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Find below a collection of digital assets, including the primary logos, color palettes, fonts and typography rules that make up our brand guidelines.

About Diabetic Me

Welcome to Diabetic Me, a sanctuary and resource hub established by Ely Fornoville , who has been navigating life with Type 1 diabetes since March 1996. We are more than just a website; we are a thriving community dedicated to providing support, information, and inspiration to people affected by diabetes worldwide.

Ely’s journey with diabetes, marked by its unique challenges and discoveries, has unveiled a universe of connections, friendships, and shared experiences. It was this enlightening journey that laid the foundations of Diabetic Me. We embrace the power of collective wisdom, personal stories, and shared journeys from other brave souls living with diabetes worldwide to empower and uplift every member of our community.

Diabetic Me aims to provide comfort, encouragement, and empowerment to every diabetic out there, reminding them that they’re not alone in their fight.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an unwavering companion to individuals touched by diabetes. By unveiling the personal, unscripted, and real-life stories of people living with diabetes, we aim to dispel myths, break down stigmas, and foster a supportive and informed community. 

Every story shared here illuminates a path, offers solace, and validates the experiences of others.

We strive to answer the questions that accompany a diabetes diagnosis, offering a beacon of knowledge that is both expansive and accessible. Our commitment is unwavering – to support, enlighten, and uplift every life touched by diabetes.

What are our principles?

Empathy and Understanding

We prioritize the lived experiences of individuals with diabetes, ensuring their voices are heard, validated, and respected.

Accuracy and Reliability

We are committed to delivering scientifically accurate and trustworthy content, serving as a reliable companion in every individual’s journey with diabetes.

Community and Support

We foster a supportive and inclusive environment where every story is important and every experience is acknowledged.

Diabetic Me Statistics


Year of creation

200 +

Articles published

40 +

Stories shared from diabetics

2 million +

Visitors since 2019


Find below a collection of digital assets, including the primary logos, color palettes, fonts and typography rules that make up our brand guidelines.

One-line block

Diabetic Me Logo - White
Diabetic Me Logo - Black

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Diabetic Me Logo - Small White
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Main Colors

Diabetic Me Brand Color - Cinnabar
Diabetic Me Brand Color - Robins Egg Blue
Diabetic Me Brand Color - White
Diabetic Me Brand Color - Black


Diabetic Me Font - Nunito Regular
Diabetic Me Font - Nunito Regular Overview Of Letters

Use Regular font for the main text and whenever the font is selected by default.

Diabetic Me Font - Josefin Sans Semibold
Diabetic Me Font - Josefin Sans Semibold Overview Of Letters

Semibold font should be used for headings that contain several words at most.

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