Hey everyone! My name is Negin Izadkhasti. I’m 27 years old and currently living in Iran. I have Type 1 diabetes for a total of 8 years.I’m an athlete and a personal trainer with type 1 diabetes since 2012. When I was 7 I started karate professionally and my routine life is to exercise everyday, running and stay healthy by eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.

I don’t hide my diabetes. I love myself and I want to show the world that diabetic people can enjoy the same life like others do.

It’s difficult when I have a high blood sugar and I don’t have the energy. I get nervous, especially in a group, when I have a low blood sugar and they should reach me something sweet 🙂 Another important thing is when I go running, my dad always worries about me!!! Because maybe I’m might have a low blood sugar. But I always tell him; Dad, I have a sports drink in my pocket. Don’t worry please! 😂

“I don’t hide my diabetes. I love myself.”

I get a lot of support from my family.

I treat my diabetes with my insulin pens and a glucometer. I use Novorapid and Lantus insulin to keep my sugar levels regulated.

Yes of course, a lot has changed. Diabetes gives me a better life. Even better than before. I enjoy my life especially when I’m eating chocolate. I’m a chocolate lover 😅I say; thank God I’m still alive and I can eat what I want by injecting insulin. 🙂

I think I manage my diabetes OK. My last A1C was 6.1 and I workout every day to keep it that way.Yes, I can recognize them. When I’m high I have a headache, I feel the need to vomit and I have stress. When I’m low I have no energy, my heart rate is getting high and I can’t focus well. I prefer to say nothing and just eat! 😅😂

I test my blood sugar every day about 5 to 6 times.

I treat my low blood sugar by drinking juice or eating honey.

I fainted two times because of a low blood sugar. I didn’t wake up in the morning and my dad saw I wasn’t moving anymore.Between 8 to 10 AM I eat breakfast. That mainly consists out of eggs and bread or oatmeal with honey and walnut or some cheese. I drink a Nescafe, coffee or tea. Between 12 to 3 PM I eat lunch like meat or chicken with salads. And between 7 to 10 PM I eat dinner like fruits, chicken or fish. My favorite food is chicken and I like to go out eating in seafood restaurants.

Sometimes I vary my insulin intake but mostly I stay on my schedule.

Sometimes I skip meals and for snacks I eat protein bars or fruits.

I drink more than 10 glasses of water per day.

I don’t think being on a diet is restrictive. I wanted to lose weight in 2 months. I was on a keto diet.

It depends on what people ask me but I don’t mind if they ask about my diet or diabetes. I explain them very clearly why I eat some things and why I don’t eat other things.No, not yet. I don’t believe in it.No I don’t.

“Diabetes means to me I am sweeter than others, I have to stay sweet, successful and beautiful. Accept yourself!”

I do sports every day and it does not affect my diabetes. I run and do Cross Fit.

I am a TRX and Cross Fit trainer, it’s OK for me and I love it.To manage my diabetes I try to drink more water, try to be relaxed and have a good relationship with people. Spend time with my niece as she makes me happy.

The hard part is when you are high or low and your sugar is out of control.

The best part is that you can show people there are strong people like us, we can enjoy life, eat everything and exercise.Enjoy life more than now, because life is beautiful and you should love your problems.

Accept it, stay healthy and do exercise without any excuse.

Diabetes means to me I am sweeter than others, I have to stay sweet, successful and beautiful. Accept yourself!What do you do when you have a high blood sugar?Feel free to answer in the comments below.

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