Hey everyone! My name is Nicolle Kelly. I’m 22 years old and currently living in Australia. I have Type 1.5 diabetes for a total of 14 years.I’m an Australian registered dietitian living with MODY diabetes who loves a good brunch and beach run. I have a twin sister (who doesn’t have diabetes) which has taught me not to compare myself to others.

I was diagnosed at 7 years old and am grateful that I am able to manage my diabetes through diet and exercise. However, being diagnosed with a rare form of diabetes did come with its ups and downs. Since MODY is so rare, I often found that many medical professionals didn’t know what it was and initially I found it quite hard to trust in my healthcare team. Now, I have built great relationships with my healthcare team and am in a very stable place with my diabetes management.

I am so grateful that Diabetes has lead me to my curiosity for how food affects my blood glucose level. Which in turn lead me to studying dietetics and finding a career that I’m passionate about and love!

“I have a twin sister who doesn’t have diabetes but is super supportive with my diabetes management.”

I have a great relationship with my medical team and general practitioner who guide me through all my medical decisions. My mother also has diabetes and so we have always been there to support each other (and remind each other our appointments).

I don’t use any medication or insulin and instead am able to manage my MODY diabetes through diet and exercise. However my medical team suggest likely I will need medications/insulin at some point in the future.Sometimes when my blood glucose levels are off I feel lightheaded, have poor concentration and get shaky. When this happens I know to check my blood glucose levels straight away. However, I’m grateful that this rarely happens.

From a day-to-day basis, I test my blood sugar twice a week as guided by my medical team.I eat intuitively, meaning that most days are different from each other but today I had a breakfast yogurt bowl and coffee, for lunch I had a chicken and rice buddha bowl, for dinner I had pesto chicken pasta and I ended the night with hot chocolate and some of my sister’s Anzac cookies. Chocolate is a non-negotiable for me and usually ends up in my day at some point haha.

I do not follow any “diet”, I just listen to my body, what it wants and needs. Having diabetes means that I also need to incorporate gentle nutrition principles such as spreading out my carbohydrates throughout the day to help manage my blood glucose levels.

People often comment on my diet and try to give advice on what they think I should be eating. I understand this usually comes from a nice place but it often frustrates me. One time I even had someone tell me that I shouldn’t be eating any fruit! I’m so appreciative for an incredible health care team who guide me through my diabetes management and help me manage some of these challenges.”I eat intuitively and do not follow any ”diet”. However, if I were to categorise my meals would likely fall within plant based, Mediterranean style (without any strict rules or restrictions).No. I love eating out with friends!

“Your diabetes does not define you!”

No it does not restrict me. I do marathon running, weight training, netball and boxing. As well as pursuing my career as a dietitian.A big challenge is managing other people’s opinions on how I should manage my diabetes. People are often trying to make comments on how I “should be eating” as someone with diabetes. However I know this often comes from a kind place.

On the other hand, the best part is being able to relate to patients and help others with their diabetes management. I am so passionate about helping others manage their diabetes and love that I have found a career where I am able to do exactly that!For newly diagnosed people, just remember that diabetes can be challenging but diabetes does not define you.

If you are someone without diabetes, instead of commenting on what someone “should” eat or do, why not become curious and ask questions instead. You will most likely find that we love talking about our diabetes and answering any questions you have.? unsure – a lot of great qs on here Feel free to answer in the comments below.

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