Wearing the right shoes is crucial for diabetics to maintain your health, especially in the case of neuropathy. I cover step by step what's important and I will guide you through the process to choose and buy the best shoe for diabetics.

In this Diabetic & Me article you will learn about:

  • Why is a diabetic shoe important?
  • Where to pay attention to when buying?
  • When to change your shoes?
  • What shoes are available?


Diabetics have poor blood circulation towards peripheries and this can cause damage to the blood vessels and the nerves.  Numbness and irritation are the early signs that a diabetic possibly suffers from neuropathy. According to the American diabetic association, a diabetic person should pay close attention to the feet, eyes, and kidneys. These are the primary organs that may be affected by diabetes and can lead to fatal results if not watched timely.

However, there are best shoes for diabetics being introduced on the market to relieve and cure the early signs of neuropathy. A diabetic wearing these shoes will enjoy a more healthy and comfortable time while walking, running, working or doing chores at home.

Why to choose diabetic shoes rather than regular shoes?

The best shoes for diabetics are specifically designed for diabetics that are having early signs of neuropathy. The shoes are soft, comfortable, and deliver excellent quality and are made for wearing a long time. The upper cushioned layer is made with leather and synthetic material to soothe numbness, irritation and pain. The midsole is padded and has a wider grip to hold the heel in one place. The person won't experience any discomfort while wearing diabetic-friendly shoes.

The shoe sole is made with rubber and some brands are facilitated with an air-cushion. You won’t hesitate to wear the shoes on any occasion. All of these diabetic shoes are unique, stylish, and suitable for men and women of all ages. Say goodbye to achy and tired feet. Buying diabetic-friendly shoes can solve your problems.

Benefits of diabetic shoes

Diabetics are always in search of a pair of shoes that can soothe their numbness and inflammation of their toes. It's very heart wrenching to see people with swollen and painful feet, and they don't know when and how they got that.

The best shoes for diabetics are made to serve you with the best. The soft cushion and double padded features help diabetics to reduce the inflammation and walk with ease. The rubber sole and mesh fabric are added features to enhance the quality and reliability of the shoes. The blood circulation is being improved and can cure the superficial capillaries.

Tips and tricks on how to buy diabetic-friendly shoes

First, you should always consult your doctor before buying diabetic shoes. There are many options on the market that allow you to choose the best shoes for diabetics from. I have some useful information for you that could help you to buy the right pair of shoes.

I have diabetes type since 1996 and I also need the correct support for my feet. If I don't wait the correct pair of shoes I can feel pain after a while. I have researched diabetes and its effects on the health of myself and other. By keeping this in mind I have picked and review the best shoes for diabetics to help you in buying the excellent and long-lasting diabetic-friendly shoes.

There are some important topics that you should consider before buying diabetic shoes. Let’s have a look.

Consult your physician before buying the shoes

Your physician plays an important role in buying the right pair of diabetic-friendly shoes. It's never easy for a layman to buy diabetic shoes without the proper knowledge. You can end up buying regular shoes or shoes that don't give the proper support instead. The American Association of diabetes recommends soft and double cushioned shoes to protect diabetic feet. The soft and air-cushioned sole will be preferable with an incredible design suitable for all occasions. I would like to mention KUBUA Men's Running, Walking Gym Training Shoes.

 Kubua Men's Running, Walking Gym Training Shoes
 Kubua Men's Running, Walking Gym Training Shoes

These shoes are highly reliable and protective for diabetics. The design is unique, and the style is facilitative for men and women equally. Its quality is incredible and cures the tired and inflamed feet without worrying when you are our for long time of walking, standing or workin.

Make a list of requirements before buying

If you are shopping online you must keep an eye on the features of diabetic shoes and read detailed reviews of the product. You can find the right option among so many pairs of shoes. Make a list of your requirements before buying. Softness and comfort are the primary options you should list when buying any diabetic-friendly shoes. The Skechers Men's Go Max-Athletic Air Mesh Slip is the perfect pair for regular use.

 Skechers Men's Go Max-Athletic Air Mesh Slip
 Skechers Men's Go Max-Athletic Air Mesh Slip

The Goga technology and Mesh fabric together make these shoes extra soft and bouncy for walking and running. There are a lot of choices but, buying the right one is not an easy task.

Check the size of both your feet

It's very essential to buy shoes with the accurate size. If you know the size of your feet then it's easy for you to get the appropriate pair. Some people may have a variable right and left foot size and need to measure the sizes precisely before buying any pair. The sneaker and pull-on shoes may differ in style, and the actual feet size could be different. It's possible you might need to buy a bigger size than the normal size for a comfortable fit.

Go for a maximum of added features

The features of any best diabetic-friendly shoe are profound with the incredible details they come with. The 7 best shoes for diabetics article is an incredible guide in understanding and observing diabetic shoes by paying close attention. There are some points that you should add to your research before buying the best shoes for diabetics.

1. The upper layer of the shoes

The upper layer of the shoes should be soft and synthetic. If it is made with mesh fabric and leather that could be so beneficial for diabetics. This material soothes the tired feet by ensuring the appropriate blood flow towards the peripheries. The smooth and soft structure will allow you to run or walk easily. The combination of leather and mesh is also helpful in relaxing the tired feet.

2. The midsole of diabetic shoes

The midsole is an important part of diabetic shoes. Some products have injection molded 5th GEN midsole with an extra padded cushion. The perfect low-top arch angle and the doubled cushioned layer will be facilitative and useful for curing diabetic neuropathy. Your feet will be thankful by experiencing the most comfortable and unique therapeutic shoes.

3. Insole formation of diabetic shoes

The sole of most diabetic-friendly shoes is made with rubber. Some shoes come with Goga technology that have an incredible rebound feature. These shoes are excellent for athletes and runners. Diabetics are always in search of some high-quality shoes with an impressive look. Nowadays, shoes are available with a stylish and modern look for serving users the best buying option.

Safety guide for buying diabetic-friendly shoes

When you buy a pair of new diabetic shoes, you should never wear these shoes all day long. It may hurt your toes, and you may suffer discomfort. In the beginning wear the shoes for 3 to 4 hours and gradually increase the time to get familiar with therapeutic shoes. However, you may consider some precautions while buying the best shoes for diabetics.

  • If you have any peripheral injury then first consult your physician before buying any pair
  • Know the difference between therapeutic and regular shoes
  • Check your feet size accurately and best to measure both your feet
  • The shoe material should be soft and smooth
  • A synthetic layer and a rubber sole will be more beneficial than others
  • If you are looking for sneakers then check the midsole and insole composition
  • Buy the style that could be comfortable for your feet
  • Check for any injury or inflammation after wearing shoes for the first time
  • Blisters can be formed and diabetics may unable to assess the condition of vulnerable feet due to loss of sensation

Use the above mentioned points to help you buying your diabetic shoes. It can be difficult to buy the best diabetic shoes among so many options. 

The best work boots for diabetics

There is a difference between a regular pair of shoes or work boots. For more information on work boots you can always read the best work boots for diabetics review.

When you should change your shoes?

Some people are very obsessed with their shoes, and they don't change them often. When your shoes become thin and start tearing, it's time to change them. Shoe replacement is not easy for everyone. If you are wearing shoes for a long time then, check your feet daily for blisters and injuries. Many people loose the sensation in their toes. It's necessary to check your feet regularly. You can ask the help from your family members or friends to watch for any irregularities.

Softness and comfort are two of the main features to be seen on shoes. By wearing diabetic shoes you help to protect your feet against any harmful circumstances.

Final words

The best shoes for diabetics have solved the problems of many people when protecting numbed and irritated feet. Neuropathy is one of the most vulnerable condition that a diabetic could have. Any injury may result in severe conditions so that's why protection is better than curing. Diabetic shoes provide a soft and cushioned layer under your feet for balancing the body and maintain health. The regular blood flow will ensure normal body activities.

Running and walking with ease is no more a dream for diabetics if they are wearing excellent quality diabetic-friendly shoes. Enjoy the little joys!

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