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Ely Fornoville

The t:slim X2 pump can be used as a stand-alone insulin pump, or you can integrate it with the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system. When used with CGM, you can choose one of two predictive technologies, which help deliver insulin, making it simpler to manage diabetes.

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Ely Fornoville

We are sisters and type 1 Diabetics. Margaret was diagnosed at 11 years old and has had type 1 diabetes for 11 years. Anna was diagnosed at 21 years old and has had type 1 diabetes for 4 years. We grew up in South Carolina and are super fortunate to have both parents in the medical field who somewhat understood type 1 diabetes whenever Margaret was first diagnosed. Margaret had been a type 1 diabetic for 8 years whenever Anna was diagnosed so we were able to help each other and learn more together.