, including sparkling water, still water, and flavored water. All of these waters are sugar-free and a great way to stay hydrated.

  • Calories: 0 and Sugar: 0 g

18. Pink Drink Alternative

The original Pink Drink is not sugar-free. You may make your sugar-free version with iced passion tea with zero sugar, four pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup, and freeze-dried strawberries. Pay attention to the strawberries added, which contain some grams of sugar.

19. Chai Tea Latte

A Chai Tea Latte is made with sweetened tea, spices, and milk. Would you prefer a chai latte with no added sugar? Ask for a brewed chai tea or a latte made with chai tea bags.

  • Calories: 120 and Sugar: 21 g and Fat: 2 g

20. Skinny Hot Chocolate

The Skinny Hot Chocolate is a skinnier version of the original. It contains sugar-free syrups and non-fat milk and reduces sugar by over 20 grams.

  • Calories: 80 and Sugar: 8 g and Fat: 1 g

21. Flat White

A flat white is a combination of espresso and steamed milk. The milk added contains sugar, but it's a sugar-free drink overall. Changing the type of milk can influence the sugar intake of this drink.

  • Calories: 110 and Sugar: 8 g and Fat: 5 g

22. Regular Cappuccino

Cappuccino is made with espresso, steamed milk, and foam. Espresso is sugar-free, but a short cappuccino contains easily 6 grams of sugar.

  • Calories: 70 and Sugar: 6 g and Fat: 2.5 g

There are plenty of more "sugar-free Starbucks drinks" you can order, but most of them will have naturally occurring sugar added because of the cream, half-steamed milk, or milk added to them.

What Starbucks Ingredients To Avoid?

There are many Starbucks ingredients to add to the list of "unsafe for diabetics".

1. Sugary syrups

Vanilla, cinnamon dolce, brown sugar syrup, classic syrup, and liquid cane sugar are all examples of sugary syrups.

2. Sweeteners

Sweeteners like honey and agave nectar can cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

3. Non-Dairy Milk

Soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, and coconut milk all contain naturally-occurring sugars or added sugars. Stick to regular cow's milk or no milk at all.

4. Toppings

Toppings like whipped cream and chocolate chips can add extra sugar to your drink.

5. Flavored coffee drinks

Drinks like the Iced Mocha and Iced Caramel Macchiato are loaded with sugar.

6. Frappuccinos

These drinks contain syrup and added sugar, making them a no-go for diabetics.

7. Packaged Starbucks drinks

Starbucks Refreshers and Starbucks chai drinks come premixed and contain added sugar.

Does Starbucks Have Sugar-free Syrups?

Luckily there are some great sugar-free syrup options available at Starbucks. These include:

  • sugar-free vanilla
  • sugar-free cinnamon dolce
  • sugar-free hazelnut
  • sugar-free caramel


Now that you know what to order at Starbucks when trying to go sugar-free, you can enjoy your coffee or tea without worrying about your blood sugar levels!

Just remember to ask for no sweeteners, syrups, or toppings, and stick to regular cow's milk or no milk. You'll be sure to enjoy a delicious and safe drink!


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  2. Cynical_Syd on March 4, 2024

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      hey Tara, i tried it once with stevia instead of regular sugar, pretty decent tbh. not like the original but satisfies the craving without the guilt!

  7. Faith Dunning on July 8, 2022

    Hi friend, thanks for the work you’ve put into this guide. I just wanted to add that regular cow’s milk also has plenty of naturally occurring sugar, so I wouldn’t necessarily promote it over nondairy milk. Cow’s milk has 12g of sugar in 1 cup. Almond milk at Starbucks has 4 times less sugar at 3g sugar per cup. Keep rockin’ it.


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