Dealing with diabetes and traveling is never easy. You have to manage a lot of things that could be essential for saving you from life-threatening situations. One of the best and useful ways is to take with you an insulin travel case. However, diabetic travel kits are available in the market to deliver the right purpose. You can always manage to take your insulin pen with you.

In this Diabetic & Me article you will learn about:

  • Can I travel with insulin?
  • How to keep insulin cold?
  • What are the benefits of an insulin travel case and travel kits?
  • How to buy the perfect insulin cooling and travel kit?

Can you travel with insulin?

Some people may be wondering if it's safe to travel with insulin. It's simple, yet logical to know that you can travel with insulin with no problems by keeping it in an insulin cooling or travel case. The cooling cases protect the insulin consistency, and you can use your required dose within time without being worried. Moreover, insulin travel kits are always available and come in different sizes.

The best thing is that you don't need to carry any external and leaking ice packs with you if you have an insulin cooling case with you. You can travel long and always plan your family holidays without worrying about anything. We know that when you have diabetes, traveling can be a challenge, but you have some well-designed diabetic traveling kits to travel with and there would be no hassle in keeping your medications and diabetic supplies safe and close to you. 

How do I keep my insulin cold when traveling?

The best way to keep your insulin cool while traveling is by using insulin coolers or insulin travel cases. There is no better way than an insulin cooling case or bag that could help you pack and carry your vials, insulin pens, and other medication safely. With advancements in technology, you will find the latest and advanced ways to pack your diabetic medication. This way you can manage to keep your insulin cool and effective through your complete trip.

There are many options available. Some mini-cases are helpful for office or home use. You can buy other insulin cooling cases that can be operated with batteries or a USB charger. You can travel without any worry, and your insulin supply won't affect your traveling. If you are traveling on a road trip, you can take along USB-charged coolers to keep your insulin at an accurate temperature. Also, coolers or travel cases with an ice pack work great.

Unused bottles and insulin pens need to be kept in the refrigerator between 36°F and 46°F. Keep an eye on the expiration date. insulin pens and vials that you are currently using can be stored at room temperature between 56°F and 80°F.

What are the benefits of an insulin traveling case?

It's challenging to travel with diabetes. Some diabetics cancel their travel plans because they think that when you have diabetes traveling isn't possible. But if you are dealing with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you don't need to compromise on traveling. There are various solutions like insulin traveling cases with many pockets and beneficial features to provide the best space to keep insulin cool. Ice packs are optional with some of the cases to provide the best cooling techniques. Most of the time you don't need to use ice, and some of the cases are equipped with batteries to provide perfect cooling.

There are mini, medium, and large cases to pack all your essentials. It can also hold some snacks, and if you have type 1 diabetes, that will protect you from having a possible low blood sugar.

The best thing you can do is acquire an incredible and durable diabetic travel kit or an insulin cooling case to pack your insulin pens, insulin vials, insulin pump, and all other medical equipment. 

1. Insulin cases

Some of the best insulin cases come with multiple pockets, and you can manage your daily insulin supplies accordingly. The insulin travel cases with the latest cooling methods would also protect your medication from the UV rays and external atmosphere. Insulin pens and insulin vials can be safe for up to 5 days. Many of the insulin cooling cases are made with durable and comprehensive materials to make sure you can store your medical equipment easily.

2. Cooling packs

The cooling packs are another good option to keep your insulin effective. Insulin cold packs are also beneficial in protecting the vials and pens. Most of the time they come with extra ice packs to keep your insulin safe.

3. Cooling bags

Cooling bags will protect your insulin vials from damage. Your medication is easy and quick to access. One of the better-known brands is the Frio cooling bag. I used them when I was traveling in Australia and they worked perfectly to keep my insulin safe and cool.

4. Cooling fridge

The portable mini-fridges are great for diabetics that are traveling in the car. It's easy to use and you can also store different kinds of beverages.

How do I choose the perfect insulin travel case?

Many people become confused and are not sure what to pay attention to when buying insulin travel kits. It's not easy because there are a lot of products of the same sorts on the market. By examining the features and the durable quality of bags, you are sure you are buying the well-designed product you are looking for . If you are well aware of what you need don't hesitate to read the reviews on some excellent insulin cooling cases I tested. 

1. Pockets and cooling packs

When looking for an insulin travel kit, you should keep an eye out for a spacious bag. The bag should have multiple pockets to store your insulin pens, vials, medicines, or insulin pump. Easy access would help you organize your travels and makes sure you can find everything easily when you need it. The pockets will protect your medications from mixing.

Some cases come with ice packs to provide extra cooling. You always have to check the current outside temperature and the atmosphere around you to make sure you are cooling your medication in the most effective way. Battery and USB-operated medical bags are also available to give you extended cooling times.

2. Durability and compatibility

You must think of your health first because diabetes is a serious condition, and you have to manage everything before going somewhere. Therefore your insulin traveling case should be durable, compatible, and easy to use. The insulin cooler comes with robust features to keep insulin cool and safe.

If you are habitual of arranging your supplies in insulin cooling cases, you will have easy access to everything, and you can manage your diabetes without any worry. Always check the compatibility of the carry bag so it's optimized and perfect to use for medical purposes. Mini storage bags are also useful for office and home use.

Some insulin coolers come with a 1-year warranty, and you can keep your insulin cool for 12 hours or more. You can add ice packs inside to get an accurate temperature that is equal to a fridge or use coolers with a battery.

The quality of your product won't be compromised if you buy one that I have reviewed and mention in my articles.

My pre-departure travel tips

Pre-departure planning is essential when you have diabetes, your medication is an integral part of your luggage and must be packed carefully.

  • You should discuss your current condition with your physician, and he/she will tell you either you are fit to travel.
  • If you are traveling in a different time-zone, you should consult your physician to reschedule your insulin dosage according to the traveling time zone. It could be more convenient for you to travel with a dosage chart. A lesson I learned myself is to make sure you change the time and date if needed on your insulin pump.
  • You should keep your prescription and medication close to travel safely.
  • Get yourself the best insulin cooler to store your insulin safely and cool.
  • Carry your doctor-recommended prescriptions of any equipment or medication you are taking.
  • Ask for the sugar-free meal plan if available during the flight.
  • Pack all your medical health care things apart from other essentials. A separate bag that you take on the plane with you is not a bad idea.

One of the better insulin coolers I am currently using is the 4ALLFAMILY 72 Hour Insulin Cooler with USB Charger. The uniqueness of this cooler is that by changing the lids you can easily transform the bottle from a regular medication cooler into a mini-fridge. The USB function alone can maintain a constant temperature of around 27°F (15°C) lower than the outside temperature. It keeps your insulin within the normal and accurate temperature and the insulin cooler is also easy to carry along while traveling.

4Allfamily 72 Hour Insulin Cooler With Usb Charger

What are some essentials to carry as a diabetic?

As a diabetic, it's important to always carry some essentials. For traveling purposes, you can use an insulin traveling kit to organize your diabetic supplies. Traveling with diabetes is a challenge itself, and you have to plan many things before going somewhere. Thus, below you can find a guide with safe traveling options, and you can organize your insulin supplies without any trouble.

For more detailed information you can find my complete packing list when traveling abroad for a full year.

1. Travel documents

Before traveling, you may need to complete some essential steps in detailing your traveling needs. One of them is traveling documents. You should consult your doctor to get the necessary documents. 

  • A card with all your personal details so when you are unconscious bystanders of the medical team can quickly read all your medical details.
  • Prescriptions for your diabetes medication.
  • A checklist and the proper supplies.

2. Diabetes medication and supplies

  • Insulin vials
  • Insulin pump or insulin pens
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Insulated cooler bag
  • Reusable ice gel pack
  • Oral diabetes medications
  • Insulin cooler
  • Other medication rather than insulin.

3. Blood glucose monitoring equipment

With the best insulin travel kits, you can manage all the above items in one bag.

4. Eatables to cope with hypoglycemia

If you have type 1 diabetes, you should take your meal at regular intervals. Thus, for traveling, you may need snacks that could help you maintain your blood sugar levels. You can buy the bigger-sized travel bag to store multiple items for longer traveling or you can buy a mini-insulin traveling case for shorter trips. The precise size would carry all your medicines and snacks easily. Don't forget to bring some sugar tablets or a sugary drink.

Can I store my insulin in the freezer?

No, you can't keep your insulin in a freezer because it might freeze and get damaged. When you buy insulin from any pharmacy, you may notice that it is mentioned on the package to store insulin cold. The temperature of the refrigerator should not fall below 35 F° (2 C°). If the temperature drops under or close to the freezing point your insulin might get damaged and lose its effectiveness. Once you open the pen or insulin vials, you should keep them in a cool place.

The purpose of buying an insulin cooling case is to provide accurate temperature and storage for your medications. You can travel by organizing your supplies and other necessities without compromising your health. You can keep insulin within cold packs to avoid any inconvenience. The best insulin travel case would keep insulin cool at any time. If you use a cooler with a USB-powered battery, you may not need an ice pack.

Happy traveling!

Insulin travel kits provide ease of traveling. You can always keep your belongings in one place and have quick access to your medications whenever you need them. You don't need to compromise on your health and the happiness around you. Simply buy an insulin cooler and keep your insulin cool and effective at all times.

Insulin cooling cases are available at an affordable price with high-quality material and you can keep your diabetic supplies safe and secure. Happy traveling and stay safe!

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