Hey everyone! My name is Tyler Pierce. I’m 37 years old and currently living in United States. I have type 1 diabetes for a total of 15 years.I was diagnosed when I was 22 years. I believe it may have been LADA so I had it unknowingly a long time and it kind of crept up more prominently. I managed (not very well) at first by just following Dr guidance. Though I was happy at the time to have a ‘resolution’ after so many years of health issues. I still don’t advertise my diabetes often and used to outright hide it.

Emotionally it was hard and Financially was an issue too.

“I was happy at the time to have a ‘resolution’

after so many years of health issues”

Currently I am using injections per need of Novolog and nightly Lantus. I am using Novolog and Lantus insulin. Before I used Novolog and Lantus.

Online communities like /r/diabetes and my wife are a real big support. I now avoid treatment via Doctors and endos beyond getting prescriptions for insulin.

I manage my diabetes quite well now, not perfect but I check my blood sugar at least a few times a day, usually probably 6 times.Yes, I can recognize my low blood sugar. Light headedness, clumsiness, difficulty speaking or following through on thoughts, tiredness, distortion of time passed. Used to be fairly frequent, particularly tiredness, but now only really every few days and usually not for long.

I check my blood sugar at least a few times a day, usually probably 6 times.

I use glucose tablets if it’s a bad one and whichever snacks I’ve decided to have around, and try to be patient as possible if I know glucose is on the way.

I have briefly fainted but never enough to put me fully out. I’ve passed out enough in the morning to hit my head on the stairs maybe twice to that degree but was able to get to the food afterward.I eat 2 meals a day currently, usually one at 11am and one at 4pm. I have a lot of eggs/bacon/ribeye steak/nuts/some berries/asparagus and other greens. I sometimes skip meals and sometimes eat snacks between meals.

I don’t find being on a diet restrictive. When I’m on ketosis and I like to be in ketosis often my cravings are for what is good for me. It was a dramatic change instead of feeling sugar starved.

I drink lots of water and I do skips meals once in a while.

It’s not frustrating with people not understanding. I don’t get annoyed when people ask me about eating a certain food.I have experimented with going full vegan. I think it can cause some cleansing and can be an improvement for some people, especially if they are on the food pyramid previously.Sometimes but I think usually ordering a salad with chicken or salmon on it is available. I just don’t eat out as much because I can get more quality at home and going out now and then with friends is fine.

“I just don’t eat out as much because I

can get more quality at home.”

I swim, box and golf. My exercisement varies widely.

My daily job is software engineering. Yes it can be restrictive but it’s a fairly good career to match with diabetes.I meditate and pray to manage my diabetes better.

The hardest part is the history. The effect it has on your personality from past issues. The consistency that comes at you with.

The best part is perspective. It helps you understand a broad range of people. The forced challenge helps you see into yourself as well.

My diabetes causes anxiety at times.

I don’t feel that diabetes has any other negative impacts but I think small town life is more suitable than the rush of a big city. Christianity has only had a positive effect.Nothing really! They can always talk to me, like a lot, if they don’t already have a strong community.

One advice I’d give a non diabetic; don’t eat much sugar!Did your hopes and dreams change?

Feel free to answer in the comments below.Hey! I’m Ely Fornoville, the founder of Diabetic Me .

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