Nano compression socks are a new innovation in the medical industry that has been specifically created to help diabetics to reduce leg swelling, relieve foot pain for those who suffer from neuropathy. They have been proven to be more comfortable than regular socks, making them perfect for diabetic feet which can cause numbness, tingling, and itching.

In this Diabetic & Me article you will learn about:

  • What are Nano socks?
  • Do they really work and what are the benefits?
  • What is the difference between nano socks, bamboo socks, and compression socks?

Are Nano Socks Good for Diabetics?

Yes, nano socks can help those who suffer from diabetes neuropathy or other foot complications. Nano socks are not just for leg swelling, but they can also reduce the pain of those suffering from neuropathy as well.

The comfort and relief that nano socks provide are simply amazing! There's no need to worry about your feet feeling tired or hurting anymore because nano socks will give you a maximum level of compression without being too tight on the calves, ankles, or any part of your foot.

NanoSocks have many benefits; they are made from a high-performance nano-silver fiber which is anti-bacterial.

NanoSocks also provide the best compression for those who have diabetes or other foot health problems because it features an elastic top cuff with hook & loop closure that fits any calf size, plus they offer soft elastics at the arch of your feet to accommodate even more pressure points on your feet.

If you're looking for comfort and relief when it comes to wearing socks, then nano socks are just what you need! With their many benefits like being breathable, comfortable as well as silky smooth; there's no excuse not to invest in nano socks today.

OrthoSleeve Diabetic and Neuropathy Nano-Bamboo Socks

These socks are the perfect solution for diabetics and those with sensitive feet. They offer a more attractive, lightweight alternative to bulky sock designs while providing the extra support needed to help prevent problems such as diabetes and neuropathy.

The anatomically designed right and left foot ensures they provide the best fit possible, while built-in padding provides comfort whether you have pain or just need some tender loving care. Made of breathable fabric materials so your feet can always stay warm, but you don't need to worry about sweating if they get wet because these socks are designed not to cause moisture build-up after being worn all day long!


  • Non-constricting design and loose-knit stretchable fabric
  • Fabricated with nano-bamboo charcoal
  • Targetted towards diabetes and neuropathy
  • Circulation Support


  • Only hand wash

NanoSocks Compression Socks with Toeless Support for Plantar Fasciitis and Neuropathy

These NanoSocks socks are the solution to feeling better, faster. If you have foot pain, allergies, tingling feet, sore arches, or any other ailment that affects your ankles or feet these ultra-powerful compression socks are what you need!

With their seamless toe design for footwear compatibility and light airy fabric, they’re easy to wear even with shoes. They're made of 70% nylon and 30% spandex which makes them soft yet strong to provide just the right amount of support without being too tight or restrictive.

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Runner FX Nano Socks for Neuropathy

Socks that will keep you running and with no pain! Say goodbye to heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and muscle and foot pain. These improved compression arch support socks provide the most targeted relief on the market: Choose from high or low cut varieties for optimal performance with any shoes, orthotics, or prosthesis. These sore feet socks are moisture-wicking, breathable, anti-odor & stay up all day long without slipping! 

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MediPeds Unisex Nanoglide Technology Quarter Socks
$14.50 $11.91

Kick off your week on the right foot with some quarter socks! Who wants to worry about their feet during the day? Nobody. That's why MediPeds created these fun and comfy socks with all of today's padding technology for that extra little edge when you need it most.

Nanoglide Technology help to reduce hot spots, don't worry about blisters, have a reinforced heel/toe for durability, stretch fiber hug your foot just right by not being binding in any way, cushioned soles are soft but protect against pressure points.

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What Are Nano Socks?

You probably already heard of the term Nano Sock. Some people say nano socks are light compression socks, others refer to top technology. Internet is unclear what a nano sock is. But I will try my best to clarify this here.

A nano sock is made from a textile material called nanocellulose. Nanocellulose has antibacterial properties, wicks moisture away from the skin faster, and helps regulate heat in winter and summer seasons. They are perfect to relieve foot pain and improve blood circulation problems.

Nano socks are a variety of compression socks designed to aid muscle recovery. These socks are super comfortable and jam-packed with revolutionary features. They feature a breathable and lightweight material that allows you to enjoy maximum comfort without sacrificing your hygiene. Nano socks for diabetics are designed to reduce leg swelling and provide relief for those who suffer from neuropathy. 

Do Nano Socks Really Work?

Millions of people suffer from poor blood circulation on their feet every year. Nano Socks are medical compression socks that target instant pain relief by improving blood flow with compression zone technology for active recovery and performance.

Wear compression socks to prevent blisters, which is a common problem for people who wear socks all day. This may be due to the nanofibers in the sock that are antibacterial and anti-bacteria. It can also help stop any sort of odor by keeping your feet dryer than what they would have been without nano socks on.

They offer compression meaning it helps make everything feel better as well as being more comfortable overall; plus nano socks have lots of benefits including being breathable and silky smooth against your skin so there's no excuse not to invest in them today!

Nano textiles are water-resistant, eliminate moisture, eliminate odor, have better elasticity and strength. These features are very important when it comes to diabetic feet. You mostly want to avoid moisture and bacteria when living with diabetes. They tend to be more expensive than regular diabetic socks, but not that much! We recommend you get diabetic socks made from nano textile if you can afford them. The exceptional properties that nano-textiles offer are a great addition to diabetic footwear and especially diabetic socks. 

Do Nano Socks Really Help Neuropathy?

Nano socks can help to relieve pain, boost blood circulation to prevent blood clots and complications in your feet from neuropathy or diabetes. You can find nano socks made from high-quality materials like those found. One of the biggest benefits is that nano socks help you to stay warm in the cold weather.

Nano Socks are a great find for people who have neuropathy because it helps alleviate the discomfort, nerve damage, foot fatigue, numbness, and constant pain in the lower extremities that they feel throughout their day. What makes Nano Socks so beneficial is how well they work at keeping our feet nice and dry due to their superior moisture management properties which can be attributed mostly to nanotechnology present within the material fabric lining inside each pair.

What Are The Benefits of Nano Socks?

Nano socks strive to enhance your blood circulation through their unique design. They also have the ability to speed up the healing time of small wounds and cuts. The socks are available in an array of different materials including cotton blended with yarn Nanosilver.

The breathable and lightweight material keeps your toes moving freely while encouraging proper form with good arch support.

Allergy sufferers can also enjoy premium comfort through nano socks. The products are naturally antibacterial and non-irritant. They are useful in treating symptoms of several different health issues such as plantar fasciitis, healing foot pain, improving poor circulation, and preventing more complications.

How to Wear a Nano Sock?

Nano foot sleeve is not only easy to put on, you can wear it under normal socks. Putting on the socks will offer instant comfort. However, effective results may take a couple of days or a week to show up. If you want to keep it in place, you may wear them throughout the day or not under your regular socks.

Better circulation and fewer complications in your lower extremities can be felt.

Nano-Socks Vs. Bamboo Socks

Bamboo Socks are as comfortable as nano socks and are made of natural materials. But bamboo socks do not provide protection against foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, so nano sock is the better option for these issues.

The main difference between a nano-sock and a bamboo sock is that nano-socks offer antibacterial properties which make them ideal to wear with diabetic shoes or boots where recurrent infections can occur. It will also reduce skin irritations caused by long periods of wearing tight shoes.

Bamboo textile is a great fabric as it's moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, and odor-controlling. Bamboo fibers have the advantage of being thermo-regulating and keeping your feet warm in winter and summer. 

Nano-Socks Vs. Compression Socks

Compression socks are not always recommended but for people with circulatory problems as they can increase the pressure on the veins. The nano-socks won't compress which means that your feet will have more freedom to move and you'll feel better than if you were wearing compression socks.

For diabetic foot nerve pain or diabetic neuropathy, you sometimes need some extra compression on your socks to alleviate foot pain.

Features to Consider When Buying Nano Socks

When buying nano socks, you must consider their various properties to ensure you're making the right decision. You have to check the blend of materials, durability, breathability, temperature regulations, and compression level. A close fit and thick material may result in your foot turning hot and smelly.

The main purpose of nano socks is to ensure effective compression to provide maximum comfort. Selecting the perfect compression level can be a challenge, use the factors below to determine what the best diabetic socks are for you.

Comfortable and Good Fit

You can avoid this by using the size charts and taking measurements. Nano compression socks should be tight and comfortable but not too tight and painful. If the socks are too tight, you may need to use a size chart to make sure they fit. 


Choose breathable socks that prevent the foot from getting hot and sweaty. This allows keeping your feet dry.


Nano socks are lightweight or thick depending on the material. Thick materials tend to be warmer and may cause irritation.

Effective Compression

A sock that goes up to the knee will give better support if your legs, foot, and ankles are swollen. The level of compression will determine the ability of the compression to reduce swelling, boost circulation, lessen fatigue and relieve pain from foot-related problems like plantar fasciitis, deep vein thrombosis, and diabetic neuropathy. Wearing nano socks is better than using any pain relievers or muscle relaxers to relieve you from any foot problems.


Nano socks are a great product for those who need to keep their feet warm and comfortable. With the right sock, you can have your toes moving freely while also enjoying relief from symptoms of many common ailments such as plantar fasciitis or heel pain. There is a large variety of styles online including cotton blended with yarn Nanosilver that is antibacterial and non-irritant so it’s perfect for allergy sufferers too! If you're looking for healthy products to help you stay active this winter season, look no further than nano socks, diabetic socks, and socks for neuropathy.

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